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Chapter 435 meet Jing Mouyou

 When Chu Yunsheng left Shen Cheng city, the hazy shimmer in the sky was about to disappear. He spent another hour in Zhiwu forest. So when he arrived at the sky above Wu City, the sky already went dark completely.

At Chu Yunsheng's strong request, the crystal dressed being reluctantly moved the ship near the city and opened a door of the ship while it was still in the air. Then, they asked Chu Yunsheng to jump off the ship by himself.

Looking down at Wu City, Chu Yunsheng noticed that the city was already changed. It was not like the city that he and Edgar had been to. The city was completely covered by the spore forest. It was now looked like an ancient forest city.

Chu Yunsheng took a deep breath, activated his armor and jumped off the ship. While he was in the air, he used the armor's levitation ability several times to reduce his falling speed until he landed in a dark street corner.

Having glanced around, Chu Yunsheng noticed that the city streets of Wu city were surprisingly clean compared to other cities that he had been too. Although there were still many broken cars, glasses, and building debris, he didn't find any human bodies...

Probably, the spore forest this natural barrier gave the people in this city quite good protection, so unless there was a big fight between two insect's races break out, he didn't think anyone would destroy this city easily.

Just when Chu Yunsheng deactivated his armor, he suddenly heard some noises coming towards the street near him. He held his breath and quickly sneaked into an abandoned cake shop next to him.

Soon, a group that made of six people were holding fire torches patrolling down the street heading towards the cake shop Chu Yunsheng was in.

"Brothers, let's take a short break here." Said one of the people who seemed to be their leader, when they arrive at the place opposite the cake shop.

"Boss, you should have said that hours ago. I mean we have been patrolling this area every day, we didn't see any signs of insects wanting to attack us. They just want to torture us."

"Lower your voice. If sister Jiang heard this. You will have huge trouble!"

"Haha... joking... joking. But boss, what is wrong with the men in this city? There are two forces in this city. But the leaders of both forces are women. Since when men are weaker than women?"

"The people like you, who just escaped here not long, don't know anything. Do you know where we come from? Have you ever seen a real powerful man before?

You call those people who you admire daily powerful men? Naive! Originally I don't want to say it. Those things are also classified information. But today I am in a good mood. Let me tell you who is the real powerful man."

"Boss? There is someone more powerful than Six Stars and Eighteen Generals?"

"Ptooey! you country bumpkin! Six Stars and eighteen generals didn't even dare to fight him!"

"Boss you boasting right? How can someone be that powerful?"

"Boasting? Do you know that even Sir Cao severed him like he was his real grandpa!"

"Si... Sir... Sir Cao, for real?"

"I know you won't believe me. To be honest, Sir Cao is nothing. He even killed an ice messenger, a fire messenger and destroyed an entire robot army. You tell me if he is a powerful man or not."

"Boss, you kidding us, right? How can..."

"Sigh, you did not see him, you will never have a chance to see it...."

"Boss, the person you said, is he a man or woman?"

"Of course he is a man, a real man! Otherwise, why do I have to mention him? At that time, everyone called him 'grandpa', but he also had a scary nickname: old skeleton!"

"Oh, so he is an old man... I don't know if... "


Chu Yunsheng decided not to carry on listening to them. Originally he planned to wait until they left. But it seemed like they would still spend some time here. So he just found the back door of the cake shop and went out from the back door.

But he did not expect that when he just walked pass through a place that used to be a vocational school during the age of light, he heard some other noises again. Compared to the last time, this time the noise was muffled as if someone's mouth was blocked.

Just when he decided to leave the place another idea suddenly came to his mind. He did not know where to find Edgar or the rest of the people that knew Edgar. Instead of blindly running around in this city that he was no longer familiar with, why not find someone that knew this place to help him.

Having thought of that, he carefully searching for the place where the sound came from. After a few minutes of search, he finally located that the sound came from the basement of the vocational school. Looking through the tiny windows that he found on the ground, he noticed that there were a few people lying on the ground and they were all tied up. It seemed like there was only one person who was awake.

The person was rolling left and right. But all of sudden, he stopped moving. Then he raised his head and looked at the windows. He noticed Chu Yunsheng!

Chu Yunsheng frowned his brows and quickly raised his index finger and made a 'shush' gesture. At the same time, he was thinking if he should leave this place and find another person to ask for a direction. However, he seemed to run out of the time...

The person quickly nodded his head. But seeing Chu Yunsheng did not move after a few seconds, he started to constantly use his head to signal Chu Yunsheng something in the left.

Chu Yunsheng also noticed the person's movement. He looked to his right, noticed that there seemed to be a secret door that was covered by some wooden planks. He hesitated for a few seconds, but eventually, he decided to help the person. Who knows when he could find the next person, and if the next person was going to cooperate with him or not.

He carefully removed the wooden planks on the door, used his sword to break the lock on the door and gently pushed the door open. He then quickly got in, picked the person up and quickly left the place. Surprisingly, the person was very light.


"Thank you." said the girl. Only until now did Chu Yunsheng realized that the person he saved was actually a girl.

"I need to ask you a few questions. Do you know where I can find Jiang Qianqin, Cao Zhengyi and a black man whose name is Edgar." Chu Yunsheng did not want to know what happened to the girl and why she was tied up in the basement, he just needed to know where he could find Edgar.

The girl was dazed for a second, although she did not know who the man was, and why the man wanted to save her from the slaveholder's hand, the man still helped her.

"You don't know?" seeing the girl did not reply to his question, Chu Yunsheng instantly frowned his brows. He wasted his time on saving this girl.

"I have heard from my sisters saying that those important people are living in a campus inside the University of Education. But I am not sure..." the girl quickly responded.

"Do you know where that is?" Chu Yunsheng knitted his brows and asked.

This time the girl just simply nodded his head.

"Okay. Let's go!" Chu Yunsheng said quickly and before the girl could respond to him, he already picked the girl up.

Wu city was not a big city, plus Chu Yunsheng's speed was very fast, despite that he brought another person with him, it did not take him very long to arrive at the University of Education.

Looking at the heavily guarded university campus. Chu Yunsheng encountered another problem. How could he get in? The walls of the university campus were well-lighted by the fire torches on the walls. There was no way he could sneak in.

But just when he was trying to find a way to ask someone to pass a message, he saw a girl walked out of the campus. At the first glance, Chu Yunsheng found that the girl looked very familiar. Only after a few seconds later did he just remembered that the girl was Jing Mouyou.

Chu Yunsheng was hiding in a slightly poorly-lighted corner and waiting until the guards on the watchtower turned to the other side and when she got close. Then he suddenly dashed out, covered her mouth and dragged her into the poorly-lighted corner.

The girl that Chu Yunsheng saved was scared to death, she was almost about to scream it out. However, Chu Yunsheng had no time for her. Seeing Jing Mouyou was struggling very hard he quickly said.

"Don't scream, my name is Chu Yunsheng, do you still remember me?" Chu Yunsheng said quickly.