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Chapter 411 Life force

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The mountain roads were muddy and steep, and waved crookedly all the way to the central plain of China.

Hulu Kouzi was the last exit from the great mountain range. It was originally just a small village. However, in order to comply with the China Western Development plan in the age of light, it was merged with the other two villages nearby into a town by some local government officials. They also gave the new town a name - Xi Jin town - which meant the advancement of the west.

But to the people who had already lived there for a very long time, they still often called the place Hulu Kouzi rather than Xi Jin town, despite the address on their ID documents showing otherwise.

At the beginning of the dark age, Hulu Kouzi was in great chaos like many other places. It was in such great chaos that according to the old people who were still alive at that time, it was far more chaotic than even during wartime.

Later on, when the insects appeared, many people were killed by the insects in the town. Some wise elders used their knowledge that they had learned during wartime to lead the people into the great mountain range. Fortunately, the insects did not seem to want to stay at the town for very long. The swarm just simply swept the village and left the town abandoned.

Having realized that the town was empty again, those who had escaped into the mountain range, but could not withstand living in the mountains, slowly moved back in to the town again.

However, although insects did not come to the town anymore, people were still dying because from all kinds of diseases. What was even worse was that they slowly started to run out of food. As life was getting more and more difficult, many terrible things, such as cannibalism, began to appear in the town.

Things were getting worse and worse until finally, the spore forest appeared, then everything began to change. Survivors began to discover edible plants, and they started to use their farming skills to transfer the edible plants and plant them in their town.

However, the good days did not last long. Many vicious animals began to appear in the mountain in the north of the town. People who came out of the town to search for food were often attacked by them.

The town chief Qiao Weimin was originally the village deputy chief of one of the small villages. Originally based on his social position, there was no way that he could ever become a town chief, even if he tried to bribe someone. However, in this chaotic age, all his superiors were either dead or had escaped to other places, leaving him to be the only person that was suitable to be the leader of the surviving town.

Of course, just having experience in leading people would not help him get the position. It was also because of his son, who was an energy manipulation master, that not many people in the town were against the decision.

However, Qiao Weimin could not fell asleep this evening at all. It was caused by what happened earlier in the afternoon.

Sometime in the afternoon, the ground suddenly shook violently. Just when people in the town thought that the insects were coming for them again, they saw a bright blue light appear in the west.

They were terrified, and before they could calm down, the sky went dark again. It was followed by the appearance of strange dark clouds in the sky, accompanied by loud battle noises.

The strange phenomenon made everyone in the town extremely nervous. There were more than a dozen people that had already come to him asking for what happened.

However, how on earth would he know what was going on? He was just as confused as everybody else who saw the strange phenomenon.

But not knowing how to answer people's questions was not the reason that caused Qiao Weimin not able to fall asleep. It was that his son who went to the city to buy food, weapons and other necessities, with some other energy manipulation masters in town, still hadn't come back yet.

Originally he didn't need to worry that much. Because once every three months, his son would need to go to the city to buy weapons and some other necessities for the town. However, what he saw that afternoon, made him very worried about his son's safety. He even stayed on the sentry post for the whole evening to wait for his son.

.....Next day morning.....

With the cotton quilt that was sent to him by his family member, Qiao Weimin who was snoozing on the sentry post suddenly heard a cluster of hurried footsteps. Just when he opened his eyes, he heard the vice-captain of the Militia brigade shout. "Chief, chief, the captain is back!"

Qiao Weimin instantly woke up, he quickly removed the quilt and got up. Soon, he saw a few familiar figures appearing in his sight, they seemed to be trying to desperately run away from something.

"Elder Fang, quick. Lower the drawbridge, let us in!"

Hearing his son's voice, Qiao Weimin felt relieved.

"What are you waiting for, quick, lower the drawbridge." he urged when he saw that Fang Jinshan was not moving.

"Oh... oh..." maybe Fang Jinshan was scared by the way they showed up. Apart from the swarm, what else could make those people run like that.

Some militias also heard the noise, they quickly lowered the drawbridge and followed Qiao Weimin out of town. However, as soon as they got outside, they saw Qiao Zhenxing suddenly sitting on the ground.

"It's gone, everything... they're all gone, it is over..." Qiao Zhenxing murmured.

"What do you mean it is over?" Qiao Weimin was scared by his reaction.

"Father, they were gone, all dead...." Qiao Zhenxing responded. It seemed like he was very scared.

"What do you mean? Is it the insects?" You saw them?" Qiao Weimin also became very nervous.

