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Chapter 418 bloody river

 Chapter 418 bloody river

More than thirty people that were originally fighting each other instantly split up. Everyone thought that the man showed up to help the other party. So everyone was looking at Chu Yunsheng, not a single person dared to move.

It was at this moment. The two people that were trying to stop Chu Yunsheng earlier also appeared. They ran towards the group of people who dressed in full body armors, and whispered something into one of the armored men's ear.

Despite, they were whispering to the man, Chu Yunsheng could still hear the whispering. However, he didn't understand a single word they said.

The armored man seemed to be the leader of the group. He looked at Chu Yunsheng for a few seconds and then shouted something in Japanese.

Instantly, around twenty people quickly moved closer together in a tight formation, and then slowly back off while dragging some bodies with them. Those bodies were also dressed in full body armors, perhaps, they didn't want to abandon their members.

The leader of the armored men was wearing a mask. So Chu Yunsheng couldn't tell how old the person was or what he looked like. The man walked forward a few steps, bowed at the other group and then said sternly. "Lin Kun. I'm sorry. We are a group of people who lost their homeland. In order to survive, we have to do it."

"Totoki Tsuresada, go back and tell Tachibana Akisumi that this place is not Japan. This is Shen Cheng city. If you want to seek refuge in this place, you will need to listen to us. Indeed, our group is weaker than yours. But don't you forget that this is not an island. There are more than just one group in this land. If they found out what you did, you know what will happen!" A man walked out of the weaker group and said.

The leader of the armor men didn't say anything this time. He gave the weaker group another bow and then quickly left the place with other people.

"Brother Lin, are we just gonna let them go like that?" The girl who stood next to the person who called Lin Kun gritted her teeth and said while looking at two bodies of their members that were lying coldly on the ground.

But the man didn't answer her. Instead, he walked towards Chu Yunsheng and said. "Thank you, brother."

"You don't need to thank me. I didn't do anything." Chu Yunsheng shook his head. He then carried on asked. "What happened?"

The man looked at the direction where the group of armored men left and said. "You mean those Japanese?"

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head.

"They escaped from Kyushu. It is said that the place was taken over by the swarm."

"Kyushu? How did they cross the sea?" Chu Yunsheng was confused. When he was in Hong Kong, he encountered an extremely powerful sea monster. He didn't believe that with just that group of people, they were able to survive from that kind of monster's attack.

The man shook his head. "That, I don't really know. Many foreigners gradually fled to this place since last year. The last group we encountered was the group of refugees that escaped from South Korea from The Yellow Sea. Now, the entire eastern region of The Huangpu river is occupied by them."

"They occupied the east of the river? What happened to the insect? Where are they?" Chu Yunsheng was even more confused. He clearly remembered that the city was filled with insects when he left.

"When we arrived here, the city is already a ghost town. There are only a few groups of survivors." The man seemed to be surprised by what Chu Yunsheng said.

Chu Yunsheng frowned. He felt something was amiss about this place. However, he couldn't tell exactly what it was.

"Where are you from? How long have you been here?"

The man also frowned. He hesitated for a second and said. "Some of us are from Lu province. Some from Shu Bei. We have been here roughly two years."

'Two years? That means they got here before Shang landed on earth. But why did the insects in Shen Cheng city disappeared? Where did they go?'

Questions after questions were asked but Chu Yunsheng still couldn't get any answers. Then his thoughts were interrupted by the man.

"Brother, are you here for the tree?" The man asked.

"Yes." Chu Yunsheng didn't lie.

"Brother, since you just helped us. We will not stop you from getting the fruits. However, the fruits are also very important to us. We can only give you half, is that okay with you?" The man said sternly.

Chu Yunsheng didn't plan to take many. He just needed one or two to study them, and then find a way to cross the Pacific ocean.

"I just need a few. So you take yours, I'll take mine."

"Thank you, brother. Because of the tree. We need to fight those Japanese once in a while. We already lost many people." The man said.

"Do you know what do those fruits do?" Chu Yunsheng asked.

"The fruits can heal injuries. Especially the fatal wounds." The man thought for a second, then said. At the same time, he gave a secret hand gesture at his back. It seemed like he was signaling his people something.

Chu Yunsheng slightly nodded his head. The man's answer similar to the information he heard from Hulu Kouzi. So he didn't think too much about it.

"My name is Lin Kang. Brother, what is your name?" Said the man.

"Don't ask my name. It is not good for you." Said Chu Yunsheng. At the same time, he dashed several meters away.

Lin Kang knitted his brows and quickly waved his hands to order the rest of people to follow him.


It didn't take long for Chu Yunsheng to get near the tree. He was once again amazed by the size of the tree. As he glanced around to examine the tree further, he noticed that the tree was right next to the river. Half of its branch extended all the way towards the center of the river.

"We still need to wait for 3-5 days for the fruits to mature fully. At that time, we will have a big fight again." Lin Kang also arrived and said to Chu Yunsheng.

