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Chapter 410 they dont believe in us

 Chapter 410 they don't believe in us

Six Mins that were in their Final Form suddenly raised their heads and roared at the same time. Instantly millions of insects began to charge simultaneously.

Seeing the insects were charging, the army of robots also speeded up.

"Sword form - Jian Yun Xie Jia!"

As the man shouted, instantly a visible energy wave rippled out from the man.

Then, one strange dark energy sword appeared. It was split into two, and then two swords split into four, then eight, sixteen, thirty two.... until it formed into a vast dark cloud of swords.

On the vast wasteland outside Shu Du city, the army of robots and swarm violently crashed into the cloud of dark swords.

In the cloud of swords, many robots were flashing red lights, all of their shields were shattered less a second. Then, they were thrown up into the air and shredded into pieces by many spinning dark swords.

The army of robots went into the clouds, but nothing came out from the other side.

In the main control room of the spaceship, Duan Yan suddenly stood up and shouted. "how is that possible, he is just one man!"

"The No.2 heaven's messenger, I suggest you retreat now! His energy index has already surpassed the peak point of the perfect revival! Also, we don't know what kind of energy he is using at the moment! All our detectors have failed to identify it. It does not exist in our fully recovered information library! So you have to retreat now!"

The shadow suddenly appeared in the holographic image that was displaying the battle below the spaceship and pointed at the dark cloud and said sternly.

"No, because of him, I have already used 90% of the energy in the Base No.2. We can't fail, We still have a chance. There is no way that that energy cloud is defying the rule of the current energy system. Besides, there are still six insect's Mins helping us!"

Duan Yan was staring coldly at the image. However, he still couldn't do anything to stop the cloud from destroying his robot army.

Similar to the robot army, when the cloud reached the swarm, many insect's shells were instantly shattered. But strangely, it seemed like only the shells were destroyed. So after the cloud swept over the swarm, all the insects in the swarm became "naked" without any shells.

Six Mins quickly flew into the sky attempting to avoid fighting the cloud. But they didn't expect that right after the cloud reached the place underneath them, six vortexes instantly appeared in the cloud and sucking them right back into the cloud.

The cloud continuously moving fast towards the spaceship. When it finally reached the place below the ship, it began to form a gigantic vortex sucking the spaceship downward.

The ship was shaking violently in the air, it was trying to ascend as higher as it could. However, as if it was locked in the mid-air, all its effort only made the ship itself to shake even more violently. Its outside armor was torn by the strong and strange suction force of the vortex a piece by piece rapidly.

Warning sounds constantly appeared in the main control room of the spaceship.

"Insufficient defence energy, insufficient energy...."

Duan Yan's face was livid. He gritted his teeth and said. "detached the bridge from the rest of the ship. Ready to retreat!"

As he pressed the button, one big piece of armor was lifted up from the top of the spaceship and then a Triangle diamond-shaped flying machine shot out light blue ripples, slowly flew out of the main body of the spaceship.

After the small flying machine left the main spaceship, the main body of the spaceship was slowly dragged into the dark cloud and then stabbed into the ground like a sword. It caused a huge explosion as it crashed into the ground.

On the roof of a half-collapsed building far away from the battlefield, stood a skinny old man. Looking at the cloud and the explosion the old man sighed. "Is this man not one of us? Why he had such overwhelming power!"

In a place even further than the old man, three flying machines suddenly jumped out from a distorted space. The ice messenger Li was standing next to the window of the flying machine looking at the ruined city and the dark cloud and said while gritting her teeth. "chase Duo Neng Race!"

Immediately, three flying machines turned into three light beams and disappeared into the dark sky.

The ice race suffered heavy losses, Duo Neng race also escaped. The entire creep area only left with many "naked" insects.

The city was ruined, five minions of people died completely.

The dark energy cloud disappeared, but rain clouds began to form above the ruined city. Soon, it began to rain heavily.

The remaining people were still trying to dig debris after debris looking for their families despite the heavy rain.

Chu Yunsheng was standing on top of a collapsed building, the black lightning spear has already turned into a black Qian Bi Sword.

No one wanted to talk to him, he just stood there alone.

Earlier he had seen a heavily injured little girl. He wanted to save her, and with his ability right now, he could easily save her. However, her father refused. Her father was glaring at Chu Yunsheng, and his eyes were filled with hate. He didn't even want Chu Yunsheng to approach them.

After a long time, a girl's voice suddenly appeared behind him.

"Are you alright?"

Chu Yunsheng didn't turn around, he knew who she was.

"Don't you hate me?" He asked.

"No." Tang Yi said lightly.

