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Chapter 408 no one can stop me!

 Chapter 408 no one can stop me!

Proofread by Nam Joo,

The Shu Du city military anti-air system caused a great trouble to Chu Yunsheng.

The ice solidification cannons have already made the Sky above Shu Du city into a world of snowflakes.

Many chains of snowflakes were spinning in the sky, and all of them were as solid as steel.

If Chu Yunsheng and Dark was not careful enough they would be wrapped by them instantly. But those ice messengers could use them to move freely in the air.

Not only that, Shu Du city lived millions of people, hundreds of thousands of soldiers and more than ten thousands of energy manipulation masters, if he didn't threaten them, they might be used by those aliens just like what happened in the yellow mountain area.

"Sun... Mr. Chu, we also don't want to be your enemies, but those aliens... if we don't do it, they will also kill us. It is just a matter of dying now or dying later." An officer who was wearing glasses forced himself to calm down and said.

"Mr. Chu, could you not just pretend to join them? It is meaningless to kill all of us here because the headquarter is not here. This is just the front line defensive position." Another tall military officer also said hurriedly.

He did not doubt that the sword in Chu Yunsheng's hands would cut their heads off. But they didn't want to die this way. They didn't want to die in the battle that they still couldn't understand why and how it happened. They would rather die while fighting insects outside the city.

Chu Yunsheng threw the head of the ice messenger towards them and said coldly. "Where is the headquarters!"

The rolling head of the ice messenger seemed to have an indescribable lethality, many officers and soldiers stepped back or ran away in panic, they didn't dare to approach it at all.

It was at that moment, Chu Yunsheng suddenly felt an energy fluctuation. He immediately jumped up, spun his body and cast out another sword Qi to his back.

At the same time, a sword-shaped flame quickly flew past the sword Qi and Chu Yunsheng.

Whoosh... boom....

Two loud explosions appeared almost at the same time, and the place behind Chu Yunsheng was instantly turned into a sea of fire. Half of the military officers and soldiers died instantly, many were heavily injured, only a few people were able to stagger to their feet again.

What stood before him was twelve armor men who were desperately trying to block the sword Qi.

"Sword Qi! You learned sword Qi! No wonder why you could kill a Di Fu(1) ice soldier! But..." said Shao Bing who was leading the armor men. But he was suddenly stopped by Chu Yunsheng.

"Huh!" Chu Yunsheng snorted and began to use the nine diagrams of body movements to approach them quickly.

"Chu Yan Sha Formation!" Shao Bing immediately shouted.


The rest of Chu clan's disciples all shouted at the same time and began to move their positions quickly in the group. The fire energy fluctuation began to increase dramatically in the formation.

"Sword attack!" Seeing Chu Yunsheng approached them, Shao Bing sneered coldly and shouted.

Instantly, twelve long flame swords were merged into a giant flame sword that was almost ten meters high in the center of the formation.

The sword was covered with powerful fire energy, and it quickly hacked at Chu Yunsheng who was approaching them. It was so powerful that before it reached Chu Yunsheng, the ground below Chu Yunsheng already began to crack.

This sword formation attack was clearly more powerful than the ice punch of the ice messenger Yi.

"Sword form!" Chu Yunsheng sneered. He jumped up while raising the sword above his head and then hacked his sword into the giant flame sword.

The giant sword was instantly split into half, and hit the buildings next to Chu Yunsheng. The buildings that were hit were instantly liquified.

At the same time, the impact force from the powerful energy collision caused Shao Bing and all other disciples in the formation had concussive injuries. The hands of the weaker disciples even began to bleed.

"How is it possible! Even if it was the Zhong Fu(1) ice soldiers, they also could not..." Shao Bing stepped back in shock. He could not believe what he saw.

After Chu Yunsheng hit the flame sword, he was also pushed back. He front flipped his body and used the body spin to cast out another sword Qi again.

"Jian Yu Formation!" Shao Bing's heart instantly sank. He quickly shouted to the rest of disciples again.

Instantly many flame swords were shot out from the formation like many rockets heading straight towards the sword Qi. The sword Qi was quickly slowed down and its energy was reduced quickly every time a flame sword hit it.

Before Chu Yunsheng landed on the ground, he used his incredible speed to unleash another round of sword Qi again.

Shao Bing's face instantly changed. They already had a hard time to deal with the first round of sword Qi. how could they deal with the second round?

However, as if Chu Yunsheng want to completely destroy his hope, he unleashed the third round of sword Qi straight after the second round.

'Three round in a row, how is that possible! How is it possible!!!' Shao Bing was terrified.

The flame swords were quickly destroyed. The three round of sword Qi landed in the middle of the formation and exploded. The explosion disrupted the powerful energy field in the middle of the formation and caused another even bigger explosion. Instantly, all the twelve disciples were blown away. The huge explosion even made some of the disciples lost their body parts instantly.

Looking at Chu Yunsheng who was pointing a sword at them, Shao Bing who was dying suddenly laughed. "I did not expect that you have such power, but Chu Yunsheng, don't you dare think that you are invincible. You current strength is only slightly better than Zhong Fu ice soldier(1). You still can not compete with Gao Fu members(1) of each race, unless... join... us... otherwise... you...will... not... get... pendant... "

"I don't need it anymore." looking at the fight between Dark and Li above him, Chu Yunsheng said coldly.

"Why... why..."Shao bing's eyes suddenly became very wide. He still could not understand why Chu Yunsheng would give up the pendant before he died.

