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Chapter 433 he is back.

 The veiled woman didn't lie to Chu Yunsheng. Her ship's flying speed was indeed very fast. The distance between Shen Cheng city and Zhiwu forest which was next to Star Sand city was almost 900km long. But it took them only less than half an hour. Especially that their speed was already deliberately slowed down in order avoid being noticed by other aliens.

During the half an hour, Chu Yunsheng didn't dare to run around blindly in the ship. Every grid on the ground seemed to have a door, and every door seemed to lead somewhere. So he just sat on the 'space positioning layer' practising his cultivation until he arrived at Zhiwu forest.

Half an hour later, the spinning cube slowly descended from the sky while being surrounded by a thick fog. After the ship detected that there was no one around, Chu Yunsheng was sent out by the same soft milky white light and landed on a field that had been abandoned by farmers a long time ago. Before he left the ship, the veiled woman also asked him that if he could visit the grave of the former ruler of the western forest for her.

This request surprised Chu Yunsheng a lot. It was the first for him to see an alien that actually have a feeling towards a human.


"You really think that only you are a human?" Looking at Chu Yunsheng's confused face the veiled woman responded.

Chu Yunsheng's mind was filled with the veiled woman's response when he walked towards Zhiwu forest. 'what does she mean?' He was even more confused by what the veiled woman said. But soon, his thoughts was interrupted by a group of Plant People.

Looking at Plant People looked at him vigilantly, Chu Yunsheng had a mixed feelings. It had been so long after Earth was plunged into darkness, but it was the first time that he actually came back to a place to visit someone.

"refugee?" asked a masked man. The plant people were not responsible for taking people into the forest, so after it had informed the masked men that were on duty. A group of masked men quickly arrived.

"I was originally in the unit 9 of the third platoon in the western forest. I'm looking for Sun Sheng or anyone that was originally in the unit 9." Chu Yunsheng said.

"What is your name?" The masked man asked.

"Mute, or please tell them that Elder Seventeen is looking for them. They will know who I am." because he was in a hurry, so he took out a bag of food thinking that it would make them speed up the checking process.

The man gently tossed the bag up and down to feel what was inside the bag. But seeing Chu Yunsheng didn't look like he was lying, he hesitated. It was not that the food Chu Yunsheng gave was not enough, it was that Duling Sun was his commander, if the man in front of him really know Duling, then taking his bribe would only cause more troubles to himself.

Just when he thought about returning the bag, Chu Yunsheng said again. "Don't worry, I am in a hurry, this is just the expedited fee. Please help let them know as fast as you can. Thanks."

Hearing what Chu Yunsheng said, the man didn't reject the bag of fog this time. He put the bag inside his pocket and said. "Brother, You cool. But rules are rules, so I can't let you in, especially that the insects began to move very frequently recently. But don't worry, just wait here, I'll definitely get the message passed to the commander."

Right after he said it, he arranged his team member to watch Chu Yunsheng while he himself quickly left and headed into the deep forest.

Although the masked man really went to pass the massage, it was not that easy for him to see the commander. He had to go through all the contacts he had until he met with the senior masked man who worked in the barrack.

But that senior masked man laughed out loud when he heard his message. "Elder Cai, are you still sleeping? He said he is Mute?"

"That's right." the masked man was confused.

"Can a mute talk?" the senior masked man laughed again.

The masked man Cai was dazed for a second. Then he suddenly realized why the other man was laughing.

"He... he also said that he is Elder Seventeen... brother, it doesn't seem like he was lying, and the commander is indeed originally from the western forest... We are both from the eastern forest, so we don't know much about the western forest, I just don't want to offend anyone..." the masked man Cai gave the senior masked man an awkward smile and said.

"What did you say?" Suddenly, a figure that was about to walk past them, stopped right behind them.

"The Third Duling, Cai Wei said that there is a person called Mute and Elder Seventeen wants to..." seeing the person who shouted was The Third Duling, the senior masked man immediately responded. The reason why he responded so quickly was that he wanted to shift The Third Duling's attention.

Recently, the higher-ups of the forest were trying to catch the people who were trying to split the force of the forest again, he did not want to be the scapegoat of those people.

"Where is he? Quick, take me there!" The Third Duling shouted excitedly, his eyes also suddenly became wide open

"Duling, but we have other things needed to..." the deputy who was next to him did not know what was going on, but he still kindly reminded The Third Duling not to forget that he still had other things needed to be handled.

"Fuck that shit, quick, take me there..." The Third Duling just grabbed Cai Wei and began to run toward the entrance of the barrack, leaving two masked men completely confused.

But surprisingly, he only made two steps and suddenly stopped. "You, quickly tell my elder brother that elder seventeen is back!" he turned around and pointed at the deputy and said.

The deputy immediately responded. But at the same time, he seemed to realized something. His position was much higher than the other two masked men, so he heard of some rumors about... so he immediately turned around and wanted to inform the commander.

However, he was stopped by the Third Duling again. "Wait, I haven't finished. Also, ask a Watcher to tell the ruler that... hmm... just say.... Just say that he is back..." he thought for a second and said.

"Just say 'he is back?'" the deputy was not sure about that if he got the message correctly.

"Yes, go, just tell them that he is back." the Third Duling replied hurriedly and began to run out of the barrack.

Cai Xie was completely shocked since the beginning. He was just a leader of a small patrolling unit. He had never seen such a scene before. Not only the commander was informed, but even the ruler of the forest was also informed as well. 'Who the hell is that person!'

However, when he got to the outer layer of the forest and saw all the higher-ups of the forest all appeared, he was completely stunned. Especially when he saw the ruler who hardly ever showed up in public was running in front of all other higher-ups of the forest.

"Ruler, wait..." Elder Sun suddenly speeded up and stopped Xiao Chuan. "He does not look like him, be careful!"

"He is brother Chu, it can't be wrong. Look those eyes..." Xiao Chuan pushed away elder Sun and said excitedly.

"Eyes?" elder Sun look at Chu Yunsheng's eyes one more time, but he still could not find any difference.

Chu Yunsheng heard the entire conversation, so he just lightly nodded his head and said. "My appearance changes all the time, so it is normal that you don't recognize me. "

Then he suddenly activated the armor and walked toward them. This time, he did not need to explain anymore. All the people immediately flocked toward him and said.

"Brother Chu!"

"Mr. Chu"

"Elder Seventeen!"


Seeing people began to flock towards him, Chu Yunsheng also smiled and deactivated his armour.

"Brother, here, cigarette, it is the fresh one. "

"Try my one, my one is better..."

"Go, go, go away, elder seventeen, try my one, my one is the best... "

"Brother three, you are not honest... you lied to us that you ran out of the best cigarette..."


Seeing many familiar faces and all the familiar faces were smiling at him, Chu Yunsheng suddenly felt like something began to appear in his eyes. It had been a long time since the last time he had this kind of warm feeling.

He took a deep breath, held back his feeling and said. "Where is Xiao Cao?"

Xiao Chuan wiped tears off her face and said. "She locked herself up. She said that she wants to find out a way to help those Plant People."

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head. He glanced around and asked again. "Where is Bi Fangting?"

Meanwhile, on a tree branch of a tree that was several dozens meters tall far away from them, stood a man with a pair of binoculars in his hands. "Fuck me, why is he back again! " he cursed anxiously.