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Chapter 407 Surrender or die with them!

 Chapter 407 Surrender or die with them!

Normally, all flying machines were controlled by programs. But when in combat, they were usually operated by trained human candidates who could potentially become members of the Ice Race.

In terms of the ice messengers, they usually tended to fight using their abilities rather than using the flying machines.

The pilots of the remaining flying machine were desperately trying to control the machine to flee. All the pilots in the flying machines had already lost their courage to fight back.

Chu Yunsheng didn't carry on chasing the last flying machines after he failed the shot. He quickly turned around and headed towards another tomb.

Dark still needed more energy!

It was at that moment, two strange purple shadows jumped outside the Portal, and when they just came out of the Portal, they immediately flew straight towards Chu Yunsheng and Dark.

Looking at the two strange purple fireballs(1) that were covered with incredible fire energy approaching him fast, Chu Yunsheng frowned and quickly ordered Dark to turn around and fly out of the creep area.

He followed the flying machine back to the city. But to the people on the ground, it looked like he chased the flying machine back to the city.

However, when he just flew over the checkpoints, he changed his direction and headed towards Qi family's energy bank.

Although Chu Yunsheng didn't want to talk in the past several days, he had heard everything Shao Bing, Li, Tang Yi, and all other people said.

They all thought that he had no other choice but to join one of those alien forces. They all thought that they had everything under the control.

However, they underestimated Chu Yunsheng's stubbornness. If he said that he was going to ruin their lives, he would do whatever he could to ruin their lives before he left the city.

That was why he was heading towards Qi family's bank. That bank kept half of the city's energy storage. He could use them when fighting those aliens.


The ice messenger Li who was standing on the roof of a building that was thirty-stories high put down the Ice Race specially designed binoculars and said. "We lost another low altitude flying machine... Snow inform Han that the swarm outside the city will most likely not helping Chu, so call back all the flying machines and the Ice Soldiers that were spread out to monitor the creep area, and get ready for the fight! Tell them to be as stealthy as possible."

"Yes, Captain!" when in combat, the ice messenger Snow immediately changed the way she spoke to the Ice messenger Li. She then opened a strange square box, and used the holographic operating system that revealed by the square box to issue the command.

"I don't want to use force. Big movements will only attract the attention of the other four alliances and Duo Neng race. I am worried that it would end up like Jin Ling City. but this Chu, sigh..." Li sighed. She then waved her hands. Immediately, the military army below her began to move.

"Captain, urgent message from the headquarters!" the ice messenger Snow's face suddenly changed as she read the messenger that suddenly popped up from her screen.

"The heaven's messenger of Duo Neng race just left the capital with Duo Neng race's first fleet. The fleet was loaded with the heavily armed robot army!"

"Chu clan's disciples are really working with Duo Neng race! Snow, ask the headquarters to sent out an immediate assistance request to all 'Shi' and 'Ba' in the Ice Alliance. Ask them to delay Duo Neng race's low altitude fleet as much as they can!" Li squinted her eyes and said.

"Yes, Captain!"

"Also, Immediately notify all the flying machines and the Ice soldiers that were deployed within the 300 kilometers radius that the information has been exposed. Ask them to get here as fast as they can!" Li added.

"Yes, Captain!"

"The flying machines can only trap him, if we need to catch him, we will need to deploy all the ice soldiers. Ask everyone to get ready." gazing afar at the distant horizon, the ice messenger said coldly.

"Yes, Captain."

It was at that moment, the third ice messenger appeared on the roof.

"Capitan, he is attacking the Qi family's energy bank at the moment!" said the ice messenger who just appeared.

"Attacking the energy bank? He is not equipped with any energy weapons, why does he want to attack the bank? ... he could directly absorb energy into his body!?" Li knitted her brow and said.

"Use Han Bing combat suit now! And order all the Ice solidification cannons to lock down the sky above the city!"

Three chilly silver-white boxes were quickly brought to the roof and opened in front of them. Three snow-white combat suits that were emitting the powerful ice energy slowly floated up as the boxes were opened.


"This is Qi family's energy bank, leave immediately or... FUCK! FIRE... FIRE..." the energy bank was already heavily guarded when Chu Yunsheng began to cause a mess in the city. Apart from the troops from the military, Qi family had their own security guards and powerful awakened humans guarding the Bank.

Inside the bank was all their savings and years of hard work. So no one would dare to let their guards down.

Qi Tuwei was walking back and forth in the office of the bank with extreme worries. He had already sent out help request to all the forces inside the city. He knew that the force below the building couldn't stop the man. He just hoped that Chu clan's disciples and the ice race's force could arrive on time.


A loud explosion suddenly rang out, Qi Tuwei could clearly feel that his desk was shaking. Then a fireball appeared outside his windows.

"Whoever dares to stop me, die!"

Chu Yunsheng shouted and unleashed one arrow at the building of the bank. It instantly created a hole in the building and all the guards and soldiers were blown away by the explosion.

Just one arrow!

All the people that were not affected by it but near the explosion were stunned.