"Yes, insects, everywhere, I have never seen that many insects before. It's like a sea..." his eyes suddenly went wide open as if he remembered something terrifying.

Just when he finished talking, the faces of the people around him instantly turned pale.

'It was really the swarm.'

"Are you sure? it really the swarm?" Qiao Weimin's heart was beating rapidly. He also began to stutter.

"Not just insects, there were also flying machines and a spaceship. a spaceship that was several thousand meters long. It just fired one shot, everyone was killed!" Qiao Weimin said while trying to use his hand to draw how big the ship was.

"Spaceship? But you just said swarm? Calm down, say it slowly. What exactly is going on?" the more Qian Weimin heard the more anxious he became.

"Chief, brother Zhenxing is just a little bit shocked by what he saw. Let me explain more simply. When we climbed to the peak of a mountain, we saw a big spaceship fire a strange blue beam into the city. The entire city was then demolished by the blue beam.

Then, many robots, like those transformers, and countless insects appeared. But we didn't know what had happened, all the robots and insects and including that spaceship were all suddenly destroyed by something in a big dark cloud." The young man behind Qiao Zhenxing said breathlessly.

Everyone was looking at each other and didn't know how to react to this.

"I know it is hard to believe. If I didn't see it myself, I wouldn't have believed it either." Qiao Zhenxing slowly calmed down and said.

"Zhenxing are you sure that what you saw was not an illusion?" Qiao Weimin still couldn't believe it.

"Yes, father, the city is gone. The insects are also gone. But the animals in the mountain still exist. We need to think of another way to deal with them now." Qiao Zhenxing said with concern.

"If that is real, then we really need to think of a new way to deal with those monsters. But how come such a big city... sigh... let's get in first. You must be hungry. Eat something first, then we will discuss this later." Qiao Zhenxing needed sometimes to digest the information he had just received.

Just when everyone was slowly entering back into the town with mixed feelings. They saw the fake fortune teller Bai Ertiao saying something in the center of the group of people.

"I sensed something! Something bad is coming from the west where the blue light was." he said loudly.

"Bai Ertiao! If you dare to say one more word to scare people. I'll send you into the mountain!" Qiao Weimin was irritated by the man's behavior, he immediately shouted.

Bai Ertiao's body shook a little bit. Then, he immediately smiled apologetically: "Chief, just a prediction... with you here, it is nothing...."

"Go go go away...." Qiao Weimin waved his hands irritatedly.

Just when he wanted to get back to his house, he heard someone shout above the sentry post: "Chief, quick, something is coming!"

Qiao Weimin's heart instantly dropped. He and his son looked at each other and quickly got up to the wall that surrounded the town.

"Oh my god, the monster is coming." Bai Ertiao suddenly shouted and ran back into his house.

"What monster, that is a person wearing combat armor. That is the type of equipment only used by a powerful energy manipulation master! That man is probably a survivor." Qiao Zhenxing knitted his brows and said.

"Ask his intention first, don't let the man enter straight away. But don't offend the man either. You don't know what that person can do!" Qiao Weimin said.

The person who had walked to the town from the demolished Shu Du City was Chu Yunsheng.

In order to protect Chu Yunsheng, Dark lost its wings and it was sent back to the monster seal talisman.

However, in order to maximize his power, he had used his life force to recover Dark, and then asked Dark to use its ability to merge with him.

He was extremely hungry. Originally he had some food. However, he probably thought that he owed Gen Zi a lot, as he had given all the food he had to Gen Zi's girl. When he realized that he also needed to eat he had already left the city.

He didn't plan to go back to the city to look for food. He just thought that he might be able to catch something on the way. However, he didn't expect that he couldn't find anything in the mountain.

Originally, based on the description of the book, when he reached Yuan Tian stage three, his body would be transformed from 'Rong Yuan body' to 'Chun Yuan body'. Although during the transformation, his body was instead transformed into the inverse 'Chun Yuan body', he thought that the principle, however, should still be the same. He believed that the cells he now had inside his body would not easily die just because of hunger.

However, the thing seemed to be far more complicated than he originally thought. After his life force was sucked away by Dark several times. He faintly felt that the hunger was not only caused by his body, but by a certain demand from his life force. His body was just some kind of intermediary.

In terms of what kind of relation there was between food and life force, he didn't really know.

All he knew at the moment was that he felt very hungry, he urgently needed something to eat, and then find a way to separate himself from Dark.

Lead editor: Zeroth Deuce Twitter: @ZerothDeuce,