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Chapter 432 The Purge of Millennial

 The dim and gloomy sky was dark and obscure. It was like a famous painting displaying the depressed, suffocated and full of primitive desires of hell in a museum.

Form a distance, came a mass of thick gray fog, and there seemed to be lightning hiding inside it, adding a touch of majesty to the mass thick fog.

A moment later, in the middle of the fog, suddenly appeared a milky white beam. It landed on the roof of the building where Chu Yunsheng was standing.

Above Chu Yunsheng, the crystal-clear spinning cube was like a miracle revealing only a small tip of its full body. Underneath the fog, its small tip was constantly glittering the light that seemed to be the result of the great intelligence and cutting-edge technology. It was making the whole scene looked graceful, luxurious and full of mystery.

On the side of the tip, and in the wavering lights that caused by the surface of the ship, slowly appeared a black whirlpool. Then a soft suction force was quickly formed and locked onto Chu Yunsheng who was standing in the middle of milky white light. A moment later, he was slowly lifted up by an invisible force like an immortal flying into Heaven.

Looking at the objects below him slowly became smaller and smaller, Chu Yunsheng let out an audible sigh. He didn't know why, but when he looked down at Earth when he was being lifted up, he had a strange feeling of déjà vu.


"Buzz..." as a strange sound appeared, the entrance of the ship was closed. Chu Yunsheng was also woken up from the strange feeling.

"Chu, welcome to the real 'Ark'." The veiled woman reached her hands out and shook Chu Yunsheng's hand while smiling. It seemed like she was already waiting there for some time.

"Ark?" Chu Yunsheng was confused. Then he was surprised. The internal of the ship was completely different than what he imagined.

Regardless it was the flying machines of the Ice Race or the spiritual space of the divine realm, Chu Yunsheng could still find some science fiction concepts that were similar to them in the age of light.

But the crystal dressed being's spinning cube was completely way beyond his scope of understanding. In here, he couldn't see the highly advanced cabins, nor could he find any powerful equipment. All he could see was the vast glowing grids underneath him and the starry sky above his head!

"Yes, this is how some humans call it, of course, different places would call it differently, but it is actually just a ship." The veiled woman smiled. She then pointed at a place and asked Chu Yunsheng to follow her on the glowing gridlines.

It was only until this moment did Chu Yunsheng discovered that every time when he made a step, a series of number-like symbols would appear in the gridlines under his feet.

After walking for a short period of time, the veiled woman stopped on one of the grids. She reached out and gently touched something invisible in the air, the grid below her immediately glowed green. Then he saw a square-shaped door that made of the green fluorescent light rising slowly from the grid, along with a series of number-like symbols that were also glowing in the dazzling light on the door frame.

"Come in, the outside is just the Space Positioning Layer. The thing you want to see is inside." The veiled woman turned around looked at Chu Yunsheng and said.

Chu Yunsheng frowned. Everything here was beyond his understanding. The experiences he had in the past with other aliens was totally useless in this case. He was confused. But since he was already here, there was no point for him to worry that much.

"You can still see the outer space?" Before Chu Yunsheng walked through the door, he couldn't help but ask.

Darkness always surrounded Earth, not to mention stars, he couldn't even see a trace of sunlight. When he was turned into an insect, he had tried to fly out of the dark sky to see the sun once again, however, he failed.

But he didn't expect that the veiled woman shook her head and said. "We can always see the sun. But it is different than the starry sky that humans used to see in the age of light. The starry sky they saw was the past, the sky we see is the present."

Chu Yunsheng was confused, he didn't understand what she meant by the past and the present. But a question suddenly came to his mind. "Was it you who locked down the three-dimensional space?"

The veiled woman looked at Chu Yunsheng for a few seconds, then shook her head. She didn't say anything to him. It seemed like she didn't want to carry on this subject.

Seeing her didn't respond his question, Chu Yunsheng also stopped asking. Because he knew that if she didn't want to answer, there was no way he would make her talk.

So in the sudden awkward silence, Chu Yunsheng walked into the glowing door quietly.

But just when Chu Yunsheng stepped into the door, the strange number-like symbols on the door frame suddenly began to move rapidly and in a seemingly disorderly pattern. Then a grid outside the door, not far from Chu Yunsheng suddenly glowed in red. Soon, a red door was quickly lifted up from gridded-ground. There were many strange number-like symbols moving quickly from top to bottom like a waterfall.

Then the grid that Chu Yunsheng was standing suddenly linked up with the red door, through the green grid lines on the ground.

When Chu Yunsheng stepped into the green door in front of him completely, he magically stepped out of the red door not far from him.

Chu Yunsheng already felt the danger when the strange symbols began to move rapidly. He quickly glanced around, noticing that the starry sky above him already disappeared. Instead, it was replaced with vast dark space with many small transparent cubes, and inside every cube, there was a creature trapped inside...

There were many creatures that he had never seen before. Some were even supposed to exist only in myths, some looked like humans, but many of them all dressed differently. Clearly, they were not from the same time... Some human-like creatures even had wings, but there was one thing that they all had in common, it was that none of them were moving or breathing, all of them looked like they were dead...

"What is this place?" Chu Yunsheng's heart instantly sank. He already took out the sword and tightly hold onto it. Just when he wanted to step back into the red door, a transparent cube quickly descended from his head with a strong space-locking force.

Just when he was about to swing the sword, a figure suddenly dashed forward and touched the transparent cube. As lines of number-like symbols quickly moved across the surfaces of the transparent cube, the cube instantly stopped.

"Chu, your life force is too rich. It activated the ship's mission module. Quick, take out the controller I gave to you!" That figure was the veiled woman, she stopped cube and said quickly.

"Controller?" Chu Yunsheng immediately took out the 'mass of light' he had and asked, "This?"

"Yes, now, please follow my instructions..." the veiled woman said hurriedly. The small cube began to shake, and it seemed like it was going to descend again.

"How do I know if you are not lying to me again?" Chu Yunsheng suddenly said coldly.

The woman knitted her brows and gritted her teeth. She suddenly reached out one of her hands and began to control the mass of light that Chu Yunsheng was holding remotely. As many light rays flew towards her, the lines of number-like symbols began to move backward. A moment later, the cube suddenly began to ascend until it disappeared into the sea of many transparent cubes.

"Now, do you believe me?" Within a few seconds, the veiled woman's pretty face has turned into an old woman's face.

"What happened?" Chu Yunsheng still didn't let loose of his sword. He even began to hold an offensive talisman.

"This is the place where we keep all the lifeforce cultivators that violated the forbidden rules. Every one thousand years, ships would automatically take off from the base on the moon and arrive on Earth to eliminate..." the woman said weakly.

"Why?" Chu Yunsheng knitted his brows and asked.

"Too many things involved, I can't explain them in a short period of time." The veiled woman took a deep breath and began to look for something on the gridded-ground. It seemed like she was looking for an exit.

"Are they still alive?" Chu Yunsheng asked another question.

"As a Life force cultivator, what do you think? Every life has a price!" The veiled woman said calmly. Then she reached her hands out again. It seemed like she found the exit.

Seeing the door was slowly being lifted up, Chu Yunsheng didn't carry on asking. Because he already had an answer.

As he followed the woman to walk out the door, he entered another 'room'.

In front of him was the solar system, and Chu Yunsheng and the veiled woman were like two colossal giants standing next to Earth.

The woman reached her hands out began to move 'Earth'. She zoomed in, spun the Earth and zoomed in again. It seemed like she was looking for a location. After a few seconds, she pointed at a location and said. "This is our location. You only have a half day. Find the place you want to go on this map. I'll let the flight system know."

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