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Chapter 421 a naked man

 Chapter 421 a naked man

"Hey! All of you listen up! This is China, so all the bodies belong to us. If you want to stay in this place, you will need to follow our rules!" one man shouted in Japanese but with a terrible Japanese accent on the deck of a boat. He was tall and muscular. While he was shouting, he was also waving a submachine gun in his hand.

"Hoshino Clan will not accept this!" one man stood out from the Hoshino clan's group and shouted while raising his long sword.

"Yes, we will not agree to this!" many men stood out one after another. They all raised their swords and prepared for the fight.

"Brother, why are you wasting time talking to those Japs, let's just do it." said another man who dressed in black after he appeared on the deck.

He then suddenly fired the gun that he had in his hands. Instantly, many people were hit, and those people who were not awakened were instantly injured and fell on the ground.

"Charge! Protect our food!" the young leader of the Hoshino clan immediately shouted. He took the lead to jump onto the deck of a small boat near them and hopped from one boat to another boat approaching the biggest boat fast.

As he shouted, the samurais of Hoshino clan immediately began to follow. Not a single one of them seemed to be afraid of the bullets.

The heart of Chiba Hiro was beating rapidly. Although this fight didn't affect Akizuki clan much, she still hoped that Hoshino clan would defeat those Chinese people. However, she was also extremely worried, because the Young leader of the Hoshino clan was charging at the front of the group.

As the time passed the samurais of Hoshino clan began to fell down one after another. However, none of them had shown a sign of retreat.

"Just teach them a lesson. Make it quick! We don't have time to waste here. Besides, the fleet of the Tachibana clan is probably already on the way here." The tall man who could speak Japanese put down the binoculars and said.

"Brother, let me kill some more! Last time, they attacked our farm! We lost many of our brothers!" The man who dressed in black cloth gritted his teeth and said.

"We don't have time! Elder Brother only told us to intimidate them. Our main focus is the food. It is time to go now!" The tall man said resolutely.

In a place not far from them, a fleet that made of a large number of boats appeared in the thick fog above the sea surface.

"Kill them!" seeing the reinforcement arrived, the morale of the Hoshino clan was raised instantly. Their attack also became more fierce.

Nowadays fuel was scarce, so many boats were modified into the old-fashioned sailboats. Normally, those type of boats were very slow.

But the boats in the Japanese fleet seemed to be unusually fast. As they approached closer and closer to the Chinese fleet. People began to see huge waves.

"Huh? Something is not right!" Said the taller man in the Chinese fleet.

Just when he finished, a huge sea monster jumped out from the river between his fleet and Japanese fleet.

It was rolling and twisting its body in the river while roaring in pain constantly. The water in the river was stirred up by its violent movement, causing huge waves, pushing two fleets away from each other.

Chiba Hiro's big bright eyes were wide open. The chaos caused by the sea monster clearly reflected in her eyes. She was terrified like many other people. Her body was shaking uncontrollably, and she couldn't move her legs as if someone cast magic on her.

What happened in front of her instantly reminded her of that horrifying escaping journey. The bloody scenes of the boats that loaded with people were capsized in the sea, repeatedly appeared in the minds; the sounds of people screaming and shouting for help were still as clear as when it happened a long time ago. She seemed to see the hell again. A hell that had a sea of floating bodies of her people again.

"Why is this happening... why... is this..." the lips of Chiba Hiro were constantly twitching in fear.

All the people around her began to run while dragging her away as the sea monster seemed to head towards them.

"Brother, this monster... is not normal...." the young man who dressed in black didn't have any signs of panic at all.

Just right after he said. The sea monster leaped above the water again.

"Look, what is that!" suddenly, someone with sharp eyes noticed something on the sea monster's belly.

As people looked at the monster again, they noticed that some parts of monster's belly were rapidly expanding and shrinking while glowing in the bright white color for a few times.

While it was still in the air, it suddenly ejected water from its back into the sky. It was so powerful that the water almost reached a hundred meters high.

It was at that moment, several white beams appeared in everyone's sights.

'What are those white beams? Why were they inside the body of the sea monster?' all the awakened people were trying to think if they had seen those white beams before.

In the end, they still couldn't figure it out. All they saw was the endless bodies of strange sea monsters that were washed towards the beach by the waves. They had never even seen some of those monster's bodies before.

As the sea monster fell into the water, it caused a gigantic water splash. All the boats around it were shaking violently in the water.

However, it still wasn't over yet. When the sea monster appeared on the surface again it ejected another around of water from its back, and this time, it even included the half-digested monsters' bodies.

Amongst those half-digested bodies suddenly appeared a naked human. With the force of the water that ejected from the back of the monster, the man was heading straight towards the young leader of the Hoshino clan.




The young man was knocked off the boat and fell into the water.


Immediately, all the samurais from the Hoshino clan jumped into the water one by one without any hesitation.




The young man was quickly pulled up and moved into a small boat of Hoshino clan. However, there was a big wound on his chest.

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