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Chapter 413 I will come back to pick you up

 Chapter 413 I will come back to pick you up

Chapter 413 I will come back to pick you up

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In the government building, Chu Yunsheng indeed saw a young girl next to Qiao Weimin. She had a delicate look and very fair complexion, very similar to the celebrity Lin he knew of. The only difference was that her face was filled with unwillingness.

Chu Yunsheng picked up one pack of food and passed it to Bai Ertiao. "Yours." he said.

Qiao Weimin was dazed for a second. When he realized what happened, he began to glare at Bai Ertiao and signaled him to leave the place. Bai Ertiao smiled apologetically but he didn't leave.

In front of them, there were three trailers of food. Perhaps they already started to prepare it last night after they discussed with each other.

Chu Yunsheng didn't count, he just glanced around the three trailers and nodded his head.

"Would you like to stay here for a couple of days until the thing outside calm down? I'll ask my people to help you to move the food." Said Qiao Weimin. He was sure that the armored man was not able to move away this amount of food alone.

He and his son both agreed that the armored man definitely escaped here to avoid all the troubles of rebuilding the city. Since many powerful energy practitioners would survive alone in the mountain for a couple of months nowadays.

However, he didn't expect that as Chu Yunsheng began to walk around the trailers, the food on the trailers started to magically disappear one by one rapidly.

Everyone at the place was completely stunned. What kind of magic was that? They had never heard of anyone having that kind of skill before.

"Honoured guest, you see the sky is getting darker, how about staying in our town for one more night and leave tomorrow?" Qiao Weimin quickly said to Chu Yunsheng when he came back from the shock. At the same time, he constantly gave his niece an eye signal.

"You want me to stay?" Chu Yunsheng was not a stupid person. He knew what they wanted. But he still couldn't help but ask. "You don't even know my identity, but you still dare to ask me to stay?"

Qiao Weimin was intimidated by Chu Yunsheng question. "G...guest?" He stuttered.

"Chief, I know why you want me to stay. It is because of the monster in the north. I also need to do something in the north. So if I encountered them, I'll probably help you to solve that problem. But for your own good, don't mention to anyone that you have seen me. Otherwise, you will regret it." Chu Yunsheng said and turned around.

His impression of the chief and his son was not bad. A small town could be well organized to such extent meant that they were not very bad people. At least it was much better than what happened in Zhiwu forest.

Qiao Weimin was confused. He looked at his son to check if his son knew what the man was talking about. But the face of his son was also filled with confusion.

They followed Chu Yunsheng all the way to the drawbridge. Just when Qiao Weimin wanted to say something again, he saw Chu Yunsheng easily jumped onto the wall and leaped over the moat.

The moat was very wide and it was filled with water. When Chu Yunsheng landed successfully outside the town, it shocked the sentry.

"Zhenxing, follow him!" Qiao Weimin was also shocked. But he quickly resumed his composure and asked his son the follow the man.


Chu Yunsheng was heading towards the west. The superstitious man's words more or less inspired him. If there was really a hidden life chain, he thought that he might be able to test it out. Even if he would not be able to solve his life force problem, he might also be able to get some medicine fruits that those farmers discovered.

Ten miles wasn't very far, especially when Chu Yunsheng reached Inverse Yuan Tian stage three.

Plus he had nine diagram of body movements, soon, he appeared on the desolate north mountains.

Gazing afar at the north, there was indeed a gigantic tree sitting in the middle of many mountains. Chu Yunsheng was not even able to tell how big the tree was. Looking at the tree, Chu Yunsheng suddenly felt that the tree looked very familiar.

He frowned and tried to think where he had seen this tree before. Soon, he realized that it looked like the trees he had seen when he was trying to loot a bread factory with Qian Deduo.

As he was about to move, he suddenly felt that something was moving in the dark.

Chu Yunsheng immediately took out his sword and faced at the direction where the sound came from.

After several howlings, many green eyes began to appear in the dark behind the rocks on the mountain. As they began to approach Chu Yunsheng slowly while growling constantly, their faces and bodies also slowly appeared in Chu Yunsheng's sights.

They looked like wolves but their body size was much bigger, and their legs were much stronger.

Chu Yunsheng glanced around and noticed that he was being surrounded. His brows formed even closer.

Suddenly, a wolf-like monster jumped towards him from his back. He quickly turned around, stabbed his sword into the monster's mouth and unleashed his sword Qi. The sword Qi penetrated the monster and hit the other one behind that was filled with ice energy.

Seeing two wolf-like monsters died instantly. The stronger one raised its head and howled one more time. Immediately many more of them began to howl in the dark with their leader, and slowly all them appeared in Chu Yunsheng's sight.

There were more than one hundred of them!

Chu Yunsheng quickly swung his sword to split the monster in half. He then started to spin his body while unleashing six sword Qi to kill the monsters that were running towards him.

Despite all the monsters that were charging towards him were surrounded with ice energy, they were killed instantly by sword Qi.

Seeing the number of their members reduced rapidly, the stronger one howled again.

Soon, a dark shadow shot out from the dark heading straight towards Chu Yunsheng.

"Sword form!" Chu Yunsheng stopped the spin and lunged his sword forward at the shadow.

The shadow suddenly stopped in the mid-air, and its big red eyes stared at Chu Yunsheng in confusion.

Chu Yunsheng was startled. He immediately forced himself to stop the sword form and withdrew all his energy from his sword.

Forcing his energy to reverse back into his body caused his hand to bleed, and when the energy hit his lung, it almost made him spit out blood.

"King Tiger!" several energy practitioners gasped in shock in the direction where the small town was.

The blood smell in the air was very heavy. However, both the tiger and the man didn't move. Wolf-like monsters were constantly growling but they also didn't move this time.

A faint happiness flashed in Chu Yunsheng's eyes, and soon it was replaced with tender and love. However, it didn't last long. Chu Yunsheng's eyes were quickly filled with cold and indifference.

"You have grown up so much now. I almost didn't recognize you..."

Chu Yunsheng felt pain inside his heart. However, he still had to force himself to look at the tiger indifferently.

Tiger made a few chuffed noises to as If it was asking something.

"Listen to me this time please, you can't stay with me. The reason why they let you go is that they know you can find me. Staying with me will only get you killed!" Chu Yunsheng tried to hold his tears back. However, the tears just couldn't stop running down from his face.

Tiger's noise slowly became sad and bleak. It didn't understand why Chu Yunsheng didn't want it anymore.

"You don't need me anymore. You have grown up already. You are a king now!" Chu Yunsheng bit his lips and turned around. He felt like every word he said was like a knife slashing his heart.

However, the tiger lie on the ground and turned its belly which was the most vulnerable part of its body upward and it was kicking its feet in the air as if it wanted to play with Chu Yunsheng like the old days.

All the wolf-like monsters were confused, all the energy manipulation masters that were hiding in the dark were also confused. Why would the King Tiger do something like this?

"Forgive me Hu Zai. Just wait for me. One day I'll come back to pick you up..." Chu Yunsheng's body was shaking. Form the noise the tiger made, he knew what the tiger was doing. However, he couldn't turn around. He took a deep breath and ran away from the place desperately.