'How the fuck are we going to compete with this monster! Can human also be this powerful?' everyone was having the exact same thought.

Chu Yunsheng stood at the back of Dark, flew through the hole. He used his arrows to create a way and quickly went into the bank's energy vault.

On the rows and rows of neatly placed cubic shelves, there were many energy tubes glowing bright dazzling light.

From the No. 1 - No. 5 vault, stored the primordial energy that extracted from the energy appendages. the No. 6 and No. 7 vault stored the purified ice energy. The No. 8 vault was the fire energy, and the No. 9 vault which was the last vault stored other elemental energy that was used for experiments.

Chu Yunsheng was reciting the incantations of his storage talisman to store as much energy as he could. Then, he also created as much absorption talismans as he could to absorb the energy.

In the sky, many ice solidification shells exploded one by one, forming hexagonal snowflake-like crystals with diameters up to ten meters wide. All of them were as strong as steel and iron, and they were connected to each other like building blocks. With the number of shells that were shot into the sky increased quickly, the entire Shu Du city was like a big palace that was covered by many giant snowflakes!

When Chu Yunsheng finally restored all his energy, and step out of the Qi family's energy bank with Dark, Li was dressing in Han Bing combat suit hopping from one giant snowflake to another one quickly approaching him from the air.

Dark grabbed Chu Yunsheng threw him into the sky. Itself also quickly followed underneath Chu Yunsheng.

While Chu Yunsheng was in the air he pulled the string and unleash one arrow at the ice messenger Li.

Li immediately jumped up, then a strange big chain of snowflakes quickly appeared underneath her and send her up higher into the sky. The arrow Chu Yunsheng fired missed the target, but it destroyed many solid snowflakes below the ice messenger LI.

"Chu, you can't run away! " Li shouted. She lunged her strange double-headed spear forward to unleash a solid icicle at Chu Yunsheng.

At the same time, many chains of giant snowflake began to appear around Chu Yunsheng and Dark wanting to wrap around them.

Another ice messenger also appeared right after the chain of snowflakes and began to attack from the ground.

"Break it!"

As Chu Yunsheng shouted, Dark's lightning spear immediately unleashed many black lightning bolts at those chains of snowflakes. Within a second, those chains were shattered into pieces.

After Dark unleashed the black lightning bolts, Chu Yunsheng also landed on its back. But the bow in his hand disappeared. It was replaced with a dazzling sword.

In Yuan Tian stage three, Yuan Qi energy can be unleashed outside his body and formed a pure energy sword.


As sword Qi hit the icicle, it instantly made an ear-piercing frictional impact sound that almost made people's ears bleed.

"Dark, The above is yours!" Chu Yunsheng quickly hopped off Dark and decided to deal with the ice messenger on the ground, because he couldn't fly, and standing on top of Dark only limited their movements.

Seeing Chu Yunsheng jumped off the monster, the ice messenger below immediately gathered her ice energy to form many ice broadswords and cast them at Chu Yunsheng.

"Sword form!" Chu Yunsheng shouted and dived down against many ice broadswords while spinning his body like an artillery shell.

Instantly a bright dazzling light burst out from Chu Yunsheng and shot toward the ice messenger that was jumping up towards him.


The ice messenger was hit, the Han Bing combat suit she was wearing suddenly glowed in a bright cold color, but it quickly became dim. Then she began to fall down quickly

"Sword form!"

Chu Yunsheng shouted the second time.

The ice messenger that was hit by Chu Yunsheng fell on a giant snowflake. She quickly punched her fists upward to cast out a giant ice fist while her back was against the snowflake.


The sword Qi instantly penetrated the ice fists and hit her once again.

This time, her combat suit could no longer withstand the power of sword Qi, it was shattered instantly.

"Sword form!"

Chu Yunsheng shouted again and lunged his sword downwards.

Hearing Chu Yunsheng shouted sword form three times, the ice messenger Li's heart instantly dropped.

"Yi!" She suddenly shouted.


The sword Qi penetrated the ice messenger Yi's heart, destroying the snowflake below her and smashing her into the group of the ice solidification cannons on the ground.

When Chu Yunsheng was about to touch the ground, he cast out another round of sword Qi to help him slow down the falling speed.


After an explosion, a giant crater appeared on the ground.

All the soldiers that operated the artillery below saw the entire fierce battle. Everyone's eyes were wide open with shock. No one could believe that the superior and the powerful ice messenger was beaten up by a human, and she didn't even have the ability to fight back!

Before they could calm down, they saw Chu Yunsheng landed on the ice messenger, and despite the ice messenger below her was struggling, he swung his sword and cut her head off.

'He killed her!' everyone was stunned again.

In the next second, Chu Yunsheng raised the head and shouted loudly to all the soldiers and military officers that was not far from him.

"All humans in Shu Du, surrender or die with them!"


In Chapter 358 a Min's final form was covered with purple flame and purple fog. So those two purple fireballs probably were two Mins that had already transformed into their final form.

a reminder

"Shi" is what alien used to call human cities that survived from the early stage of the apocalypse.

"Ba" is the groups that formed by powerful awakened humans.