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Chapter 426 Opportunity

 In the next second, four white light beams appeared around the four halos that were slowly spinning around the cube and shot towards Chu Yunsheng.

But Chu Yunsheng didn't lose his mind like those Japanese people. Instead, he quickly unleashed his arrow.

Suddenly, an extremely bright light shot out from the corner of the wall. Packed with dense Yuan Qi energy, it headed straight towards the crystal dressed being that was staggering in the air.

Compared to the speed of the arrow, the crystal dressed being's movement speed seemed to be very slow. It was not able to dodge Chu Yunsheng's attack in time.

Suddenly, the strange mass of light in its hand began to burst out a bright light, and the light seemed to be able to block the power of the arrow.

Despite blocking the arrow, the crystal dressed being was still being sent all the way up by the impact of the arrow until it hit the slow-spinning cube.

As the crystal dressed being hit the cube, it instantly caused ripples around its dress.

"How dare you!"

"Offending the superior is not forgivable!"

The two crystal dressed beings that were just about to enter the cube immediately turned around and began to raise the strange mass of light in their hands.

"Go fuck yourself!" Chu Yunsheng cursed. He immediately activated his armor's levitation and the speed ability to dodge the four light beams that were coming towards him.

However, as if the four light beams were controlled by the crystal dressed beings, they were able to follow wherever Chu Yunsheng goes.

Chu Yunsheng gritted his teeth. He had no choice but to try to use the buildings around him to his advantage.

He constantly broke into buildings and tried to dodge light beam's attack that way.

Four light beams would always penetrate buildings and try to destroy buildings as fast as they could to force him to come out.

After the first arrow attack, Chu Yunsheng noticed the weakness of the crystal dressed beings. However, he also understood that there was no way that he could defeat four of them. Not to mention that there might be more inside the strange cube.

So his plan was to injure the first crystal dressed being that he attacked. It would be great if he could take it as a hostage. Then he would be able to force them to deactivate the space lockdown.

While sorting his thought, he quickly dodged another light beam's reckless attack inside a building and jumped out of it before it collapsed.

He quickly aimed his bow at the last crystal dressed being and fired the second arrow.

The bright arrow was like a supersonic cruise missile, it shattered all the building glasses on its way and hit the crystal dressed being again.

The last crystal dressed being was just able to stabilize its position in the air, it was then hit once again from the side.

Despite being hit twice, its crystal dress didn't seem to have any cracks. All it had was many strange ripples around when it was hit.

Even though the arrow didn't have much effect on the crystal dressed being, it still sent the crystal dressed being further away from the cube, Chu Yunsheng quickly got into another building while taking out an absorption talisman to restore his energy.

At the same time. He was trying to approach that crystal dressed being as fast as he could.

Just when he got into the building. Four light beams quickly followed him in. They all flocked into the balcony that Chu Yunsheng got in. It instantly created a big hole onto the wall of the building.

Four light beams destroyed everything on their path while they were inside the building, the building quickly started to tilt as it began to lose balance.

Seeing that the building was about to crash into the next building, Chu Yunsheng speeded up again.


After a loud collision sound, the building finally crashed into the building next one. It caused a huge dust cloud.

Chu Yunsheng got out in time. He noticed that the tilted building was a perfect opportunity to get higher quickly. He quickly began to jump upward on the outside wall of the tilted building.

The other crystal dressed beings also seemed to realize what Chu Yunsheng wanted to do. They all began to control the light beams wanting to stop Chu Yunsheng.

Immediately, four light beams shot out from the wall Chu Yunsheng was jumping and they began to shred the wall like four earthworms.

The building once again began to collapse onto the ground. However, Chu Yunsheng's eyes were still looking at the crystal dressed being he attacked. He gritted his teeth and infused more energy into his armor to gain more speed.

When he finally got to the highest point of the titled building and jumped up, the building below him also lost its support and collapsed instantly.

While he was in mid-air, he activated his armor's levitation ability serval times, so he could keep jumping up higher to reach the crystal dressed being he attacked.

The crystal dressed being who was attacked by him twice was finally able to stabilize its position in the air, and it also noticed that Chu Yunsheng seemed to only want to attack it. So it quickly raised the strange mass of light in its hand wanting to stop Chu Yunsheng.

Chu Yunsheng and the crystal dressed being was very close at that point. He was even able to see the shocked expression under the crystal helmet it was wearing.

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