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Chapter 430 am I qualified now?

 After both parties agreed on each other's conditions, the crystal dressed beings gradually floated back to the spinning cube.

"Chu, see you in three days." the veiled woman said to Chu Yunsheng when she floated passed him.

"Are you not scared that I'll leak the information out?" Chu Yunsheng suddenly asked.

"I can be anyone, but it won't be you." the veiled woman smiled.

"Why?" Chu Yunsheng knitted his brows.

"Even if you leaked the information out, you will be the first one in trouble, not to mention that you might still be one of us." The woman replied while being slowly lifted up in a soft white light.

Chu Yunsheng sneered coldly. Indeed, if he leaked the information out, it would only give other aliens one more reason to hunt him.

Plus other secrets he knew, the hunt would be even crazier.

After the woman entered the cube, the cube began to slowly ascend into the sky.

What surprised Chu Yunsheng next was that the cube didn't fly away or fly higher until Chu Yunsheng couldn't see it.

As the top tip of the cube suddenly glowed brightly for a second, many ripples began to appear and enlarge in the space above the cube like something just dropped in water.

Then the cube carried on ascending, and as it was ascending the cube was also slowly disappearing into the ripples from its top as if it was a submarine slowly submerge into an invisible and upside-down sea.

Until it completely disappeared, the ripples also disappeared.

Looking at the small glowing cube in his hand, Chu Yunsheng suddenly realized something and let out a helpless laugh. It seemed like the veiled woman tricked him again.

As the space barrier disappeared, the people who were blocked outside the barrier began to enter the barrier hurriedly and panickedly. Soon, many blood-chilling screams and heart-wrenching cries began to appear one after another...

Chu Yunsheng quickly tightened up his disheveled clothes and disappeared into a ruined dark alley.


"Shit! Tachibana clan was exterminated. Quick, report this back to..." a man whispered in the dark.

Right after he said it, a few blurry shadows immediately began to move out.


On the west of the Huangpu river, there was a skyscraper that was not destroyed. There were many broken cars surrounding the skyscraper forming a circular wall around the skyscraper. From time to time, there were groups of people patrolling on the circular wall cautiously watching out the movements in the area.

On the gloomy street leading towards the skyscraper walked a man who dressed in a light grey coat. There weren't many people on the street, but all of them were staring at the grey coat man vigilantly.

"Stop! Who are you and why are you here?" On top of the wall that made of broken cars, a man suddenly shouted coldly. There was a gun in his hand and it was pointing at the man.

"I am looking for Hao Xu, he told me that he lives here." Chu Yunsheng responded.

"Brother Hao is not in the building at the moment. I have never seen you in this place before. You must be new here. This is the headquarters, it is not a place that you newcomers are qualified to come in. Go to that place." The guard said coldly to Chu Yunsheng while pointing at a ruined building in the north.

"If he is not in, then, what about Lin Kang!" This time Chu Yunsheng didn't allow the guard to interrupt him, he quickly added. "If he is also not in, I need to talk to someone in charge!"

The guarded was dazed for a second, then suddenly laughed out loud. "You can stop wasting your time here. Someone use that excuse already. Don't you dare think that you could use some names to trick me to let you in. Go to that building and wait until you are qualified to come into this one."

Chu Yunsheng's eyes instantly turned stone-cold. He only had three days, he didn't want to waste any more time talking to this guard. So he just simply drew the sword and unleashed a round of sword Qi straight into the wall.

Within a split second, a huge gap was blasted open. The guard instantly stepped back in panic. And looking at the aftermath of the sword attack, the guard was completely stunned.

"Am I qualified now?" Chu Yunsheng said coldly and walked through the gap.

The guard still hasn't come back from the shock, but immediately, several fierce figures dashed out from inside the skyscraper quickly.

Chu Yunsheng lightly swung his sword. Instantly, the six sword Qi that he unleashed earlier which still had some energy left, immediately shot towards the group of people who just came out of the building and broke the weapons they were holding. But they all dissipated before they could hit those people,

"Who is it! How dare you causing troubles in this place!" A strong and burly man suddenly broke through the windows of the third floor and shouted.

"Elder Shan, stop!" there was another person who was wearing a white scarf also jumped out of the window right after the strong and burly man. He quickly caught the strong and burly man while they were still in the air and restrained the strong and burly man when they landed.

"Brother Mei, people already started to make troubles in our front door and you..." the burly man wasn't happy at all.

"You shut up!" The white scarf man glared at the burly man and said angrily. Surprisingly, he was a very good looking man. He then faced Chu Yunsheng and said respectfully. "Brother, you must be that powerful master who used one sword to defeat the Tachibana clan and the Hoshino clan. Brother Hao has told us about you before. Please come in and have a seat. Our brothers have never seen you, so please forgive them."

Hearing what he said, all the people immediately had a chill down to their spines. The rumor about this powerful master was going crazy in the area, but no one expected it was the man who was currently standing right in front of them.

"I have told Hao Xu that I need to buy something from him. Since he is not in, who can make the decision?" Chu Yunsheng said straightforwardly.

"I can't make that decision, but my two elder brothers are in the building, they will come down soon. Brother, would you like to come in and we will talk in detail?"

Just right after he said that two people walked out of the building. One of them had a tall and straight body, the other one had pale skin.

Looking at people quickly stood aside, Chu Yunsheng immediately understood that those two people were the ones that were in charge.

But Chu Yunsheng didn't want to get into the building, instead, he stabbed the sword on the ground and said. "If you two can make decisions, then I'll use the similar swords and some armors to buy something from you. Deal or no deal just give me a quick answer."

The two people looked at each other for a second. The pale-skinned middle-aged man nodded his head and said. "yes, we can make decisions, but we still don't know what brother wants?"

"Insect's shells, I want all the shells you have stored. Then I want a medium-sized boat. I know that you don't have much food. So I only want alcohols, it doesn't matter if it is the rubbing alcohol or drinking alcohol, I'll take it. Lastly, I need some warm clothes and daily necessities."