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Chapter 431 marriage alliance

 The pale middle-aged man suddenly frowned and looked at Chu Yunsheng more carefully one more time. It seemed like he realized why Chu Yunsheng needed those supplies, but he was smart, he didn't say it. Instead, he asked another question.

"No problem, brother. But, to be honest with you. We don't have many supplies as well. Especially, we have to fight those foreigners in the east of the river... So I'd like to know how many sets of armors and swords are you willing to offer?"

Of course, saying that they were lacking in the material supplies was just an excuse to drive up the price. Especially when he saw what the sword could do, he immediately decided that he wanted to get as many pieces of equipment out of this man as possible.

"How many shells you have?" Chu Yunsheng didn't answer him immediately. He asked another question instead.

The pale middle-aged man thought for a second and said. " a little over three hundred."

"Five sets and five swords. Now, take me to the place where you store the shells, I'll give you the armors and swords in three days. At that time, I'll also need to see the rest of the supplies." Chu Yunsheng said straightforwardly.

With his ability right now, one set of the first-grade armor wouldn't waste much insect's shells

Although three hundred shells were actually more than he expected, he didn't want to take too much advantage of those people. The price he gave out was after the careful consideration, and it was a fair price.

The pale middle-aged man was thrilled hearing what he said. But he still didn't reveal much emotion on his face. "But..." just when he tried to negotiate more, he was suddenly interrupted.

"Enough! I believe this young brother. Mei, take this brother to our storage facility and tell the people there that I said it. Also, remind them to give this brother all the shells we have. Do not try to hide any!" The tall man next to the pale middle-aged man suddenly said sternly.

Although the pale middle-aged frowned his brows since he was interrupted, he didn't challenge the other man's decision. He simply gave the good-looking man a nod, signaling him to just follow the order.

"Brother, normally, since you have helped us, we shouldn't treat you like this. I, Feng Yuting is also not an ungrateful person. We should have sent you some supplies as a gift. However, we still have many people need to look after, so we have to be shameless to ask five sets of armors and swords from you." the tall man said apologetically.

The man was very sincere, what he said was also very reasonable. Plus, Chu Yunsheng still couldn't get rid of his soft-hearted nature, so he didn't keep it in his mind.

He just simply nodded his head and then followed the good-looking man and headed towards their shortage facility.

Just when they left the skyscraper, a man hurriedly rushed into the building and said. "Brothers, something terrible just happened. It is the east side of the river. The entire Tachibana clan was exterminated just over one night! Not a single person lived!"


"Is this news reliable!?"

Two leaders immediately asked at the same time.

"Yes! I saw it with my own eyes. All of them were beheaded. Not a single person lived! The entire eastern region of the river is in chaos at the moment. Some Japanese want to surrender, some want to take revenge... I mean the Akizuki clan's ambassador is already on the way here!"

"What revenge? who did it?" the pale middle-aged man immediately asked the most important question.

"It... it is said....."

"Why are you stuttering! Tell me now!" The middle-aged man shouted impatiently. He felt something, and it made him very anxious.

"They all said that it was that person did it. Someone saw him entering the Tachibana clan's territory, then... everyone was killed... more than three hundreds of people, they all died on the snowy ground without their heads. Apart from that person, who else can do it in this place?"

"That person? You mean him!" The middle-aged man suddenly staggered and almost collapsed to the ground. Sweat began to appear on his forehead and his body began to tremble.

'One night? Entire Tachibana clan's force? What if I didn't stop the fight earlier? What would happen?'

"Did the Akizuki clan say anything?" Feng Yuting grasped the person's shoulders and asked sternly.

"Brother, don't worry, the entire eastern region of the river was in chaos at the moment. Only a few clans said that they want to take revenge. But most of the clans are scared that he is going to go back and finish them all.

So the leader of the Akizuki clan asked me to tell you one thing. He said that if this thing is dealt with properly. Then we will be able to take over the control of the entire eastern region of the river." said the man.

"What is it?" Feng Yuting let out a sigh of relief and asked.

"They are seeking a marriage alliance! They said that not only will this narrow down the gulf between the East and the West, but also it will make the people in the East believe that they will have a powerful ally to rely on. They also said that they did not mind what titles we want to give to the girl, even if it is without any titles, as long as that man accept the girl they offered."

Surprisingly, Feng Yuting didn't responded to him immediately. He frowned and bowed his head down, it seemed like he was thinking for something.

"Brother, what do you think?" The pale middle-aged man thought for a few seconds and asked.

"I don't know... that person doesn't look like he is going to stay here for long. More importantly, he doesn't seem to want to have a close relationship with us." Feng Yuting shook his head and said.

"What if we just accept the girl on behalf of him and tell..." the middle-aged man lowered his voice and said. This was an extremely rare opportunity for them. Although, the most powerful clan in the eastern region of the river was wiped out, if they didn't take this chance to get more allies, once the rest of clans were united, they would not have a peaceful day.

"I don't think he will be happy with it..." Feng Yuting interrupted him and said.

"How is going to know about it? He is leaving soon, isn't he? As long as those people in the east believe it, I don't think there will be any problems." The middle-aged man whispered again.

"You mean... we secretly arrange it?" Feng Yuting gasped in shock.

The middle-aged man nodded his head sternly.


Chu Yunsheng was sitting in a room in an old hotel making the Grade-one armors continuously and as fast as he could. He never thought that someone would dare to secretly arrange a wedding for him without his permission.

While he was busy preparing the five sets of armor, five swords, and many offensive talismans, Akizuki clan gathered many other clans in the east region of the river and informed them about the decision of the marriage alliance. Soon, many clans started to join in the ceremonial preparation of the girl's dowry.


Three days later, Chiba Hiro was dressed up and asked to sit on the seat that was originally belonged to the clan's leader. Thousands of people were on their knees and pray to her constantly...

At that moment, even her soul was shaking.

However, this time, she didn't even get to see Chu Yunsheng. With Feng Yuting's arrangement, when she arrived at the west region of the river, Chu Yunsheng already left the place and got on the crystal dressed being's ship.


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