In a place not far from them, an officer with glasses was laying on a short-range communication instrument desperately trying to connect the call. "Hello... hello..."

"Hello... finally.... Commander, I am Wei Dongming from the third district, our defensive position has been destroyed, most of the officers were killed... Who did it? First, it was Chu, then Shao Bing, it is difficult to explain it now... Commander, what should we do?......"

"He is asking us to surrender and not to fire the cannon..."

Suddenly, the communication tool in the hands of the officer was taken away!

"Hello? Hello?" from the other side of the communication tool, it was a man's voice.

"I am Chu Yunsheng, and Shao Bing is dead. I am just going to say one thing. This is the business between me and those aliens. If you dare to get involved, and you dare to fire one more shot, then every time I heard a shot fired, I will kill a man!" Chu Yunsheng said coldly to the communication tool and then threw the communication tool back to the officer.

He then quickly left and headed toward a tall building while quickly using an absorption talisman to restore his energy.

In the sky above Shu Du city, giant snowflakes were flying everywhere.

Chu Yunsheng quickly got up to the roof of a thirty-story high building and used his right hand to make talismans in the air one by one.

When he made almost 10 Li Huo talismans, he took out the bow and pointed the arrowhead against the first Li Huo talisman.


The arrow brought the talisman and shot into the chains of snowflakes.


The talisman was activated and it began to rain fire. Within a hundred meters radius, all the snowflakes were destroyed.

Then the second arrow, third arrow.... Until the tenth arrow.

The explosion appeared one after another. It was like a colorful firework lighting up the entire sky of Shu Du city, and making everyone raise their heads looking at the sky.

The sounds of cannon firing finally stopped. Without the support of the cannons on the ground, the chains of snowflakes quickly disappeared, and without the help of snowflakes, the ice messenger Li began to fall from the sky.

Just when the sky above the city resumed its darkness, in the sky far away from the city, appeared 13 flying machines. Within a few seconds, they arrived and surround Chu Yunsheng and Dark.

On top of every flying machine, stood almost 40 ice soldiers who dressed in the white combat suit.

Li who fell on top of one flying machine said to Chu Yunsheng. "Chu, I know you can fight, but it is over now, give me the book and follow me. all the promises I made before are still valid. "

Chu Yunsheng glanced around and sneered. "Is it over? Hehe, I don't think so, when I said I am leaving, that means I will definitely leave, and no one can stop me."

"CHU...." just when Li was about to say something, from the side of the flying machine suddenly opened a door. An ice messenger walked out the door and said hurriedly. "Captain, urgent message from the headquarters. Duo Neng Race used a low-altitude jump to avoid all the interceptions. Although the jump destroyed two third of the flying machines in their fleet, they will arrive here very soon!"

Just when she finished reporting, a loud noise appeared in the sky above the creep area. Soon, a gigantic spaceship suddenly flew out of a distorted space, appearing in everyone's sight.

Proofread by Nam Joo,


Okay, time to clear something here. I don't know if my translation could explain things very clearly, so here is some extra bit of explanation.

Remember in volume 3 and volume 4 when the Ice Race people mentioned about revive? And in the last few chapters where the ice messenger Li said to the ice messenger Snow that she needed to fix her revival.

Revival and revive in this book means a restoration to life or consciousness. But in this and last few chapters it vaguely explained that the process of revival was not easy. Hence there were different degrees of revival.

Di FU (Low degree of revival)

Zhong Fu (average degree of revival)

Gao Fu (high degree of revival)

And the last one will appear in the next few chapters which is The Perfect Revival.

Here are my thoughts,

Remember in chapter 221 where MC suspected that those Ice/Fire race were already on the planet earth way before human race despite that MC kept calling them aliens?

In Chapter 295 and chapter 301 where both divine realm and Yana Yan(the senior ice messenger) mentioned about the war happened a long time ago that almost wipe out their entire race.

In chapter 316 the strange war, and the fistprint from the sky that caused the entire planet to drift in the universe?

Now if we link that information together, what do we get?

Again just my thoughts here,

In order to survive from the endless Interstellar travel, the remaining Ice race/fire race and other alien races needed to have some kind of deep-space hibernation method to help them keep them alive.

So they were in some kind of "deep sleep" mode until 2012 when everything began to change.

Then they were awakened or revived.

In terms of what the method was, I suspected that it might have something to do with the information that mentioned by the divine realm/Duo Neng Race, which was something hidden inside human's genes.

It could explain why aliens need human bodies, it could also explain why awakened people have such dramatic personality change. It could also explain why the woman with veil said that awakening might not be a good thing at all.

Just my thought here.

Moreover, please be patient with this book. We are going to dive deeper into the mind of MC. There are many things will surprise you after volume 9. please bear with those two volumes. I will try to translate as fast as I can. The real story has not started yet.

Just my thought here.

Nam Joo asked: What does 'Duo Neng' means? And I am assuming that they are not elemental but rather technical aliens?

Ben's answer: Duo Neng is a made-up phrase. Later on, when MC encountered more alien races some aliens would explain what Duo Neng means and what they came from to him.

In terms what they are. You are correct. They are a robotic alien race or a race of artificial intelligence. So far we don't know who invented them. But apparently, they gained consciousness a long time ago.

Edit 1: I have discussed with some Chinese readers, some of them suggested that if I want to directly translate it, it can be translated as Multifunctional Race