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Chapter 416 A mysterious golden token

 Chapter 416 A mysterious golden token

What responded to them was creepy footsteps of someone walking on snow. Then a black figure slowly appeared in the dark.

"Ah..." as the flame burst out from the cloaked man's body, the cloaked man flew out of the collapsed building while shouting in rage.

"It's you!" The woman from the Ice Race said with surprise. She was laying on the ground with her mouth covered with blood.

Just when she finished talking, a strange noise appeared in the collapsed building behind the cloaked man.

Soon, a black sword Qi appeared in everyone's sights again.

'What the fuck is that!? It is even able to chase its target!?" Everyone was shocked while looking at the black Qi.

The cloaked man snorted. It quickly flew past an awakened human, grabbed the man and threw him at the black sword Qi behind it.

Although it got out of the building, it was heavily injured.

"Whoever killed this man will be rewarded with a place in our race!" The cloaked man's hoarse voice appeared at the same time as the man made a blood-curdling scream.

A place in its Race!

Everyone knew what it meant to be one of them, so all of them almost turned around and looked at the mysterious man with their greedy eyes.

Greed made them completely forget that the mysterious man was probably even more powerful than the cloaked man.

"A bunch of fools! Deserve to die..." the woman from the Ice Race snorted, but then she spat out blood again. It seemed like she was also dying.

After killing an awakened human, the sword Qi headed towards the cloaked man once again under Chu Yunsheng's control.


The cloaked man cast out a flame blade to stop the sword Qi. Two types of energy collided into each other and instantly caused a big energy explosion.

"Whoever dares to stop me, Die!" Chu Yunsheng dashed forward to push away two awakened humans that were still standing in his way and quickly approached the cloaked man.


Qian Bi sword that was hacked down by Chu Yunsheng was blocked by the cloaked man's thin long sword.

"Huh! Let me see if you are truly that strong like what they said!" The cloaked man snorted and quickly jumped back.

"Huo Lie Hong Zhan!"

As the cloaked man hacked down his sword, many flames swords burst out from his thin long sword rapidly. However, those flame swords didn't fly towards Chu Yunsheng immediately. Instead, they were spread out and surrounded Chu Yunsheng.

All the awakened humans immediately stepped back. Not a single person dared to touch the flame swords.

As the cloaked man waved his long thin sword again, instantly, all the flame swords shot toward Chu Yunsheng who was in the center of the flame blades circle.

Chu Yunsheng dashed towards the cloaked man, broke through the flame swords at the front, ignoring all others swords on his sides and on his back.


Chu Yunsheng hacked down his sword. But his sword was blocked by the cloaked man. However, the forward momentum didn't stop.

As Chu Yunsheng pushed his sword forward very hard, the cloaked man was pushed all the way back until his back was against the wall.

"You..." The cloaked man was about to say something, but he was instantly interrupted by Chu Yunsheng.

"Sword form!" Chu Yunsheng said coldly, and unleashed the sword Qi straight into the cloaked man's chest.

The cloaked man's eyes suddenly became wide open, his body twitched several times before he slowly sat on the ground weakly.

"Tell me how to unlock the modules of your cloak. I'll let you go!" Chu Yunsheng grabbed the cloaked man's neck and lift it up.

"Our... our race only has warriors, no surrenders..." as the cloaked man sneered coldly, blood constantly ran down from his mouth.

"Then die!" Chu Yunsheng stabbed the sword into his heart and then sliced the cloaked man into halves.

The cloaked man didn't scream in pain or beg for a chance, it didn't make any sound. It was just starting at the endless dark sky until its eyes completely lost its luster.

"I swore to kill all the aliens. Today, You are the first one." Chu Yunsheng said coldly and ripped the cloak from the cloaked man's body.

He then turned around and looked at the woman from the Ice Race. However, the woman already died when he was fighting with the cloaked man.

"You, come here." as Chu Yunsheng glanced around. His eyes landed on a slightly chubby awakened human.

