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Chapter 427 Mr. Chu, we meet again

 Boom! Bang!

Despite the crystal dressed being wanted to stop Chu Yunsheng, another Chu Yunsheng's arrow attack still arrived.

The crystal dressed being was knocked back, hit the invisible space barrier and bounced back. Its dress began to have cracks like the delicate porcelain that was about to break, and it seemed like if Chu Yunsheng unleashed another arrow at it, it would immediately break into pieces.

All the crystal dressed beings were shocked. Two crystal dressed beings looked at each other and then looked at the third crystal dressed being that just came out of the cube again.

They nodded at each other and then began to initiate the fourth-dimensional spiritual attack.

Chu Yunsheng was just pulling the strings of his bow halfway through. He suddenly felt like his brain was stuffed with many things. But at the same time, he also felt like a strange force was sucking something out of his mind making him feel so empty.

After a moment of dizziness, he felt an extreme pain inside his mind as if his mind was going to explode.

Three crystal dressed beings held the strange masses of light in their hands high. The light emitted by the strange masses of light slowly formed a triangle in the air.

Then, a magnificent light beam descended vertically from the bottom of the slowly spinning cube and hit the light triangle.

It made the triangle glowed even brighter.

Soon, a visible fourth-dimensional channel that was able to cast its shadow on the three-dimensional space instantly opened.

As three crystal dressed being kept holding the strange masses of light high, a triangular ray suddenly came out of the channel and advanced quickly towards Chu Yunsheng.


Chu Yunsheng was holding his head screaming in pain. His both legs were constantly kicking in the air as if it could reduce his pain. However, the acute pain seemed to exist everywhere in his body. It was like a sharp knife slicing his soul a piece at a time.

He was constantly pulled into that unknown space and kicked out from the space repeatedly. In there, the black vortex was spinning fast trying to destroy the force that came from outside.

However, the force that came from outside was too powerful, and the black vortex was too small. Despite it was desperately trying to destroy it. Its destroying speed still couldn't catch up the speed that the outside force trying to infiltrate into the unknown space.

Chu Yunsheng was held in the mid-air. Sometimes, he curled up his body in pain, but sometimes, he was kicking his legs and screaming in pain. Both of his hands always tightly pressed against his head trying squeezed his pains out of his brain.


From the invisible space barrier on the side, suddenly separated out another transparent cube and locked Chu Yunsheng inside.

With Chu Yunsheng on the center of it, It was quickly shrinking smaller and smaller like a transparent cubic cage.

At the same time, the cubic cage was slowly moved toward the big cube that those crystal dressed beings were standing.


"Surrender, or die!"

A majestic voice suddenly appeared in Chu Yunsheng's mind.

"kneel! The member of a lower class!"

"Defying our order will be treated as a traitor. You will be executed!"




In the beginning, Chu Yunsheng's consciousness was very blurry, all he could feel at that moment was just pains, and all he could hear was the voices of asking him to surrender....

However, after the exact same words and the exact same thing repeated in his mind several times, it instantly caused his hatred to surge up into his mind like a flood.

In the next second, he suddenly opened his bloody eyes.

All the bones in his body were making the cracking noises as he slowly stood up in the transparent cage.

"I... Chu Yunsheng... will only kneel... before my parents, kneel... before the five million... of people that died... in Shu Du city. I will never... kneel before you! A group... of bastards. Who the fuck... you think you are?" he said coldly while enduring the pains inside his mind.

As his energy suddenly gushed out, the black vortex also suddenly expanded and began to spin even faster. Deep inside the unknown world, amongst a few nerve-like lines that were glowing in dim red light, the sixth line suddenly glowed brightly.


That spiritual channel that made by the three crystal dressed beings and the cube instantly shattered.

The slow spinning cube suddenly shook violently as if it was attacked by something. The three crystal dressed beings were shocked. It took them a while to finally stop their bodies from shaking left and right with the cube.

Chu Yunsheng's eyes were extremely cold. He stood inside the transparent cage and poke a hole in his index finger. As blood began to appear in his finger, he started to draw talismans in the air.

The senior practitioner had written in the book: Practitioners could use their Ming Xue (TL: Life Blood) to make talismans. Although the power of talisman would be increased, it would only create more harms to practitioners than benefits. But in term of what harms it would create, the senior practitioner didn't mention any, or maybe it was in the part of the book that he didn't understand. But Chu Yunsheng faintly felt that it might be related to the practitioner's life force.


