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Chapter 436 I want to go home

 Jing Mouyou was still struggling as if she didn't hear what Chu Yunsheng said. Her eyes were filled with fear, and the wooden elemental energy began to emerge. She was ready to unleash her energy attack.

Chu Yunsheng quickly grabbed her hands and forcibly moved them behind her back. "Don't move, I won't do anything to you. Do you still remember that I cured the poison for you? I was with that black man Edgar. Do you remember me now?" he lowered his lowered his voice once again.

Jing Mouyou's body suddenly went stiff for a second, her eyes were wide open and they were filled with shock. She looked at Chu Yunsheng for almost a minute. But then she started to struggle even more violently.

Chu Yunsheng thought that she still could not remember him, so he began to quietly recite the wood element cultivation method that he taught her.

As he began to recite more and more words, Jing Mouyou also gradually stopped struggling. Her face went from shock to incredulous.


"Remember me now?" seeing her stopped struggling, Chu Yunsheng slightly let loose of her hands and moved his hand away from her mouth.

"Mr.Lennon, you did not die?!" Jing Mouyou's dedicated face was filled with mixed expressions.

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head. Only until now did he just realized that when he was in the spore forest, his name was Mr.Lennon. He had so many names he almost forgot about it.

"They all said that you died, so... so... that's great!" Jing Mouyou suddenly became very excited. Then she suddenly noticed that Chu Yunsheng's hand was bleeding.

"I'm sorry, Mr.Lennon, I didn't mean to... let me heal you..." Jing Mouyou blushed.

Chu Yunsheng just simply wiped his hands on his clothes and said. "It's okay, I'm running out of the time. I need to find Edgar. It is urgent." he then looked at his watch one more time.

Jing Mouyou was dazed for a second. Then she saw there was a girl behind him. She did not know why suddenly she felt upset. But when Chu Yunsheng urged her again, she immediately responded. "Okay, follow me. "

In order to avoid being exposed, Chu Yunsheng dragged the girl he saved with him as well.

The guards on the entrance had stern expressions on their faces as if they would not want to give anyone a good time. Chu Yunsheng had also seen some of them in the castle of raging fire before, but he did not think that they would recognize him. After all, it had been a very long time since the last time the Ice race stopped looking for him. So he did not think that anyone would have that time to remember what he used to look like.

"Dean Jing, who are those two people?" one of the guards gritted his teeth and asked. He thought that she just went out for a short walk. He did not expect that when she came back, she would bring two strangers with her.

"Brother Shi, they are my friends. Please let them in," said Jing Mouyou. In Chu Yunsheng's memory, Jing Mouyou was a polite little girl. But he did not expect that after these years, she still has not changed.

"Dean Jing, I don't want to be.... I am just scared that sister Jiang will... I can't take that responsibility." The guard Shi hesitated.

Strangers, especially those who had not gone through the proper background check procedures were not allowed to enter the University of education. This rule was set by sister Jiang, and no one was allowed to change that.

This little Dean of the medical college was always following the rules, and she was always kind to people. She never did anything that would put them in a difficult situation. However, he did not know why she wanted to violate the rules today.

"I'll explain to sister Jiang. I will not cause any troubles for you." said Jing Mouyou.

"Thank you for your understanding." the guard Shi responded. This was all he needed. He also did not dare to offend Jing Mouyou, as long as she could take all the responsibility, he did not really mind at all.

After they got through the main entrance, they followed a small well-lighted passage to a residential building. There were also guards at the entrance of the residential building. But they still used the same excuse to pass through the entrance.

"Knock. Knock...."

Jing Mouyou gently knocked on the door of room 302.

Soon, a confused and sleepy voice appeared from inside the room. "My God, Who is it? At this time...."

"Doctor, it is me, Xiao Jing." Jing Mouyou replied.

As soon as she finished, the man inside the room began to murmur something in English with its sleepy voice while slowly walking towards the door. It seemed like the person was woken up by the knock. In the quiet corridor, Chu Yunsheng could even hear the sound that made by that person's slippers.


The door was opened, a black man took a brief glance outside the door using his sleepy eyes and yawned. "Xiao Jiang, why are you looking... Oh my god. Oh my god... "

The man staggered back in panic as if he saw something terrifying.