The man couldn't stop his body from shaking constantly. But he still slowly staggered towards Chu Yunsheng.

"Give me your watch, I'll forget about that you were trying to attack me earlier." Chu Yunsheng said to the chubby man.

"Ah? My watch?" The man stuttered. But he then quickly realized what Chu Yunsheng was asking. So he immediately tried to take off his watch. At the same time, he said nervously. "Okay... okay..."

Maybe he was too nervous. It took him a while to finally take off his watch and gave it to Chu Yunsheng.

Chu Yunsheng took the watch, turned around and slowly began to walk away.

Everyone was instantly relieved. It seemed like the man was telling them the truth.

"You have any cigarette?" Suddenly the man stopped walking and turned around.

"Yes, Yes..." the chubby man quickly took off his backpack, unzipped it and took out a half pack of cigarettes. But just when he was about to give to Chu Yunsheng, he hesitated. He quickly glanced around at other people hoping that they also have some cigarettes.

Without any words, everyone immediately began to nervously search their own pockets or backpacks simultaneously.

Soon, a few packs of cigarettes were gathered together and handed to Chu Yunsheng respectfully.

"I have nothing to exchange for those cigarettes." Chu Yunsheng said coldly.

"No, no, no... it's our gift to you... a gift..." said the chubby man. All the people also bowed at Chu Yunsheng at the same time to show their respects.

Maybe, he had never seen an alien smoking a cigarette before, or maybe the curiosity tried to get him killed. The chubby man couldn't help but stuttered.

"Bro... brother? Which Race are you from?"

"Human." Chu Yunsheng looked at him for a few seconds and then said indifferently.


'How come!..'

'Is he...!? The legend was real!!!..'

Everyone was completely stunned. No one even realized that Chu Yunsheng had already left.


"Give me that thing!"

Through the traces that left by the woman on the ground. Chu Yunsheng quickly found the awakened female that was playing dead earlier.

"Wha... What thing?" the sudden appearance of the black armored man startled the woman.

"Two aliens were dead. You better give me that thing now. Otherwise... Don't make me do it." Chu Yunsheng pointed the sword at her and said.

A strange luster flashed in the woman's eyes for a few times. It seemed like she was thinking something.

"I can give it to you. But you need to tell me who you are. Otherwise, they will also kill me." She said dispiritedly after a few seconds of thinking. It seemed like she gave up the ideas of carrying on lying and resisting.

"They were already dead. Who will know that I took that thing from you? Besides, even if you just tell them that a black armored man appeared and killed them both. It will be more than enough for them to know who I am." Chu Yunsheng sneered.

The heart of the female awakened human suddenly sank. The black armored man who was standing in front of her didn't seem to be scared of the Ice Race and the Fire Race. Except for the rest of the three races that from The five alliances and Duo Neng race, she couldn't think of anyone that dares to say something like this.

"Here." The female awakened human hesitated for another few seconds and then took out a mysterious golden token from the pocket near her chest.

"Do you know what it is?" Chu Yunsheng asked. He turned the token back and forth. Apart from some strange symbols and a mysterious picture of a door, he couldn't find any valuable information.

He also tried to infuse energy into it. However, the token didn't have any reaction.

The female awakened human shook her head. But Chu Yunsheng didn't know whether she really didn't know or she was just pretending that she didn't know.

However, he didn't want to waste time to question the female awakened human. He just took the token and walked away.


This time, in order to prevent him from getting lost, Chu Yunsheng traveled along the Yangtze River heading toward the east.

But when he got near the place where Jin Ling city originally was, he detoured around Shang's creep area that was dozen times bigger than what he had seen last time.

Eventually, he arrived at the edge of Shen Cheng city that he left a long time ago.

Having non-stop running continuously for two days, Chu Yunsheng was exhausted.

However, he didn't get into the city straight away. Instead, he headed straight towards the gigantic tree that was near Shen Cheng city.

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