"Who are you?"

Within a few seconds, Chu Yunsheng already made five glacier talismans.

He immediately cast all of them onto the transparent wall, attempting to crash them and broke out.

Ice quickly began to form on the surface of the cage. When it was completely covered with ice, the cage began to shake violently as the power of the talisman trying to crash to the transparent cage.

"Crack... crack.... crack..."

The ice cracking sounds constantly appeared. The cage was shaking more and more violently as it was compressed smaller and smaller.


The walls of the cage finally collapsed. At the moment when it was shattered by the power of the talisman, it also exploded.

The explosion caused many ice pieces to shot outwards. Chu Yunsheng also took the opportunity and quickly jumped out.

But as soon as he jumped out, dozens of white beams were shot towards him while he was still in the air. They instantly shredded his armor into pieces and made many wounds in his body.

"Sword form!"

Despite Chu Yunsheng was injured, he ignored all the light beam attacks and jumped onto the crystal dressed being who he attacked earlier.

He used both his legs to locked himself onto the crystal dressed being and pointed the sword downwards at its chest.

Then, he began to unleash his sword Qi repeatedly.

The first round, the second round, the third round...

With his powerful sword Qi attack, both of them began to descend rapidly from the air.

The cracks on the crystal dressed being's dress also began to widen and reveal strange tissues-like dazzling structures inside the dress.

"The natural combination of the five elements!?"

"You are not one of us!"

"But, you clearly...!"

"Who are you!"

"You are The Cambrian being!" The last voice shouted with both confusion and shock.

Chu Yunsheng didn't answer them. Instead, he raised his sword above his head and wanted to give the crystal dressed being last one stab.



"Chu Yunsheng, no!" Suddenly a woman's voice shouted.


Both Chu Yunsheng and the crystal dressed being crashed into the ground. His sword already stabbed into the gap of the crystal dress.

Chu Yunsheng was very calm at that moment. His objective was to take that crystal dressed being as a hostage, not to kill it.

"Why did you disconnect from your mission without permission!?" The leader of the crystal dressed being asked sternly.

"The ship is under attack, the mission module was shut automatically. I was forced to eject from.... Captain, I know that man, please allow me to talk to him!" Said the crystal dressed being who just got out of the cube.

"Who is he?"

"Captain, he is..." the female began to say something in a language that Chu Yunsheng didn't understand.

The leader of the crystal dressed being frowned. After a few seconds, it nodded its head.

The crystal dressed being who had a woman's voice slowly descended from the cube and floated towards Chu Yunsheng.

"Mr. Chu, we meet again." The crystal dressed being took off its helmet and revealed its beautiful human-like face.

Chu Yunsheng knitted his brows, and his hands still clenched his sword.

"I don't know you. But since they have sent you here..." Chu Yunsheng said coldly.

"Mr. Chu, you have misunderstood us. They just wanted to check if you are one of us. They didn't want to kill you." The woman quickly interrupted Chu Yunsheng and said.

"My appearance has changed. So I know that it is hard for you to recognize me now. But do you still remember the person who had a chat with you in the rain outside Zhiwu forest?"

"It's you?" Chu Yunsheng's brows were pressed even closer.

"Yes, it is me." The woman smiled.

"But that's not important. It was just a misunderstanding. We are just here to get back the stolen Relic." she added.

"Hehe.. why do I need to believe you?" Chu Yunsheng smiled sarcastically as if he just heard a ridiculous joke. But his hand still didn't let loose of the sword.

"Do you still remember Xiao Chuan and Xiao Cao. I can take you to see them. When my people found me, they also helped them to eliminate all the threats." The woman's big and clear eyes were looking at Chu Yunsheng when she said it. She didn't avoid the eye contact at all.

"That doesn't mean anything." Chu Yunsheng said straightforwardly.

"At the moment, We have common enemies. So there is no point for me to lie to you. We caught one heavily injured Ice Race one month ago when I was still in Zhiwu forest. You know what we can do. So it is not hard for us to get some information from that heavily injured Ice race. We know what happened in Shu Du city, and you wanted to go to America now. I think we can help you."

---------------------translator's note-------------------

finally a new alien race...