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Chapter 420 eyes opened

 Chapter 420 eyes opened

The small amount of that thing seemed to make his consciousness 'clearer'. Despite that, he still couldn't tell where he was.

"Where am I?" Chu Yunsheng was confused. Everywhere around him was blurry as if he was in the dream. However, he had a strange feeling that 'he' was this strange mysterious 'world'.

As time passed, more and more of that 'thing' was sucked in. The world around him finally began to change. Colors began to appear.

His line of thought was continuous and linear, but the content in his thoughts seemed to be at random.

Before the color appeared in this mysterious world, the contents of his thoughts were meaningless. But after the color appeared, something magical happened.

The color seemed to change when the content of his thoughts changed. When he thought of his aunt's family, the color seemed to form blurry shadows of his aunt's family. When he thought of Shu Du city, shadow became a ruined city.

All kinds of scenes were reconstructed whenever he thought about it. This mysterious world seemed to simulate whatever existed in his mind.

As time slowly passed by, Chu Yunsheng's thought was no longer at random. He began to focus only on one question. It was that what exactly was this place? The world around him also seemed to slowly become dim until everything became blurry again.

Suddenly, the blurry world was cracked open as if it was struck by an extremely bright lightning bolt. Then some strange shadows continuously appeared one by one. As he 'looked' carefully, he realized that they were the black stone stele, the black gas, the woman with a veil, the insects...

'Zero dimension?'

'If it is indeed the zero dimension, how did I get in? Is it something to do with the black vortex?'

'what is the black vortex? Where does it come from?'

His thoughts were going backward like a flood, and it only stopped twice. Both times stopped at the time when the black gas appeared.

The first time when the black gas appeared was back in Hong Kong. It was during the time when he was transforming into a Min's final form. The second time when the black gas appeared was in Shu Du city. It was at the time when he merged with Dark.

Suddenly, Chu Yunsheng seemed to have noticed something.

Both times were closely tied with life force.

The world around him also began to change as if Chu Yunsheng's thought seemed to startled something.

Then Chu Yunsheng suddenly remembered the words that said by the woman with a veil.

"all the consciousness of our lives are in another space - zero-dimensional space! "

"You don't need to be surprised, this conclusion has cost our entire civilization. When we finally understood it, it also brought destructions."

"In zero-dimensional space, there is no spatial concept such as size or distance. You can think of it as a point, or you can think of it as infinity. It exists in your mind and it also does not exist in your mind. It is your consciousness, your 'self'."

"When the time axis exists in your zero-dimensional space, your life has meaning, in other words, you are alive. When the time axis disappears from your zero-dimensional space, your life is meaningless, so you are 'dead'."

"When a person dies, the zero-dimensional space will also disappear with it."


"....when you close your eyes, turned off the functions of all the sensory nerves, can you still feel the existence of this world?..."

"when you close your eyes,.... can you still feel the existence of this world?"

".... Can you still feel the existence of this world?..."

Chu Yunsheng's consciousness became more and more clear as he repeatedly thought of the words that said by the woman with a veil.

Suddenly the blurry world began to shake violently. A moment later, countless nerve-like lines appeared at a place not far from him. However, there were only a few lines were glowing in dim red light. All the rest of the lines were dark and quiet.

As Chu Yunsheng gathered his focus on one of the lines that glowed in dim red light, suddenly, a cold feeling filled his entire consciousness layer.

Then he shifted his focus to another one, the cold feeling was instantly replaced with blood smell.

He then shifted to another line again, but this time, it was pitch black around him....

In term of those dark and quietly lines, they didn't have any reactions at all.

"I understand it now!" Chu Yunsheng withdrew his focus from those lines and looked at the black vortex above him.

After a long time of silence, Chu Yunsheng didn't know why that he would suddenly have a strange thought. 'Is this how my identity, my 'self' was born? But...'

Suddenly, as if he had touched something that was forbidden, the entire blurry world was stirred up. It was like a hurricane or a tsunami, it was turning the entire blurry world upside down. Then, the suction force that came from that black vortex...

Chu Yunsheng suddenly opened his eyes.


Sixteen years old Chiba Hiro had a pair of bright and beautiful eyes. She could always see things clearer and further away than everyone else.

One month ago, she heard from samurai Nii-san saying that the mountain-like fruit tree suddenly disappeared.

Since then, many large bodies of strange monsters were washed towards the riverside and the beach near them. There were many giant monsters that even the leader of the Akizuki clan also never seen before.

It was said that the god of death was angry, and it sent down bolts of lightning to kill those sea monsters. Of course, some people didn't believe that. Especially those old people, who lived in the age of light before. However, who could explain why there were so many monster's bodies were washed towards the beach near them?

Initially, it was the monsters with red blood were washed towards the beach. Slowly, all kind of monsters with different types of blood appeared.

All the people in the Akizuki clan no matter how old they were, what gender they were, were asked to work endlessly on the beach.

With dozens of other girls, Chiba Hiro followed a group of aunties trying to disassemble the bodies of the dead monster. She then used snow to wash the meat clean, stored them on a wooden trailer and pulled it back to the camp.

Despite a huge amount of work, her father and sisters were smiling all the time. Because those meats were enough to support them for a very long time.

They also didn't need to risk their lives to search for food on the other side of the river, and fight with those Chinese people.

The leader of Akizuki Clan said that they need to endure the difficulty and respect the people who lived on this land before. Despite they were constantly fighting each other at the moment, they would eventually find a common ground.

However, the leader of the Tachibana Clan said that if they need to survive in this place, they must defeat the other side and gain the total control of this place.

The argument between two leaders happened almost every day. It even got to the point that the leader of the Tachibana clan had to execute some people.

However, Chiba Hiro was just a lowly little girl, she didn't understand what they were arguing, she just knew that when her father pledged his loyalty to the leader of Akizuki Clan, the leader Akizuki Clan was right.

She was cutting the body of a dead strange sea monster. However, her attention was sometimes attracted by a valiant and dashing young man who was standing in the territory of Hoshino clan.

The young man was the young leader of the Hoshino clan.

He was also sixteen years old, and an awakened samurai. It was also said that he once single-handedly killed a tentacle monster. He was the prince charming of all the girls who were the same age as her.

However, as a low-born girl, Chiba Hiro knew that there was no possibility between her and the young leader of the Hoshino clan. Especially when her clan and the young leader's clan were supporting different ideas.

Having thought of that, she began to bow her head down and focus on cutting the body of the strange sea monster.

It was at that moment, several boats sailed across the part of the river that near the estuary of the Huangpu river and moored at the port that half belonged to the Hoshino clan and the other half belonged to the Akizuki Clan.

The people from the Akizuki Clan quickly pushed a tailor towards the boats. On the trailer, it was loaded with the bodies of strange sea monster that they had prepared earlier.

However, the people from the Hoshino clan instantly drew their swords and got ready for the fight. All of them were looking at the people from the Akizuki Clan with disdain.

The heart of Chiba Hiro was beating rapidly. The Chinese who lived on the other side of the river would come to collect some food from them once in two days. The leader of the Akizuki Clan had agreed to this. However, the people from Hoshino clan would resist every time.

And this time, the young leader of the Hoshino clan was leading the group.

Meanwhile, from deep underneath the sea suddenly jumped out a live gigantic sea monster. It was rolling around on the surface of the sea and roaring constantly in pain. Moreover, it seemed like it was heading towards the beach.