"Why? They all hate me." Chu Yunsheng said. His face was behind the mask. No one knew what kind of expression he had at the moment.

"Did you forget what I told you?" Tang Yi said.

"Which one?" Chu Yunsheng said indifferently.

"Who isn't retarded in this city?" Looking at the ruined city Tang Yi carried on. "Even if you didn't come here. This place still can't escape its fate of being destroyed."

Chu Yunsheng didn't say anything this time.

"Do you know what my father told me before he died?" Tang Yi said coldly.

"He said that, remember it, Tang Yi, there is no shadow at all. I and your uncle tried very hard to tell everyone that there is no shadow. Everything we have achieved and all the work we have done all came from our own wisdom and effort. It has nothing to do with those aliens at all.

But they don't believe that. In fact, it is not that they don't believe in us, they don't believe in themselves. They don't believe that the things that those aliens do, human beings can also do it.

They were scared by the insects. To them. Aliens were their gods. They became completely relying on those aliens and thought that it is the only way to survive in this world.

My father said that those aliens do not care about our lives at all. Only we care about ourselves. So if Shu Du City wants to survive in this world. We have to rely on ourselves!"

Tang Yi stopped for a few seconds and then carried on "So, I don't hate you. In fact, I have to thank you. You have woken them up and gave them a valuable lesson!"

"Thank you." said Chu Yunsheng after a long silence. "Thank you for not hating me."

He said and then began to walk down the pile of debris and walked into the rain.

"Do you have any plan? We want to rebuild the city in the mountain city." Tang Yi shouted.

"I am going to America." the voice wafted through the rain.

"Can you stay?"

"I am a Jinx!"


A dark human shadow slowly walked further and further into the rain until it completely disappeared in the rain.

Tang Yi stood there for a long time watching Chu Yunsheng disappeared into the rain until an old man walked towards her.

"Is this what you said about gaining the whole world, and losing his own soul?" she asked.


At the peak of an unknown mountain.

Chu Yunsheng stood there gazing at the direction where The Ice race and Duo Neng race escaped, for a very long time.

"To the heaven above me, if you do really exist, I swear on my parent's souls that I'll kill all the aliens and destroy all Shang's forces. I'll mark my words with my blood and carved it on my bones, even if I am dead, my vengeance will last forever!" He suddenly clenched his fists tightly and said coldly.

Flashes of lightning constantly appeared in the sky above him along with the sounds of thunder.

He did not even realize that Dark also vowed.

At the moment, he was merged with Dark into a single entity.

The strange black gas has already gone back into this body. His armor which was Dark's shell was covered with raindrops.

The crashed battleship was still burning far away from them give them a very faint light in the dark.


Yuan Tian stage Four!

At the cost of a huge consumption of the life force that he injected into Dark's body, and by ignoring the danger of death, he forcibly ordered Dark to use its ability to merge with him. When the dark gas burst out from Dark's body and collided into his Ben Ti Yuan QI, within a split second, it helped him to reach the barrier of the Yuan Tian stage Four.

Although he was only able to stay at that boundary for only several seconds, he could clearly feel the existence of the fourth dimension and the vast fourth-dimensional space. It was so vast that his body was almost destroyed by it.

At the moment when he gained the vision from the additional dimension, Chu Yunsheng was able to notice the weakness of the robot army, the swarm, and even all six Mins.

Therefore he took the opportunity to unleash the Third Sword From - Jian Yun Xie Jia which was a sword form that he was only able to perform when he reached Yuan Tian stage four.

After the initial energy collision, their power decreased rapidly and eventually stayed at the middle Sub-Stage of the Yuan Tian stage three.

However, the sword form's power still shocked both him and those aliens.

If the third sword form was that powerful, what about the fourth sword form? And what about the power of the arrow of God?

But with that several seconds of Yuan Tian stage four, he also suddenly realized something. He realized that he was wrong, and he was wrong since the beginning. He was wrong since Shen Cheng city.

Chu Yunsheng wiped off the blood and jumped off the peak of the mountain. While he was falling, he faintly heard the familiar song again.

"... Mistakes were made, Tears were shed..."


".... gods were angry, and protections were gone..."


" was covered with bodies, the light was gone;...

...Our people were crying, mountains and rivers disappeared;...

...Mistakes after mistakes, it was shameful for us to live;...

...mistakes and shame should be remembered, when the soul returned;...

...The world would be covered with dark again when the soul returned;...


...Gods would not die, even after tens and thousands of years...

...Once the heaven and the earth split up again; the war will arrive;...

... one day, you will be back again, we will all be back again, to make up the... heinous... sin... we... committed...."

End of volume 6

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