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Chapter 434 what happened after the yellow mountain

 "We did not see him earlier, but I have already asked people to inform him, probably he will be here soon." Elder Sun replied.

"Take me to see him, I need to ask him something. It is urgent." Chu Yunsheng quickly said.

Everyone was dazed for a second. No one knew why he wanted to see the commander of Toxic Gas Brigade.

"Brother Chu, Let me take you there." Xiao Chuan quickly ordered people to move away and asked watchers to look for Bi Fangting. In the entire Zhiwu forest, only she could get the information accurately and quickly.

Soon, a watcher reported back the location of Bi Fangting. But at the same time, Bi Fangting also got the information from a watcher that Chu Yunsheng was looking for him. He instantly became even more anxious, because he did not know why Chu Yunsheng was looking for him.

With the help of Xiao Chuan, all the Plant People that were on the way moved away quickly. Not a single masked man or Plant People dared to slow down them at all. While on the way to meet Bi Fangting, Chu Yunsheng also noticed that there seemed to be more masked men now, and he faintly felt that the masks they were wearing seemed to become even more powerful. He suspected that after Xiao Chuan became the only ruler of the forest, and after two half Tubi were fused together, she might have found a way to improve the power of the mask they were wearing.

Moreover, Chu Yunsheng almost could not recognize the forest he used to stay at anymore. If it weren't with the help of Xiao Chuan, he believed that he would have already gotten lost inside the outer layer of the forest. When he got to see the Plant People and other civilians inside the forest, everyone seemed to be more energetic and somewhat lively.

Without any resistance on the road, they soon arrived at the place where Bing Fangting was. Seeing Chu Yunsheng was walking towards him with other people, Bi Fangting eventually took a deep breath and walked toward them.

Despite he was trying his best to hold his emotion, Chu Yunsheng knew that Bi Fangting did not want to see him at the first glance.

"Xiao Chuan, can you get some masked man's masks for me please, I have some personal business need to talk to Duling Bi. Ask Elder Sun to help you as well." Chu Yunsheng thought of an excuse to send other people away. It was much better for those people to know less about what he wanted to discuss.

"Okay, I will get dinner ready as well." Xiao Chuan did not doubt it at all. Maybe she trusted Chu Yunsheng or maybe it was just her gullible nature.

"Mr.Chu, I need to pee... may I go to the toilet...." after Xiao Chuan left, Bi Fangting quickly thought of an excuse and said apologetically.

"I know you don't want to see me. If I were you, I will also do the same thing. But I am not here to look for troubles. I need your help." Chu Yunsheng quickly said.

Bi Fangting's heart began to beat rapidly. He instinctively wanted to refuse to help him. The past experiences taught him that anything or anyone that had a slight connection to Chu Yunsheng would not end well. But seeing Chu Yunsheng's cold glare, he did not dare to say no.

"Er...Er... I only know how to make toxic gas... I don't... " he said hesitantly. He was trying to imply that he could not help Chu Yunsheng anything. But he was immediately interrupted by Chu Yunsheng

"I just need to ask you a few questions. After the yellow mountain, do you know what happened to other people? Think it carefully, there is one black guy, his name is Edgar, do you know where he is?" Chu Yunsheng asked hurriedly.

"Oh, you just want to know this?" Bi Fangting suddenly let out a long sigh of relief. At the same time, he also murmured. "I was wondering why you didn't ask me about them last time. I thought..."

He then quickly stopped murmuring and said. "at that time, we all thought that you were dead, insects also got into the yellow mountain from the south, so he had to head north. In the beginning, the people that from two different castles still problem with each other. But then we were attacked by many kinds of monsters, many people were dead, some went missing, and some escaped to other places. Without the help from aliens and since everyone are all humans, we began to fight together again.

Later on, the black man you said took everyone into a camp inside the spore forest. However, there were too many people and the camp was too small, so they had arguments every day. But eventually, people decided to move to Wu city to build a survival area."

"So they are in Wu city now? But why are you here?' Chu Yunsheng was confused.

Bi Fangting let out a hollow laugh and said. "I also didn't want to leave. In the beginning, everyone was busy building stuff, and everyone seemed to work very well together. But once things started to settle down, problems also appeared. It was the same old problems again, like who should be in charge, things like that. Having failed to come to an agreement, they were split into three different groups: the group who support Ji Qing; the group who support the black guy and Xiao Jiang, and lastly the group that was originally from the camp in the spore forest.

Chu Yunsheng instantly frowned. "So, what happened to you?"

Bi Fangting instantly gave Chu Yunsheng a glum face and said. "Originally I want to join the black guy and Xiao Jiang, but you know that I had an unpleasant past with Xiao Jiang, they don't like me. Moreover, they also have a female westerner who is more knowledgeable than me. So..."

Chu Yunsheng waved his hand and said. "Enough of this. Get to the point."

"Originally, Ji Qing's group was the most powerful one. But I don't know how the black guy convinced the camp of spore forest group to support Xiao Jiang, in the end, three groups became two groups...

With the stuff you left behind, although Xiao Jiang couldn't defeat Ji Qing at the beginning, she even lost serval big fights to her, she became stronger and stronger after each fight...

I am scared that Xiao Jiang would try to take revenge on me, so I escaped the city. I almost died on the road when escaped here."

Chu Yunsheng thought for a few seconds and said. "At least, You are still alive. Say goodbye to Xiao Chuan for me. I can't have dinner with her. Also don't tell anyone about this. You know what will happen."

Bi Fangting nodded his head. "I know, that's why I don't want to see you. All the aliens are hunting for you. Since the Vixen caught one ice messenger, we know a lot more, we all know that your life isn't actually better than anyone, especially after the yellow mountain...

Oh by the way, before the Vixen left, we secretly planned to heal that ice messenger. She couldn't remember anything, so we took the opportunity to join the Ice Race Alliance, in order to deal with the swarm outside the forest. Recently the insect's movements became more and more aggressive.

Also, since we have already joined the Ice Race Alliance, they told us a lot of information about you. They are planning to have you surrounded. The rest of the four races also joined the hunt. So when you go to Wu city, please don't show yourself like this. Otherwise, once you left, all the people in Wu city would have endless troubles, they might even lose their lives. If it isn't that the Plant People are 100 percent loyal to the Tubi holder, and all the people inside the forest are watched by the Plant People, I... I probably already run away."

Chu Yunsheng gritted his teeth and snorted coldly. "don't worry. Soon, I'll create something to distract their attention. I'll make those bastards suffer!"

Bi Fangting was probably scared by Chu Yunsheng's cold glare. So he quickly responded. "Mr.Chu, the whole forest is under the Plant People's watch, plus my toxic gas, no one dare to betray the forest."

"if I am not wrong, it was the Vixen's idea to join the Ice Race. Tell Xiao Chuan to be careful, don't trust other people so easily." Chu Yunsheng said.

"Don't worry, we are not that stupid. We have all discussed again after the Vixen left. We just need temporary protection so We could increase our force. Once we are powerful enough..." Bi Fangting smiled.

"You are right." Chu Yunsheng stopped for a second and suddenly remembered what the veiled woman said. "Also, ask Xiao Chuan to check the place where you buried the former ruler of the western forest carefully. Something definitely isn't right about that place. Don't ask me why. This is all I can tell you."

Bi Fangting was confused, but eventually, he didn't ask. To him, he would love to have fewer troubles.


"Sis, why don't you tell me that uncle is here! Ah.... I am very angry...."

Meanwhile, Chu Yunsheng was already on the alien ship heading towards Wu city.