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Chapter 409 Sword Form - Jian Yun Xie Jia

 Chapter 409 Sword Form - Jian Yun Xie Jia

Proofread by Nam Joo,

The gigantic spaceship above the creep area was almost thousands meters long, and its bottom part was covered with many big cannon-like tubes.

In the main control room of the spaceship, the warning sounds were beeping constantly and the warning signals were flashing repeatedly.

"Arrived at the designated location. Performing damage check!"

"63.82 percent of the ship is damaged. Initializing emergency repair."

"Two-thirds of the flying machines in our fleet were destroyed during the jump..."


In the center of the control room, behind a diamond-shaped control panel, stood a middle-aged man who was dressing a long slender combat suit. His cold and emotionless face had a distinctive shape as if it was carved out by a knife.

As he reached his hands out to press something in the thin air, a strange transparent screen suddenly popped up. Inside the screen, there was a human-shaped shadow.

"Shadow, how is the recovery of Jian Cheng Cannon?" The middle-aged man said coldly.

"The ship was built for 'The Five Races' war long time ago. It's too old.70% of the main cannon is damaged. Although I have already used all the energy and technology in the base, It can only fire one shot!"

"One shot is more than enough!" The middle-aged man said coldly, and his right hand began to quickly operate something on the screen.

"The heaven's messenger No.2. I have to remind you that if there is no new energy supply, we will fall into a period of energy crisis after firing the shot. It will put us in a very bad situation. Please reconsider it again." The shadow warned.

"Wait!" Behind the middle-aged man was a skinny man who dressed in different clothes than the rest of people in the control room. He suddenly asked. "The heaven's messenger Duan, what is Jian Cheng Cannon! You never told me this!"

The middle-aged man didn't turn around. he just said emotionlessly.

"The power of it similar to the nuclear bombs that you people invented in the age of light. The difference is that your nuclear bombs are only useful in the three-dimensional world. But to the four-dimensional power and the fourth-dimensional protective equipment, they are just some big sparks. Do you know why your weapons were not effective when dealing with the insects? Because all you can attack is the three-dimensional part of their existence."

As the man was about to press a button, the skinny man frowned. He quickly stepped forward, grabbed the man's arm and said. "No, I didn't agree to this."

The middle-aged man flung away the man's hand and sneered.

"Your people have completed their tasks. The information they sent back is very valuable. I know you want that book. But tell me, apart from this method, how can you defeat the force of ice race? Because of this, I have already lost more than 70% of my force. So I have to do it."

"No!" The skinny man jumped forward, grabbed the man's arm again and said. "There are more than five million people in Shu Du city, more than five million! If you fire it. People will hate our Chu Clan forever!"

The middle-aged man sneered. "So? A man with great ambitions does not bother about trifles. History is only written by the victor. Back in those days, billions of people have died, but who can remember how they died now? Compared to that number, five million is nothing!

Besides, Yao Zhong, you're just a vice-master of Chu Clan. Unlike you, your master is not an irresolute and hesitant person.

Don't you want the Chu clan's techniques? Now is the best chance to attack. Once the ice race and Chu realized what we are going to do, they will spread out. We will lose our best opportunity to attack! So step aside or I'll have my men to make you step aside!"

The skinny man hesitated for a second, but eventually, he moved aside.

The middle-aged man snorted and pressed the blue button.

The skinny man suddenly felt his both legs were weak. He staggered back and sat on the ground.



An extremely dazzling blue light suddenly shot towards Chu Yunsheng and the force of ice race from the Sky above the creep area!


Li's calm face was replaced with shock and rage.

After the blue light was shot into the city, everyone in the city lost their hearing instantly.




Chu Yunsheng's armor was shattered instantly. Seeing the ground was shaking violently and many huge dust clouds rose in the city, Chu Yunsheng still couldn't hear anything, as if the whole world went completely silent.

Many cars, concrete streets, even buildings including the building below him were shattered and pulled up into the sky. The entire city was being ripped into pieces by blue ripples one after another.

However, as if Chu Yunsheng was completely deaf, he still couldn't hear any sound.

The energy inside his body had completely lost its order, and as if all his organs were crushed by something, all his blood vessels began to explode, and he began to bleed heavily.

Dark hugged Chu Yunsheng from behind and used his body to block the blue light for Chu Yunsheng. At the same time, it desperately trying to fly outside of the attack range.

They flew passed many bodies. All of their mouths were wide open, their eyes were filled with terror, their faces were twisted, and all of their bodies were bleeding heavily. All of them looked like they died of extreme pain.

Lights, blue lights were everywhere, and it was constantly devastating the city.

Time seemed to have stopped. It felt like a long time, or maybe it actually happened just within a split second.

Dark was knocked back into the monster seal talisman, Chu Yunsheng was pushed up into the air with all other debris, and bodies...

Then, the blue light finally disappeared, the blue ripples also disappeared, the debris of the city began to fall onto the ruined ground like rains.


Chu Yunsheng fell onto the ground and then he heard the first sound after the blue light.