Suddenly, his facial expressions changed. He quickly jumped back and warned Chu Yunsheng. "Brother, be careful of those mosquitoes!"

In fact, Chu Yunsheng didn't need him to warn him. He already heard noises and felt the energy fluctuations from the top of the tree.

"Green Fluorescent Monster?" When the first monster flew down. Chu Yunsheng was surprised to see that it was the monster he had encountered a long time ago.

'So they are from this kind of tree.' Chu Yunsheng thought.

While he was thinking, he also cast out a round of sword Qi towards the first batch of Green Fluorescent Monsters that flew down from the tree.

He had dealt with this type of monsters before, and his sword Qi was much powerful than the last time he encountered them.

When the Green Fluorescent Monsters were hit by the first round of sword Qi, they were instantly shredded into pieces.

However, the dead monster's screeches attracted even more of them.

Chu Yunsheng frowned and quickly unleashed the second round of sword Qi. At the same time, he began to lift the sword and followed behind the sword Qi using the nine diagrams of body movements.

He jumped from one big rattan to another big rattan, quickly climbed up the mountain-like tree while carefully observing the energy of the sword Qi.

The sword Qi was unstoppable, however, there were too many monsters. So Chu Yunsheng had to constantly wave his sword to cut those who dodge the sword Qi attack.

What Chu Yunsheng did make everyone below the tree gasped in shock. This was the first time for them to see someone getting the fruits of the tree in such violent way.

What they usually did in the past was to find a way to lure those mosquito-like monsters away from the tree first. Despite that, there were often some monsters left in the tree, and they were very difficult to deal with even with a small number.

It was not that they were powerful monsters, it was actually that if they couldn't kill them instantly, the injured monsters would fly back into the tree to suck the juices from those fruits. Those juices would heal them very quickly, and then they would come back to fight them again.

But Chu Yunsheng's attack was different. Not a single monsters were able to survive from the attack if they were hit.

Before Lin Kang and other people came back from the shock. Chu Yunsheng already reached a branch that had many milky white fruits.

Chu Yunsheng landed on a branch and was about to use his sword to cut down one fruit.

Suddenly, a green Fluorescent Monster that was five times bigger than others dived down at Chu Yunsheng from the luxuriant tree branches above him.


In that critical moment, Chu Yunsheng swung his sword to cut off the monster's head, but his sword was also hacked into the tree trunk and stuck there.

The rest of the monsters saw the opportunity, they immediately flapped their wings quickly and wanted to surround Chu Yunsheng.

Just when Chu Yunsheng wanted to take out the sword and jumped up again. He felt a strange energy vibration coming from the center of the tree trunk. The vibrations were getting stronger and stronger rapidly, until it suddenly let out a powerful energy ripple to knock out all the flying monsters in the air. Instantly, all the monsters began to fall off the tree like rains.

At the same time, the strange force also went straight into Chu Yunsheng's body through the sword. However, the ancient book not only didn't resist this type of force, but it was also glowing in the storage talisman every time when the strange force hit it.

Just when Chu Yunsheng was about to check what exactly was going on, the black gas that was hiding in the dark corner of his body suddenly came out to fight the strange force.

Chu Yunsheng frowned. He tried to control the black gas. However, soon, he realized that he couldn't control it.

While the strange force was trying to fight the black gas, Lin Kang and other people who were blown away by the powerful ripple earlier quickly got up, and observed another strange scene.

The tree began to wither and regrow its leaves repeatedly. But as the black gas inside Chu Yunsheng's body slowly became more and more powerful, the time that the tree regrew its leaves become longer and longer.

Suddenly, Chu Yunsheng heard a crack sound. Then, more and more crack sounds began to appear.

As Chu Yunsheng glanced around, he noticed that the tree was quickly shrinking. Moreover, he was slowly pulled into the tree trunk.

'Shit!' Chu Yunsheng cursed in his mind. At the same time, he wanted to let go of his sword. However, as if his hand was stuck with the sword, he couldn't let go of the sword at all.

Soon, Chu Yunsheng was completely swallowed into the tree, and the tree became a strange 'seed' that was as tall as a human.

Li Kang and the people in his group were looking at each other. No one knew what happened.

"Brother Lin, what do we do now? Without the white fruits, how can we produce more awakened humans?" one of the members in the group suddenly said in panic.

"I... I... Take the seed first... quick!" Lin Kang also didn't know what to do. But when he saw a mosquito-like monster that was 10 times bigger than the regular ones trying to take the seed, he immediately shouted.

However, he was still too late. The monster used its beak to pick up the seed and flew across the river.

But, just when it got to the middle of the river, a strange river monster jumped out from the water and caught the mosquito-like monster using its mouth.

Around two minutes later after the river monster disappeared from the surfaces, the surface of the river suddenly appeared many big ripples. Soon, many bodies of strange water monsters that no one had seen before began to appear on the surface of the river and flowed towards the sea with the river. The blood that came out of those strange gigantic monsters began to dye the entire river into a blood color.

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