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Chapter 425 sentence to die

 "Father! Akizuki Tanenaga that traitor is fawning over that new China man again!" in a small room, a young man with a long braid was sitting on his knees in front of a skinny middle-aged man. The young man's face was clearly filled with anger.

"Oh..." the skinny middle-aged man replied unconcernedly. He didn't even move his eyelids.

"Father, he has disgraced our entire nation! We can't let him keep turning our people against us" seeing the middle-aged man had no reaction, the young man was even angrier.

"Oh..." the middle-aged man still replied unconcernedly.

"Father, we must teach Akizuki clan a lesson!" The young man crawled towards the middle-aged man and urged.

"Oh..." the middle-aged man still replied simply.

"FATHER!" the young man shouted impatiently.

"So what are you planning to do?" The middle-aged man opened his eyes and looked at the young man.

"Kill Akizuki Tanenaga, and take over them!" said the young man.

The man let out a long sigh and closed his eyes. This time, he didn't even say anything.

"Father! Please issue the order!" The man gave the middle-aged man a full bow until his head touched the ground.

"Lord! Please issue the order!" Instantly all the awakened samurais outside the room, in the corridor also knelt down.

The skinny man's face instantly dropped, and it became more and more livid as time passed.

Suddenly, the man stood up and drew the samurai sword that was hanging on the side. He then hacked down the sword without any hesitation.

In the next second. The young man's long braid dropped on the ground.

"If you dare say anything about killing Akizuki Tanenaga one more time, it will be your head next time!"

"Father!" The young man raised his head and looked at the skinny man. There was no sign of fear in his eyes at all.

The skinny man looked at the young man coldly and said. "Jiro, I thought that you would understand. However, I have been waiting for so long, yet you still don't understand! I am very disappointed!"

"Father?" The young man's eyes were filled with confusion. There was also a faint of shame on his face.

"Get out! From now on you are banned from entering this room until you figure it out!" The man said coldly.

The young man still seemed to want to say something. But eventually, he stopped. He gritted his teeth and left the room.

The skinny middle-aged man slowly put the sword back onto the shelf and walked towards the window on the side. Looking at the snowy world outside the room, the man's face was filled with sadness.

"Ichirō, if you are still alive, I wouldn't need to worry so much..."

Suddenly, something flashed brightly in the sky outside. Then the man heard people shouted something outside the building. However, as if the people were suddenly choked by someone, all their voices stopped at the same time.

"Lord, Lord!"

A cluster of hurried footsteps and panicked voices interrupted the man's thought. The man frowned and said harshly. "Did you all forget your manners!?"

"Lord, we are under the attack!" a panicked voice appeared outside the room.

"I know! Wait for me downstairs." A cold glare flashed in the skinny man's eyes. He then turned around and walked into a hidden room.


It was not difficult to find the Tachibana clan's territory. As the biggest clan in the east of the river, almost everyone knew where they were. Amongst those people, there were also some that could speak Chinese.

So it didn't take Chu Yunsheng long to find them. However, before he got the chance to ask someone, a seemingly transparent cube that seemed to be made out of a clear crystal slowly appeared in the dim sky above the Tachibana clan's territory.

It was spinning slowly while slowly descending from the Sky. Its smooth surface was making the lights dazzle due to the reflection of the fire on the ground. The whole cube looked sacred, mysterious and pure.

All the awakened samurais quickly gathered together and formed a tight defence formation. They all raised their heads and looked at the mysterious cube in panic.

But all the ordinary people's faces were filled with awe and veneration.

Chu Yunsheng frowned and quickly hid behind a broken wall. He faintly sensed a spiritual force that similar to the Divine realm's mind control.

"What are you!" an awakened samurai with a steadfast mind shouted loudly, at the same time, he drew his sword and pointed it at the cube.

Right after he finished, four small strange doors appeared on the crystal cube, and as the doors began to glow brightly, four figures soon appeared in everyone's sights.

When they began to fly down from the cube-like gods just descend on earth, an inexplicable grand and holy song appeared in everyone's mind!

Four human figures. One at the front, three at the back. They were holding a strange mass of light in their hands, and dressed in the sacred coats that looked like they were made of clear crystals. Moreover, all them were floating above the ground!


The one at the front suddenly glowed brightly. Then a majestic aura, an irresistible force was spread out from them toward those samurais.

