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Chapter 422 broken swords

 Chapter 422 broken swords

The young man died. Chiba Hiro who saw the death of her Prince charming passed out instantly. Everyone in the Hoshino clan was glaring at the naked man who was currently standing on the body of a sea monster that was floating on the water.

The monster that was finally able to get rid of the naked man desperately trying to swim back into the deep sea as fast as it could. It didn't dare to stay close to the naked man a second longer.

Since Chu Yunsheng opened his eyes, the shell of strange seed outside his body began to crack and shed quickly. He who became more and more familiar with life force also clearly felt that the strange seed was constantly sucking the life force of the sea monster.

He did not know why did the seed seem to be able to transform the monster's life force into his body. Before he was even able to figure it out the seed also stopped sucking the life force from the monster and began to crack. But he definitely knew that if the seed carried on sucking the life force, the monster would die eventually.

He knew that the monster was not scared of him. It was actually scared of the seed. Because when Dark finally detached from him and went back into the monster seal talisman, he was trapped inside the monster's body.

He was relieved and disappointed at the same time that the life force that was sucked in his body did not seem to have any effect on his cultivation stage. He had a strange feeling that they were like two parallel lines that would never interfere with each other.

After he was sure that his power still exists, he immediately tried to make a hole in the body of the monster, so he could escape. However, despite that he used his most powerful sword attack, he still failed to penetrate the monster's body. Not only his attack failed, but it also caused the body of the monster to secrete even more deadly corrosive liquids.

Fortunately, the strange seed seemed to cause enough fear to the sea monster, it probably thought that the seed began to react inside its body again. So it spat Chu Yunsheng out of its body before Chu Yunsheng's Liu Jia energy shield broke.

He was lucky, but the young leader of the Hoshino clan was not. When Chu Yunsheng was flushed out from the sea monster's body he was still holding a sword, and when he knocked over the young leader of Hoshino clan his sword went straight into his chest.

Although after Dark detached from him, his strength was reduced from the middle Sub-Stage of Yuan Tian stage three to the early Sub-Stage of Yuan Tian stage three, the young leader of Hoshino clan still was not able to block his sword.

Chu Yunsheng glanced around noticing that there seemed to be two different groups of people around him, and both groups of people were Asian. Plus what he vaguely heard earlier, he suspected that he didn't travel very far after he was 'sucked' by the giant tree.

One group of people were gritting their teeth while glaring at him. The other group of people was just looking at him while their eyes were filled with curiosity and shock.

Chu Yunsheng knew why one of the groups was glaring at him. But he didn't want to explain anything to them. Because he knew that the explanation was useless. Just like he couldn't explain anything to 500 millions of people who died in Shu Du city.

So he turned around and wanted to approach the other group and tried to get himself clothes.

However, just when he began to move, several people immediately shouted angrily in Japanese. Then, many people instantly jumped off the boats and hopped from one body of the sea monster that was floating in the river to another one, approaching him fast.

Chu Yunsheng didn't know what they were shouting, but he knew that when a group of people that charging towards him with the swords that covered with elemental energies, they were not friendly.

So he immediately unleashed one round of sword Qi, split sword Qi out and shot them toward the people who were charging towards him.

Despite those long samurai swords filled with energy, they were cut off instantly by Chu Yunsheng's sword Qi.

Chu Yunsheng still decided to go easy on them despite those people wanted to kill him. Otherwise, what they broke were not simply just their swords.

However, those people were still charging towards him with the broken swords.

It was at that moment, a loud and clear shout appeared on the beach.

"Enough! Come back!" a man shouted.

Instantly all the people who were charging towards Chu Yunsheng stopped. They hesitated for a few seconds, but eventually, all of them still retreated.

On a boat in the Tachibana clan's fleet, a man dressed in white robe put down his binoculars and said sternly "Retreat!"

Within just a few minutes, only the people of the Akizuki clan were left on the beach.

When Chu Yunsheng got on the deck of the other fleet, someone immediately passed him a thick set of clothes before he even opened his mouth. The clothes were still very warm. So probably, someone just took it off.

"Thank you," said Chu Yunsheng in Chinese, despite he didn't know whether the people in front of him understood him or not.

Only now did Chu Yunsheng realize that he should've asked some clothes when he was still in Hulu Kouzi.

"No name is Hao Xu. Brother, you are? How can we address you..." the tall man gave him a friendly smile and said. Surprisingly he also speaks fluent Chinese

The sudden appearance of a powerful man made Hao Xu both shocked and curious. Fortunately, the powerful man was s Chinese. Otherwise, he didn't really know what to do.

"It's better not to know my name. Otherwise, we will be both in trouble. Where is this place?" Chu Yunsheng glanced around and asked.

"Huangpu river. Our camp is on the west of this river. That direction. Not far from here. Would you like to come to our place and have a rest first?" the tall man said while pointing at a place near the river.

'Hmm... still at the same place.' Chu Yunsheng thought for a second while quickly glancing at the strange boat he was on.

Seeing Chu Yunsheng didn't reply to him immediately. The tall man didn't rush him.

"Thank you. But I have other things to do at the moment. I'll go find you in the next few days. At that time, I'll need to buy something from you." Chu Yunsheng declined the man's invitation after a few seconds. He then turned around and wanted to jump off the boat.

Seeing Chu Yunsheng wanted to go to the east of the river, the man quickly stopped him.

"Brother, you just killed a young leader of a Japanese Clan. It will be dangerous if you are going there alone."

"Thank you for reminding me that. I need something from them. It won't be long." Chu Yunsheng shook his head and said. Then he jumped off the boat before the man had a chance to say anything.

"Brother, wait for me! If you really have something important to do in those Japanese's territory, let me introduce you a person. It will be easier for you." the tall man shouted and wanted to jump off the boat as well.

However, he was instantly stopped by the young man who dressed in black.

"Brother, do you still remember Lin Kang said that he met a black armor man one month ago? Both of them were using a sword, and both of them didn't want to disclose their names!"

"Hmm..." Hao Xu stopped and frowned.

"Brother, inviting this man to our camp is a very risky decision! What if..." the young man dressed in black clothes said with concern.

"I'll let you know. But let me see what this man is up to over the Japanese's territory first." Hao Xu waved his hands and jumped off the boat to follow Chu Yunsheng.

Seeing both the man and Hao Xu jumping off the boat, the leader of Akizuki clan instantly frowned his brows.

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