"Bang!" The door was slammed closed.

It quickly followed by the sound of someone praying behind the door.

"Doctor?... "

Before Jing Mouyou could finish, Chu Yunsheng interrupted her and said. "Edgar, it is me, I am not dead. Open the door. "

Only after a few minutes did the praying sound finally stopped behind the door. Then the door was slowly opened again. But it was only opened a slightly.

Edgar peeked through the door for almost 3 three minutes before he finally broke into tears of happiness. "God bless, oh, god bless, Mr.lennon you are still alive."

Chu Yunsheng quickly pushed the door wide open and said. "God already quit his job, how is he going to bless me. I need to ask you a quick question."

Seeing Chu Yunsheng's stern face, although Edgar was still trying to process the information that Chu Yunsheng was still alive, he still stopped talking.

"Xiao Jing, please do me one more favor, please get Jiang Qianqin and Cao Zhengyi for me. Apart from those two, don't alert anyone. Please keep this as a secret." Chu Yunsheng walked toward the living room and said. He then pointed at the girl he saved and added. "Take her with you as well. Watch her, don't let her leave this place."

"Ah?" Jing Mouyou was confused.

And the girl who Chu Yunsheng saved was terrified. Edgar, Jing Mouyou, Jiang Qianqin, Cao Zhengyi, any one of those people would kill her easily. The man standing in front of her was like their boss, commanding them doing things for him.


After two people left, Chu Yunsheng glanced around at the living room and found himself a place to sit. There was a strange glowing spore plant in the corner of the room, it gave out enough light for Chu Yunsheng to explore around the room.

"Mr.Lennon, how did you..."

"Edgar, I have an important thing... "

Two people suddenly talked at the same time.

"I'll tell you in detail when I have time. But now, listen to me first. It is very important." Chu Yunsheng looked his watch and said. There were only two hours left.

"I am going to America now. There are only two hours left, you can decide now that if you want to come with me or not... "

"Going to America?" Edgar was almost shouted out loud.

Chu Yunsheng waved his hands to signal Edgar to lower his voice and sit down. "Let me finish. Don't interrupt me. I am going to America. But it is very risky, it is even riskier than the time when we tried to escape from Jin Ling city. You may lose you live at any time, so you need to think..."

"Mr.Lennon, I will go with you, even if I am going to die, I will still go with you. I could not stop thinking about Tina and my kids in these years, this kind of torment is driving me crazy every day." Edgar interrupted Chu Yunsheng once again.

"Edgar, you are overexcited. Just calm down and think it through properly until Lao Cao comes here. Once you leave here, there is no way back!" Chu Yunsheng shook his head and said.

Edgar gritted his teeth and said. "Mr.Lennon, I have already made my decision, I do not need to think it again. I will go with you."

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head and said. "Okay, since you are going, there are two things I need to tell you."

"Just say it, Mr. Lennon." Edgar was still very excited.

"There are reasons why I ask you to go there with me. One of them is that I need you to be my guide, my interpreter. The second thing is that the method that I am going to take you to American is not a normal method. You will not remember anything during the travel. You will only felt like you just fell asleep. Of course, there is also a risk that you may end up never waking up again. So here is your second chance to think it again..." Chu Yunsheng carefully explained.

Saying Edgar was not worried was lying. Especially when he heard Chu Yunsheng saying that he might never wake up again. Everyone was scared to die, especially him, However, he really could not stand the torment of being separated from his family anymore. So he gritted his teeth and nodded his head heavily.

"Mr. Lennon, I have thought it carefully already. This is my only chance. And I trust you. Even if I will never be able to wake up again. I still want to go home. I want to see Tina and my kids."

"Okay, still the old rules, remember, do not ask me any questions. Do you understand?"

Seeing Edgar nodded his head. Chu Yunsheng also let out a sigh of relief. "Great. I am going to take a quick nap. Wake me up after one hour. Then let's go to America together!"

But just when he wanted to lay down on the sofa, Edgar spoke to him again. "Mr.Lennon, there is one thing I don't know if I should tell you..." his tone was filled with hesitation.

"What is it?" Chu Yunsheng asked unconcernedly.

"It is about Tan Ning." Edgar thought for a few seconds, and finally said it out.