Instantly, all the people including the samurai who drew the sword earlier all bowed their heads and knelt down.

"Stealing the holy relic is a sin!"

"You are hereby sentenced to die!"

One of the crystal dressed beings flew forward and raised the strange mass in its hands. Instantly, four mysterious light beams were cast onto the cube from the dark sky above them, causing the cube to form four halos, and four halos were spinning around the cube as the cube spun slowly in the sky.

In the next second, the first row of the awakened samurais suddenly stood up. Then they drew their swords, walked towards the second row of the awakened samurais and hacked their swords down emotionlessly.

Blood instantly gush out from their necks as the samurais in the second row lost their heads. It splashed on the faces of the first row of samurais. However, their unfocused eyes didn't even blink.

Then, they walked towards the third row, hacked the sword down, the fourth row, hacked the sword down....

From the awakened samurais to ordinary people. All the people in the Tachibana clan's territory walked towards the crystal dressed beings with unfocused eyes, and all of them knelt behind the first row of the awakened samurais waiting for the execution.

No one resisted, not even a single person screamed, only the sound of blood gushing out from broken neck and bodies falling on to the ground can be heard.

Slowly, a small stream of blood was formed on the ground. It flowed all the way to Chu Yunsheng's feet.

Suddenly, a person rushed out of the building in rage and charged towards the crystal dressed beings. One of his hands was also holding a strange mass of light, and the other one was holding a sharp sword.

"A traitor is not forgivable!"

"Huh! A lowly slave!"

A beam suddenly shot out from the cube and hit the man. Despite the man trying to block the attack with the help of the strange mass of light in his hand, he was still smashed onto the ground heavily by the light beam.

The man tumbled on the ground very far. But eventually, he stopped right before he hit the building from which he just came out.

He gritted his teeth while growling constantly. But he didn't dare to open his mouth, because once he opened his mouth, the blood would instantly burst out.


The crystal dressed beings said indifferently.

Instantly, all the samurais that were executing other people earlier, all faced at their leader and began to surround him with their unfocused eyes.

The man let out a bitter laugh. Blood instantly ran down from his mouth.

Suddenly, he changed his expression and cast out a huge crescent-shaped flame blade. With the power of recoil, he quickly ran up the building and tried to escape from the place.

Two samurais were instantly cut into halves by the flame blade. But the rest of them quickly followed him.

However, the four crystal-dressed beings didn't seem to be concerned at all. As the first crystal dressed being raised its hands. The strange mass of light that was in the hand of the man who was escaping instantly flew away from him and flew back to the four crystal dressed beings.


Just when the man thought that he could escape, he ran straight into an invisible wall. He then bounced back and crashed into the blades that were held by the samurais who were chasing him.

Several blades instantly penetrated his body and locked him in the mid-air.

The man reached his hands out and seemed to want to grab something in the dark. Blood constantly came out of his mouth as he murmured. ""

Suddenly a samurai jumped up from his back and hacked down his sword in the air. The man was instantly beheaded.

After the crystal dressed beings received the strange mass of light, they all turned around and began to ascend.

All the remaining samurais began to hold their swords and slice their own throats.

Looking at the bloody slaughtering scene, Chu Yunsheng's eyes were as cold as ice.

What happened in front of him made him remember what happened in the yellow mountain again.

He gritted his teeth very hard and clenched his sword very tight. He was so angry that even the rate of his breath began to increase.

It was at that moment. The last crystal dressed being suddenly stopped.

"Huh? There is someone else here?"

Chu Yunsheng's heart instantly sank. He immediately took out the bow and pulled the string.

However, despite he wanted to attack first. A powerful spiritual force that similar to Min's force broke the fourth-dimensional channel and hit his consciousness.

Chu Yunsheng was instantly pulled into the strange world like the one when he was swallowed by the mountain-like tree.

Although he was kicked out less than one-hundredth of a second, he still noticed that the strange spiritual force that made by those crystal dressed beings was instantly shattered by the strange black vortex above 'him'.

The god-like crystal dressed being suddenly staggered in the air as if it was about to fall from the sky.

"Cultivating life force is forbidden! It is a capital offense!"

At this moment, three crystal dressed beings that were about to get into the cube also turned around.

"Rich Life force!"

"Our people?"

The crystal dressed beings were both confused and surprised.

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