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Chapter 415 Learning in the dark.

 Chapter 415 Learning in the dark.

The most essential part of a sneak attack was timing. It couldn't be done too early, nor could it be done too late.

Especially, when it comes to the fight between two aliens, the timing was the most important. Chu Yunsheng needed to initiate the attack right at the moment when the result was out.

Luckily, Chu Yunsheng had enough experience to judge when was the best time to attack.

The fight was getting closer and closer, Chu Yunsheng clenched his sword even tighter. Suddenly, the cloaked man from the fire race cast out a big crescent-shaped flame sword. The woman from the ice race dodged the attack, but the flame sword hit the building on the side of the street. It instantly lit up the entire area.

Only when they got close enough did Chu Yunsheng saw that the woman from the Ice Race was holding a strange diamond-shaped weapon. Unlike the weapon that made out of thin air by the aliens that Chu Yunsheng had encountered in the past, the weapon Chu Yunsheng saw right now seemed to be a solid object.

In the beginning, the strange weapon would shoot out many big ice spears every time when the woman waved it. Each spear would knock back the cloaked man who was chasing her very far. When the cloaked man changed his movement, and started to activate the Stealth Mode of his cloak, the woman immediately changed her attacking method.

The woman from the Ice Race frowned and quickly unleashed many layers of small icicles around her. She attempted to use this method to find out the location of the cloaked man.

The cloaked man was circling outside the icicle circle until he found the woman's weak point. He suddenly revealed himself at the woman's blind spot and cast out a powerful flame blade.

When the flame blade hit the woman from the Ice Race it instantly triggered an ice shield. The flame blade was then split into halves, splashed onto the buildings nearby, and instantly lit the buildings up.

The woman staggered forward and spat out blood. She quickly turned around, resumed her combat posture and glared at the cloaked man.

Although her weapon was much more powerful, her power was no match for the cloaked man. Although she could use the circles of icicles to detect the location of the cloaked man, the power gap between Di Fu and Zhong Fu was still very big.

The woman from the Ice Race gritted her teeth and let out growling noises.

Although she was unwilling to lose to the cloaked man, she was clearly on the losing side.

Chu Yunsheng didn't know why, but it seemed like the cloaked man also didn't want to give the woman a chance to surrender, it looked like the alien from the Fire Race wanted to kill the woman right here.

Both aliens exchanged some strange words while fighting. Chu Yunsheng didn't know what they meant, but from the way they said them, the words were most likely some cursing words.

The fight continued from the town north all the way to the square in the center of the town. The woman from the Ice Race seemed to be exhausted. Every time when she tried to break out from the center of the encirclement, she would be forced to retreat to the dried fountain in the center of the square.

The cloaked man repeatedly went into the stealth mode, revealed itself again when it noticed the weak spot of the woman from the Ice Race and then quickly cast out flame blades. Every time the woman from the Ice Race would be hit and slowly the woman's white combat suit was covered with blood.

Chu Yunsheng already got out of the building secretly and then quietly followed them from behind. Originally he just wanted to sneak attack them. However, while he was waiting for the best opportunity to attack, the strange patterns of the energy fluctuations that caused by the fight between two aliens unexpectedly inspired him.

He faintly felt that by observing the fight, he might be able to learn something from it.

Since the first day, he started practicing cultivation, no one has actually taught Chu Yunsheng how to do it.

Most of the cultivation knowledge he gained was through endless guesses, countless experiments and occasionally through inspirations.

He well understood the pain of not understanding the cultivation methods. Therefore he treasured every bit of knowledge he gained, and every chance of learning something new.

Although the woman from the Ice Race might not be able to sense it, every time when the cloaked man activated the modules inside its cloak, Chu Yunsheng would feel a faint of energy fluctuation.

As it was using it repeatedly, Chu Yunsheng seemed to have grasped a strange energy fluctuation pattern.

The same thing happened every time when the cloaked man unleashed its flame blades.

After a dozen flame blade attacks. Chu Yunsheng applied the strange energy pattern to his understanding of the sword form and began to simulate the sword form inside his mind.

Instantly, he felt like he seemed to have solved some problems in his sword form, and he was very eager to try it out.

Just when Chu Yunsheng was about to shift his attention to the woman from the Ice Race, he suddenly felt that the energy around the woman began to increase rapidly.

As the woman let out a short shout, a big ice spear shot out from her weapon and broke the cloaked man's flame blades. With the help of recoil, the woman jumped backward and quickly approached the awakened humans that were surrounding her.


Her spear didn't stop the flame sword this time. The sword instantly penetrated her body. But her speed didn't slow down at all. She was still running fast to the awakened humans.

"Huh!?" Chu Yunsheng sensed something was amiss.

As he squinted his eyes, through the vision of Dark, the whole town instantly became a red-colored world.

With the help of the Dark's supervision, nothing could escape from his watch.

It was at this moment, Chu Yunsheng saw that the woman lunged her spear forward to attack a fire elemental awakened human. At the same time, she used extremely fast speed to stuff a strange square token into a female awakened human's pocket and then pushed her away.

The female awakened human instantly spat out blood, and she was knocked all the way back.

When she finally landed, she also stopped moving as if she was completely dead.

The cloaked man also finally stopped going into the Stealth mode. He quickly caught up with the woman and then hacked down his sword attempting to cut the woman into halves.

The woman gritted her teeth to withstand the sword hack. The sword made a deep wound on her back, but it also pushed her far away from the cloaked man. She then quickly ran into the darkness leaving a trail of blood behind.

"Huh! Let me see how far you can run! Listen up! Whoever catch her, I'll reward heavily!" The cloaked man suddenly said in a strange Chinese accent and then took the lead to chase the woman. His voice was hoarse and very unpleasant to ears.

Instantly, all the awakened humans turned around and followed the cloaked man to chase the woman from the Ice Race.

It was at this moment, the female awakened human who was hit by the woman from the Ice Race earlier, secretly rolled into a ditch that was covered with snow and hid herself underneath the snow.

Chu Yunsheng thought for a second, and then quickly followed the cloaked man.

It was the first time for Chu Yunsheng to see an alien being chased around by humans like a stray dog.

'This is the chance!' seeing the cloaked man was about to hack down his sword, Chu Yunsheng decided to initiate his attack.

Instantly, a black sword beam shot out from the dark. The beam hit the cloaked man, smashed it into a building and destroyed the entire building!


" Who is it!"


Instantly the faces of all the awakened humans turned pale. Whoever was it, they were in a deep trouble now.

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