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Chapter 412 a hidden life chain.

 Chapter 412 a hidden life chain.

Chapter 412 a hidden life chain.

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"Brother, did you come from the city?" Seeing that Chu Yunsheng was rapidly approaching the river, that they had dug outside the town, Qiao Zhenxing, who was standing on the wall, shouted loudly.

"Yes. Need some food. I will use this to exchange." said Chu Yunsheng. He then threw something to them.

Qiao Zhenxing saw that a strange long object was being thrown towards him, he quickly caught it. However, when he caught it, he staggered back for a couple steps.

His heart instantly dropped. With this kind of force, the man before him was definitely far more powerful than him.

When he looked the object in his hand, it even caused him to have a chill go down his spine. It was a high-end newly developed gun from Dark Studio. He saw this type of gun before. It was worth more than 10k Lun of energy, and the bullets for this gun were even more expensive.

"Brother, it is a good gun, but you also know that the city is gone now. So without anyone supplying us with bullets, it is useless to us. But..." said Qiao Zhenxing who was about to throw the gun back.

But Chu Yunsheng waved his hand and said. "Shu Du city was destroyed, but the elite force still remains. They will rebuild the city at mountain city."

Chu Yunsheng then took out an energy tube and said. "You can use this to buy some bullets from there."

The gun was lent to him by Lu Ting. However, too many things had happened after they got into the city. It caused Lu Ting to completely forget to ask the gun back from Chu Yunsheng. The gun was kept inside his storage talisman, Chu Yunsheng himself also almost forgot about it.

He needed a lot of food, not just for one or two meals. He needed to have enough food to support him until he separated from Dark. Of course, not only just food, he also needed some other necessities as well. So if he could buy them all at this place, it would save him a lot of time.

Qiao Zhenxing had never seen energy tubes before, but he had heard people talk about them. He knew that it was the type of equipment that all the energy banks in the city used to store energy, and it was the high-end equipment that ordinary people wouldn't have any opportunities to see.

"Zhenxing, what do you think? Should we let him in?" Qiao Weimin knew his son wanted the gun, so he asked.

"This man is much stronger than me, If he wants to do something bad, we won't be able to stop him. Do you still remember the Horse Head Mountain thug camp incident I told you about? The ruler of that camp was..." Qiao Zhenxing frowned and said with concern.

Qiao Weimin shook his head and said. "Don't worry. He didn't look like he was going to stay here for long."

"Father, what made you think that way?" Qiao Zhenxing looked at his father and said.

"Look at what he is wearing, if he really had a bad intention, he wouldn't put his combat armor on. He could just pretend that he was injured and then sneak into our town. Secondly, if he really wanted to attack us, why would he want to give us a weapon?" Qiao Weimin analyzed the situation for his son.

"Hmm..... makes sense...." Qiao Zhenxing thought for a second and said.

"But there is one thing that confuses me. If what he said was true, why he is not going to the mountain city? Why did he want to come to this place?" Qiao Weimin said.

"Probably he wants to hide for a while. Father, you don't understand how valuable the energy tube is. He must have a lot of them." Qiao Zhenxing thought for a second and said.

"At the moment, this is the only reasonable explanation. Anyway, it does not look like he has a bad intention... do you think that man is capable of helping us to solve the problem in the north? Those animals are too strong, we need powerful energy practitioners to help us. If he is strong enough, I think I might have a method to... " Qiao Weiming thought for a second and said.

"Father, are you talking about Xiao Wan? I think you should give up on that idea. She has a very high standard. I am afraid that she only likes Lin Konghui." Qiao Zhenxing shook his head and said.

"No matter how high standards she has, there is no place for her to make a decision. I am her uncle, her father asked me to take care of her and her mother. Besides, this is for her own good." Qiao Weiming did not seem to worry about it at all.

The two people whispered to each other until they saw that Chu Yunsheng had seemed to run out of patience. "Brother, please do come in, we will discuss in detail about the exchange."

The drawbridge was slowly put down, Chu Yunsheng quickly entered into the town through the bridge. As he walked into the town, many people curiously looked at him through the windows of their houses. Some brave kids even began to follow him and curiously looked at the armor he was wearing. Of course, they did not follow Chu Yunsheng for very long. They were all dispersed by the militia.

In the only government building in Hulu Kouzi, Chu Yunsheng ate his first meal since the banquet. Instantly a feeling of comfort spread across his body, as if he was alive again, after he finished the meal. In terms of the questions that the town chief and his son constantly asked him during the meal, he did not pay much attention to them. So even until he finished the meal, he still could not figure out what exactly they wanted from him.

But there was one thing that he got from their questions. It seemed like the amount of food he wanted was too much. So they would need to discuss with some other people first before they could give Chu Yunsheng an answer. In terms of the rest of the stuff, like daily necessities, that Chu Yunsheng needed, they did not have any problem with giving it to him.

