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Chapter 414 need a cloak.

 Chapter 414 need a cloak.

Chapter 414 need a cloak.

Chu Yunsheng had run several miles in one breath. He leaned against a big rock with his fist clenched tightly.

He hated the five alliances that forced his family to commit suicide.

He hated that he couldn't touch Hu Zai despite it was in front of him.

He hated this world that made his life so miserable.


He knew that once he touched the tiger, he would not be able to leave it, and the tiger would also refuse to leave him.

But he couldn't afford to have Hu Zai staying with him. Hu Zai being able to escape from Jin Ling city must have something to do with the Ice Race. Otherwise, there was no way it would be able to escape.

Moreover, one of the aliens from the Ice race even asked him that if he wanted to know where Hu Zai was. It meant that they must be monitoring Hu Zai's movement all the time.

"Roar!" from the place far away behind Chu Yunsheng, a sad and bleak tiger roar suddenly appeared in the dark world.

Chu Yunsheng turned around and gazed into the direction where the sound came from. His eyes were filled with tears and his body was shaking uncontrollably. He gritted his teeth and said, "One day, one day, I'll make you all pay what you have done to me. I'll make you all suffer the pains I have experienced, and I'll make it hundred times worse..."


In the vast wasteland, a blurry figure was running fast in the dark. It was jumping from one collapsed building to another collapsed building, from an abandoned frozen car to another abandoned frozen car like an agile dragonfly until it disappeared into the darkness again.

The black figure was Chu Yunsheng. He was trying to increase his speed to the maximum using the nine diagrams of body movement.

With the help of the Dark's night vision ability, Chu Yunsheng saw the road sign on the side showed that he was currently 5 kilometers away from Jiang city.

The hazy shimmer still hadn't appeared in the sky, however, Chu Yunsheng was already very close to Jiang city.

Not only that, since he left Shu Du City, he encountered many insects and strange monsters, but because he was constantly running at the high speed, many insects and monsters died under his sword before they even noticed the energy fluctuation. So the bodies he had stored in the talisman was more than enough to make another combat armor.

But Chu Yunsheng didn't plan to get into Jiang city. He just wanted to stay outside the city temporarily to have a short rest and then head toward the port in Shen Cheng city.

In a seven-story high building, inside an abandoned town that was five kilometers away from Jiang city, Chu Yunsheng had searched the entire building.

However, he couldn't find anything useful. Probably the building had already been visited and searched by many survivors repeatedly.

All the doors inside the building were broken. There wasn't a single complete furniture inside the building. They were destroyed and scattered around on the ground. But in some rooms, Chu Yunsheng found some piles of black ashes, perhaps some people had broken the furniture and burned them to get warm while living in the building.

The only useful thing he found was some chipped drinking glasses. Chu Yunsheng picked up the one that was slightly in a better condition and went to the roof of the building. He used the snow on the roof to wash it clean and melted a pile of snow into a glass of water. Then he moved up his amour mask and sat on the ground to eat some food while gazing at the empty town.

He had been running non-stop since he left Shu Du city. The physical exertion made him hungry once again, and while he felt hungry, he who was currently merged with Dark faintly felt the fluctuation of life force inside his body.

Chu Yunsheng seemed to have grasped something. 'Does this life force has something to do with his cultivation? Maybe that's the real purpose of cultivation?' He thought.

Suddenly his thought was interrupted by a cluster of fighting and human shouting noises.

Chu Yunsheng frowned. He quickly stored the food back into his storage talisman, and went into the building to hide.

Leaning against a window in the third floor, Chu Yunsheng first felt ice and fire energy began to fluctuate violently in the area, then he saw one red and one white, two shadows appeared in his sight.

He was secretly observing them in the dark. Based on the experience that he had with the ice race and the fire race in the past, soon he roughly understood the strength of those two aliens that were fighting each other. The alien from the fire race seemed to be much more powerful. But the alien from the ice race had a seemingly powerful weapon, so she didn't lose the fight immediately.

What surprised Chu Yunsheng, even more, was the awakened humans that were following them. All of them had the strength of a powerful Dark Warrior King, some of them were even more powerful.

But they only surrounded the alien from the ice race as if they wanted to prevent her from running away.

Looking at the fight was getting closer and closer to his building, Chu Yunsheng thought for a second and slowly drew the sword.

Two lone aliens, he might be able to take the opportunity and kill them both. At the same time, he might also be able to get a cloak as well.