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Chapter 417 Strange Shen Cheng city

 Chapter 417 Strange Shen Cheng city

The thick snow covered the vast ruined land. The original land that was colored with blood had already been buried under the snow, but occasionally some survivors were able to step on a frozen body under the deep snow.

On this empty snowy land, there was only a lonely black shadow. It was moving quickly in the snow mist giving this monotonous white world a little black.

The sky was still very hazy, the snow mist also made people hard to see where they were going. The only reference object in this type of weather conditions was the faint shimmer that glowing weakly in the east.

In the distance, on the roof of a seven-story dormitory building of a large factory that cost over 100 million Yuan to build, there were around 3-5 people.

Some of them were using the blood-stained military binoculars scanning the snowy world all the way to the coast in the east.

"Huh?" Suddenly, one of them, let out a short snort of confusion. The man put down his binoculars, carefully gazed into the snow mist with his naked eyes, and then use the binoculars to check the snow mist again.

After searching for a moment, he pulled down the white scarf that he used to cover his face, revealing a very handsome face.

"Did you see a black shadow flashed by over there?" He frowned while asking a burly man who was next to him.

"What black shadow! I didn't see shit!" The burly man snapped. He didn't seem to be in a good mood.

"Brother Mei, I don't mean to be rude to you. It is just that those Japanese samurais..." the burly man suddenly realized that he shouldn't talk like that, so he immediately apologized.

"Its speed was too fast, I didn't see it clearly. But it seemed like it was wearing a full body armor." The handsome man said with concern.

"Full Body Armour!?" The burly man gritted his teeth and carried on. "Apart from those samurais, who else can it be! Mothefuckers, can they not stay in their islands!?"

"I have heard that the entire island has fallen under the insect's control. They were forced to leave their islands. It is said that they escaped to Korea before they came here." The handsome man lifted up a long sharp spear next to him, covered his face with scarf again and said.

"But I am curious, how did they safely pass the sea from South Korea to this place. That's over 600 kilometers? " he carried on.

"Maybe sea monsters were busy fighting each other. They didn't have time for humans? It's a shame that we lost contact with big surviving cities. Otherwise, they will definitely help us to kick them out." The burly man said angrily. From his words, it was very obvious that he had a conflict with Japanese samurais in the past, and he must have lost the fight in the conflict.

"Not just that, two brothers are still arguing about if we should invite those Korean and Japanese refugees..." said the handsome man.

"Brother Mei, what do you think. Invite them or fight them?" The burly man suddenly asked.

The handsome man hesitated for a second and said. "If they are willing to work with us. Of course... but that Tachibana clan is too powerful. Especially their leader, I don't think they will..."

"Then, don't invite them. I am a simple man. I just don't want to leave my back to someone that I don't trust when fighting the insects." Said the burly man.

Gazing at the gigantic tree at the distance. The handsome man didn't speak this time.

It was that this moment. Someone next to them talked. "Brothers, let's hurry up. They need help."


Chu Yunsheng who was running in the high speed suddenly stopped when he ran past a building.

At a place not far from him, there were two people lying on the ground covering themselves with white bed sheets facing the opposite direction.

However, the quick footsteps Chu Yunsheng made seemed to have startled them. They immediately jumped up from the ground and faced Chu Yunsheng.

Both people were wearing full body amours, and both of them were holding long thin swords.

"Nani mono da!?"

"Huh?" Chu Yunsheng didn't hear it clearly. He was also confused that why would two people stay on the ground at this middle of nowhere.

"Nani mono da?"

This time it was a softer voice. Sounded like a woman's voice.

This time Chu Yunsheng heard it clearly, and he finally realized what they were talking.

"Japanese?" He frowned.

"" They looked at each other and struggled to say something in Chinese.

It was normal to see foreigners in China in the age of light. So Chu Yunsheng was not too surprised to see one or two survivors in the dark age. However, he had no interest in talking to them. So he began to run and wanted to leave this place.

But the man suddenly stopped Chu Yunsheng and said something hurriedly in Japanese.

"Please... stop." The woman was smart, she realized that the man in front of them didn't understand Japanese. So she quickly said in English.

"Fuck off, I have no time to waste here." Chu Yunsheng didn't care if they understood him or not. He just drew the sword and broke two samurai swords that the other two people were holding instantly.

Two people were shocked by Chu Yunsheng's attack. It was too fast. They didn't even see when Chu Yunsheng swung the sword.

It was at that moment, several shadows appeared in a snowy place not far from them.

Then Chu Yunsheng heard someone shouted. "Let's fight those Japanese!"

It was quickly followed by a cluster of fighting noises that mixed with someone shouting in Korean or Japanese.

Two people who stopped Chu Yunsheng looked at each other. In the next second, they suddenly turned around and quickly run away from the place.

Chu Yunsheng also noticed that the pace they had seemed to have some kind of patterns.

Originally, Chu Yunsheng thought that seeing one or two foreigners occasionally was not a strange thing. But it seemed like there were more than two of them.

'Isn't Shen Cheng city supposed to be filled with insects? Why there are so many foreigners here?' Chu Yunsheng was confused.

He thought for a second and then dashed towards the place where the sound came from.

Chu Yunsheng's speed was much faster than two Japanese. So when he dashed past them, they were startled again.

There were already quite a few bodies laying on the ground when Chu Yunsheng appeared.

As Chu Yunsheng took a quick glance, he noticed that there were two groups of people. One was filled with people wearing full body armors, the other one was a relatively small group.

From the footprints on the ground, Chu Yunsheng could tell that the smaller group seemed to be losing in the fight, they were moving backward.

The sudden appearance of the black armor man made both parties instantly stopped fighting. The face of the people in the weaker group instantly turned pale. They all thought that the newcomer was coming to help the other party.

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