Chu Yunsheng was temporarily arranged to stay at a small hostel in the town, but he didn't really mind it. He just closed the door and began to concentrate, thinking about how to solve his own problem.

Based on his current situation, although his life force was shared with Dark, Dark had most of his life force, so if he separated himself from Dark, he might die from having not enough life force for himself. But if he didn't separate himself from Dark, he wouldn't be able to practice his cultivation.

So the key point was life force. Chu Yunsheng did not really know what it was, he just simply called it life force. But he also felt extremely strange that despite being such an important element, the senior practitioner did not mention a single word of it in the book?

Chu Yunsheng could not believe that the senior practitioner did not know anything about its existence. Even he who had not yet reached Yuan Tian stage two, had already felt it, let alone the senior practitioner.

But why did he never mention it in the book?

No matter how Chu Yunsheng thought about it, he still could not figure out the reason why. But there was one thing that he was sure of, it was that as his cultivation progressed, his Lifeforce would also gradually recover. He was turned into an old man and then a skeleton-like person when he sealed Dark, but slowly he had returned back to what he used to look like. It indicated that at least life force could be restored.

But then how to speed up restoring his life force became another problem.

Having failed to figure out how to solve the problem, Chu Yunsheng took out one thing from his armor. It was the jade pendant that he found in the ruined city. He put it inside the book and then slowly fell asleep. During the sleep, he faintly felt that it seemed like sleeping would also be able to help him recover his life force, so it made him even more confused.

When Chu Yunsheng woke up, he did not carry on trying to figure out his problem again. Thinking that the town chief and his son should have already obtained an answer, he left his room and went outside.

However, as soon as he got outside, he bumped into a man: "Brother, I sensed something from you, would you like me to predict your future?" said the man.

Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a second. Apart from the witch who he had met before he arrived in Jin Ling city, this was the second superstitious person he met since the beginning of the dark age. "If you can answer one of my questions, not only will I let you predict my future, I will give you some food." Chu Yunsheng said indifferently.

"Brother, you can ask me as many questions as you want, I know everything...." Bai Ertiao patted his chest and said.

"Just one question. Why do humans need to eat?" Chu Yunsheng interrupted him and said.

"Brother, you have asked the right person! If you asked some other people, I can guarantee that they will not be able to answer your question correctly. Only I..... Wait... wait.... Where are you going...." in fact Bai Ertiao did not really know how to answer this question, he was just pretending that he knew how to answer and trying to say as many things as he could to confuse Chu Yunsheng. However, he did not expect that Chu Yunsheng would leave straight away.

"Answer my question! Or I am leaving now, I don't have time to waste here." Chu Yunsheng said coldly.

"Okay... okay.... well... " Bai Ertiao paused for a second and tried to search through his memory to find out anything that he could use to fool the man in front of him. Seeing Chu Yunsheng wanted to leave again, he quickly said. "I think you have asked the wrong question. You should not ask why do humans need to eat. Instead, you should put the focus on the things that humans eat. Think about it, what do we eat? Meat, fish, vegetables et cetera. Do you know what are those? No matter if they are animals or plants, they are all living creatures, they are organic... according to my ancestor, life feeds on life..." looking at the man in front of him he began to knit his brows, Bai Ertiao laughed secretly. It meant that his words fooled the young man.

"You don't need to predict my future, but my words still count. Follow me, let me get you some food." although Chu Yunsheng knew that the man stood in front of him was bullshitting, his words triggered something in his mind.

He faintly felt that based on the theory of food chain, there might be a hidden life chain behind the world they see, and it involved the origin of death and life. Chu Yunsheng suddenly had a chill down his spin. 'Is this the reason why that the senior practitioner did not mention life force in the book?"

"Okay, brother, if you don't need. That is fine, but I have other things that I need to talk to you about." Bai Ertiao glanced around and said secretly.

"What is it?" Chu Yunsheng asked.

"Brother, you probably don't know. You have caused quite a stir in our town. So the chief and his son are planning to use a honey trap on you. I have overheard everything." Bai Ertiao smiled proudly.

"Honeytrap? What do they want?" Chu Yunsheng was confused.

"Yes, honeytrap. They wanted to use Qiao Xiaowan, the most beautiful girl in our town to... wait... wait for me..." seeing Chu Yunsheng began to walk away, he immediately followed.

"Brother, if you don't like this, I also have another thing I need to tell you. There is a big mountain col 10 miles away from the town in the north. Inside the mountain col, there is a gigantic mountain-like tree that no one knows when it appeared. That tree is very strange. It bears white fruits, and although the fruits are slightly toxic, it is much better than the mycelium we found outside the spore forest. The old farmers have already tried them. Having a small amount of it would not only fill your hunger, but it could also be used as medicine. They are truly magical fruits. Originally, the chief and his son had control over the tree, however, one day, a group of strange vicious monsters appeared in the mountain, those monsters feed on the mosquito-like creatures that live inside the tree, and they completely took over the control of that place, so...."