Before he was able to stagger to his feet, many bodies and debris began to land on him, and he was once again pushed back to the ground. With the weight of piles of bodies on top of him, his heavily injured body became even worse.

Countless debris was constantly falling from the sky, it caused the ground to shake repeatedly, and more and more clouds of dust appeared and rose up into the sky.

Blood was all over the sky. That was the blood of five millions of people!

Cold winds were blowing in the air, it brought the blood of five million people even higher into the sky and dyed the whole sky into blood color.

When the wind stopped, the blood began to drop like rains. Then the bloody rain dyed the land into bloody color and slowly formed many blood rivers on the ground...


Chu Yunsheng crawled out of the piles of broken bodies in a small bloodstream. When he got out, what he saw was a blood-stained red ruined city that filled with human bodies.

Many debris and broken human bodies were still falling from the sky and landed around him one by one. Every time a broken body landed on the ground, it would splash blood on Chu Yunsheng's body.

Chu Yunsheng staggered to his feet, but his mind was still blank. He didn't know what happened.

Then he heard some voices. Not many, but he could tell that it was someone crying. As he glanced around, he noticed that there were a few people that survived from the attack near him.

Some of them stood there not moving while staring blankly into the air as if they completely lost their souls. Some of them desperately trying to dig the debris to gather some body parts using their bloody hands; some of them were on their knees crying hysterically while holding some body parts.

"Attack?...". Chu Yunsheng was still confused. He staggered forward and shaking his head violently trying to make himself remember what was going on.

Suddenly a man ran towards him and grabbed him by his collar.

The person seemed to be the energy manipulation mater that Chu Yunsheng had a problem with, in the banquet. At the moment, he was glaring at Chu Yunsheng and shouted hysterically.

"CHU YUNSHENG, are you happy now! Shu Du is over! Everyone died because of you! Are you fucking happy now! Five millions of people, FIVE MILLION, what have we done to you. SAY IT, WHAT DID WE DO TO YOU!"

"Did we kill your family?"

The man shook Chu Yunsheng back and forth and carried on.

"You have your family! We also have our family! "

"We did everything you told us to do. Surrender, not firing the gun, not sending out more masters. But what have you done!"

"Chu Yunsheng you fucking murderer! Why didn't you just leave.... Why do you have to come to our city...."

The man began to fell on his knees and cried. "Why do you have to come to our city...." He kept repeating the same sentence.

Looking at the bloody world, Chu Yunsheng murmured while slowly staggering backward. "Five millions of people... five millions of lives..."

Suddenly, his back bumped into something. He quickly turned around. What he saw was a kid's headless body. It landed right on the top of a broken steel bar when it fell. The bar went right through its body and hung it in the mid-air.

He instinctively ran away in panic. But he was tripped over by another broken body. However, He was still crawling on the bloody ground trying to run away.

"Was I wrong? Was I wrong.... someone tell me... someone tell me... was I wrong..." his mind was filled with chaotic thought while crawling on the ground desperately.

Then he saw elder Wei. He was holding a little girl's body while staggering in the bloody ruined city.

Elder Wei didn't seem to see him, his eyes were unfocused while staggering past Chu Yunsheng slowly like a walking dead.

Elder Wei staggered towards a body and knelt down, he slowly placed a body on top of a dead woman, and silently looking at them with his unfocused eyes.

Chu Yunsheng's heart was twisted in pain, he was startled and crawled even quicker in the blood stream.

But one of his legs was stuck all of sudden. As he turned around he saw a man with only half of its body.

"Elder... Sun... I... Gen... Zi ... find... you...self ... a girl... form... a new... family... you won't... painful... anymore..." said Gen Zi who was grabbing Chu Yunsheng using one of his hand.

"Gen Zi?" Chu Yunsheng realized who that person was.

"Believe... me... find... a girl... family... won't ... be painful..." Gen Zi died, but there was a smile on his face.

Underneath his half body, there was a girl. It seemed like he was desperately trying to protect the girl.

Chu Yunsheng's body began to shake. The hate and anger that he couldn't vent began to build up rapidly and exploded inside him like a volcano eruption.

He raised his head and roared hysterically. Blood began to run out from his eyes, ears, noses, and his mouth.


Above the creep area, the gigantic spaceship slowly opened up many doors, then rows and rows of three-legs robots and strange vehicles began to land on the ground from the spaceship and headed towards the ruined city with many strange vehicles.

In the ruined city, the surviving human beings, whether they were energy manipulation masters or ordinary people, they all roared and charged towards the army of robots.

Suddenly, behind them, appeared two spinning whirlwinds.

Both of them were formed by incredibly powerful energies. One of them was black, and the other one was white. They were spinning faster and faster while quickly collided into each other to form an even bigger energy tornado.

All the energy in the area was sucked into the tornado to supply it with endless energies. It was getting more and more powerful that it made the air in the area was constantly vibrating violently.

Then, the tornado suddenly disappeared. But in the center of the place where originally the energy tornado was, stood a black armored man. The black armored man slowly raised his head and said coldly. "Sword form! Jian Yun Xie Jia!"

Proofread by Nam Joo,