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Chapter 429 three conditions

 The three crystal dressed beings also seemed to have also heard what Chu Yunsheng said.

Just right after he said that he could work with them, a milky soft-light was cast onto the crystal dressed being who was still in the coma on the ground, and slowly lifted it back to the spinning cube.

And the woman with veil who was talking to Chu Yunsheng earlier also walked toward a place below the spinning cube to meet with the rest of the three crystal-dressed beings with Chu Yunsheng.

The leader of the crystal-dressed being was still holding a strange mass of light. "Lifeforce cultivator you made a right decision, if we can succeed it, we will pardon your sin of cultivating lifeforce without permission," it said sternly.

"We all know what we actually are, so stop pretending that you are gods. You might think that you are a superior lifeform, but to me, you are similar to those insects. " Chu Yunsheng smiled contemptuously.

What he said made the veiled woman who was not fazed earlier changed her expression instantly. And the bodies of three other crystal-dressed beings clearly went stiff all of sudden.

Only after a moment of silence did one of the three crystal-dressed beings finally asked with hesitation. "Are you really The Cambrian Being?" Originally, Chu Yunsheng wanted to say no immediately, but he suddenly had another idea. They mentioned about 'The Cambrian being' more than once, and there was also a faint of fear in their tone,

Although he didn't know anything about it, nor did he knew that if the Cambrian they talked about was similar to the Cambrian period that happened millions of years ago.

But that was not important, what was important was that he urgently needed an 'identity' that could help him to restrain those aliens.

Having thought of this, and also in order to avoid exposing that he didn't know what they were talking about, Chu Yunsheng just answered simply and vaguely. "Does it matter? I just said that we all know what we are, so let's just talk something that is actually useful. I will work with you. But I have three conditions."

This time, the crystal-dressed being didn't answer him immediately. Instead, it turned around and talked to the other two crystal dressed beings using a language that Chu Yunsheng didn't understand. After they awhile, they seemed to have come to an agreement.

"Okay, as long as it doesn't violate our forbidden rules." said one of the crystal dressed being.

Chu Yunsheng didn't know what they were talking about, but the veiled woman next to them frowned her brows during the entire conversation.

And from the tones of the crystal dressed being, it seemed like his vague answer was working. Of course, Chu Yunsheng didn't think that they were idiots. They would definitely try to find a way to confirm what he said was true or not. But Chu Yunsheng didn't really care at the moment, once they get to the USA, he would leave them and never contact them again.

"My condition is very simple, the first, I haven't finished my personal business in this place, so I still need at least three days;

The second, I need all the details of this cooperation, I need every step, every result of every possible accident, and the worst case scenario. If I find anything that you didn't tell me or you are trying to hide something from me during the operation, I'll terminate the cooperation immediately. That is my bottom line.

The third, I also need to bring one person with me. I don't know exactly where that person is at the moment, but I have a clue where to find him, and with your ship, It will take less than a day.

Those are my three conditions."

The leader of the crystal dressed being discussed with the other two crystal dressed beings again after Chu Yunsheng finished. Probably, they didn't want to raise any suspicion, this time they discussed in Chinese.

"We accept the First and the second condition, but the third condition will expose our existence. We don't accept it."

"Expose? I already know about your existence, unless you kill me, otherwise, how much big of a difference if there is one more person knows about your existence. Also, you have asked me to trust you, so you need to show your sincerity by trusting me as well. I believe that the guy I am going to bring with me won't say anything about you to other people." Chu Yunsheng shook his head and insisted.

While they were discussing, Chu Yunsheng was closely watching the reaction of the veiled woman, from her expression, Chu Yunsheng guessed that they didn't lie. But the past experiences he had already taught him not to believe in anyone. Especially those aliens, hence he asked for three days allowance.

He needed to use those three days to prepare as many supplies as possible. Once they had a dispute in the future, he probably still needed a boat to sail across the sea.

"Who do you want to bring with you. We need to know that." one of the crystal dressed being asked while Chu Yunsheng was making a secretly plan in his mind.

This alien race gave Chu Yunsheng a very strange feeling, no matter how small a matter was, as long as it didn't violate their forbidden rules they would decide it very quickly. However, despite that, the leader of the crystal dressed beings didn't seem to have a right to make a decision, they would always discuss something repeatedly and tirelessly until they come an agreement.

If it was the ice race or the fire race, they would have probably already made decisions.

"An American, ordinary man, doesn't have any abilities, I need him to be my guide and my interpreter." Chu Yunsheng said.

The reason why he wanted to take Edgar with him was very simple. Apart from being a guide, he felt like Edgar was a lot like him. The reason why that they both were trying their best to survive in the dark world was that they simply wanted to see their families or let their families know that they were still alive. The only difference was that if Chu Yunsheng didn't help him, Edgar probably would never be able to see his family ever again.


This time the veiled woman also joined the discussion. It seemed like it was a very important decision to them.

But Chu Yunsheng didn't let his guard down at all, he was still using the absorption talisman to slowly restore his energy while waiting for their answer.

"Okay, we accept your conditions, but we also have conditions. You can't tell him anything about us. We will use a harmless way to put him to sleep before taking him into our ship and until we get to the USA."

"Okay." Chu Yunsheng thought for a second and said.

In fact, this was much better for Edgar. To an ordinary people, knowing less was always much safer than knowing more.

Of course, this was just his temporary plan. Since he left the yellow mountain, it was probably two years already. Who knows if Edgar was still alive or not.

"Three days, in the next three days we will hide in the sky and watch you closely. If you are doing anything that is outside our agreement, we will...

After three days, we will pick you up from the roof of this building, and give you another half day to find the man you need. Remember to come here along that day." the crystal dressed being pointed at a building in the hologram image that was suddenly projected from the strange mass of light in its hands and said.

Chu Yunsheng quickly recognized the location of the building, in fact, he was very familiar with that location, the building was next to the famous KTV that he used to go to during the age of light.