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Chapter 406 Dark, lets fight!

 Chapter 406 Dark, let's fight!

Lead editor: Zeroth Deuce Twitter: @ZerothDeuce,

Another contributor: Nam Joo,

Chu Yunsheng could be very stubborn sometimes. Once he decided to do something, even if the whole world was collapsing, he would still do it.

Therefore, after he heard the news about the death of his aunt's family, the first thing he decided was not revenge, but to silently observe mourning for his aunt's family alone for seven days. (1)

Within those seven days, he didn't want to talk to anyone, and he didn't want to listen to anything either.

After the seven days of mourning were over, all their dead souls would rest in peace, and only after that would Chu Yunsheng want to handle whatever those people did to his aunt's family.


"Chu give us that thing, I'll help you to take revenge." Shao Bing looked at the ancient book on the table with surprise and excitement. His eyes were filled with the desire of greed for the book. It even caused him to swallow constantly.

"Chu, we also don't want this kind of thing to happen, I hope you can calm down." Li immediately said. She could smell the danger, and the book, even she couldn't tell the origin of it at first glance.

"Apart from my parents, she was the person that cared for me the most when I was young..." however, Chu Yunsheng didn't seem to have heard them, he just kept murmuring.

"... You... all of you bastards forced them to commit suicide, you killed my last three remaining families members! All of your hands are stained with their blood, you really think that I will join you?" Chu Yunsheng gritted his teeth and said coldly.

"Chu, you can't do anything just by yourself, you need someone to help you." Shao Bing quickly said.

Chu Yunsheng sneered.

"Chu, don't you want to know where the tiger is now?" The ice messenger Snow hurriedly said. She was worried that Shao Bing would really convince Chu Yunsheng to join them.

Chu Yunsheng still sneered, but he didn't say anything.


"Are you done?" asked Chu Yunsheng, who waited until they all had nothing more to say.

"You!" He pointed at Shao Bing and carried on "Who the fuck is even related to you!" And you, he pointed at the ice messenger Snow. "Tiger is not a pet! Don't treat it like a dog, it had its own world!"

"Stop wasting my time here! The book is right here. I am giving you a chance, from now on, you and you, whichever side eliminates the other will get the book!" He carried on.

The room instantly fell silent, no one expected that Chu Yunsheng would say such a thing.

"Don't believe me? Or it is not worth it? Okay, let's make it bigger, whoever eliminates the other side will get my help. I'll work for the winner and help them dominate the world!" Chu Yunsheng said coldly.

Shao Bing couldn't stand Chu Yunsheng anymore. In Shu Du city, Chu clan's disciples could not compete with the ice race in the slightest. So there was really no way they could win this. "Chu, don't be childish, you just want us to kill each other! We won't do it."

Li was still thinking about Chu Yunsheng's offer. It wasn't too hard for them to kill all of Chu clan's disciples in Shu Du City. However, she wasn't sure that once they began to attack, Chu Yunsheng would then take the opportunity to run away.

"Chu, we need to verify that book first, otherwise..." Li thought for a second and said.

"Ice messenger Li, he's crazy, are you also crazy? I think we should do it the old way, whoever gets it first will decide what to do with him!" Shao Bing gritted his teeth and said. He just wanted to stall for time and wait for the Duo Neng race to show up.

Li mocked and said "Did you hear that Chu? This is the person that claimed to share the same ancestry with you. Apart from us, you have no better choice!"

Chu Yunsheng sneered and stored the book back into his talisman and said "Since you are not going to do as I said, then I am leaving."

He wanted to go to New York, he wanted to get the bodies of his aunt's family and find out exactly what happened.

"Leave? You are not going anywhere!" Shao Bing immediately gave the other Chu clan's disciples a look and signaled them to get ready.

"Chu, you can't leave today." The ice messenger Li also signaled her subordinates to get ready.

"If I want to leave, no one can stop me!" Chu Yunsheng snorted.

He then suddenly jumped up and shouted, "Dark, let's fight!"


Shao Bing immediately shouted. Instantly all the Chu clan's disciples that were outside the building spread out, and three ice messengers also began to float in the air.

Chu Yunsheng didn't land on the ground, instead, he landed on the back of Dark and immediately asked it to use its spear to break the ceiling above him.

As Dark lunged its spear upward, a black lighting instantly appeared and destroyed the ceiling above. Then it spread its wings and flew out of the building with Chu Yunsheng.

"Stop him! He wants to run away!" Shao Bing and Li shouted at the same time.

But this time, they were wrong. Chu Yunsheng didn't run. Instead, when he was in the air, he activated his armor and took out the bow.

"Destroy it!" Chu Yunsheng shouted after he unleashed one arrow of light.


After the arrow was unleashed, Dark immediately turned into a black lighting bolt and followed the arrow of light towards a flying machine which was not far from them.


The arrow hit the energy shield of the flying machine causing a strange ear piercing sound. At the same time, many ripples appeared on the energy shield.

The energy shield flashed bright light several times very quickly, and then began to crack until finally exploding. But the arrow of light didn't stop there.

It directly hit the flying machine and tore up a huge crack on the outside of it.

In the next moment, Dark arrived. It lunged it's spear forward into the crack to unleash another black lighting bolt.

The lighting bolt instantly penetrated the entire flying machine and caused another explosion on the other side of it.

After the attack, the flying machine could no longer maintain its position, it began to tilt, with many of its parts catching on fire.

Within 5 seconds, the flying machine had become a huge fireball and crashed into the ground.

All the soldiers including Shao Bing and the ice messenger, who had just come out of the building, couldn't believe what they had just seen.

Every flying machine was a result of cutting-edge technology. Even if the five races had the ability to cultivate energy and improve their body strength, they still needed to rely on those flying machines, unless they reached certain cultivation stages.

Moreover, Chu Yunsheng's attacking speed was simply too fast, it was completely different than the information and data they had gathered on him from Hong Kong.

It was so fast that when the human-shaped monster flew back, it was still able to catch Chu Yunsheng, who was falling down through the air, and fly back into the sky again.

And when it flew back, Chu Yunsheng had already aimed his bow at the next flying machine which was desperately trying to ascend.

However what they didn't know was that the arrow that Chu Yunsheng unleashed wasn't the most powerful one.

Before Chu Yunsheng got the bow, he had tried to study the description of it in the book. He wanted to check if he could apply the mechanism of the bow to his crossbow.

Although he couldn't understand most of the description, he still found out that apart from using the sword, the senior practitioner also liked to use bows, but this interest was only limited to a simple hobby.

According to the book, the senior practitioner had shortened the cultivation method of the bow into just four realms.

The name of the first realm Chu Yunsheng still couldn't understand, so he temporarily used the name of the bow to call it instead. The first realm was the 'howling cloud', the second realm was 'destroying the sky', the third realm was the 'shooting star', and the last realm was the 'arrow of God'. It was the realm that even the senior practitioner himself could not reach.

Chu Yunsheng knew that both Ke Qianer and he hadn't reached the first realm, the arrow they unleashed was simply the ordinary light arrows.

Despite that, he was still able to destroy an alien's flying machine.

"Fire the Ice solidification cannon!" Li quickly ordered the military officers who were near her.

Instantly many strange rockets were fired from the ground and headed straight towards Chu Yunsheng.

But just when they thought that Chu Yunsheng was about to shoot the second arrow, Chu Yunsheng immediately asked Dark to turn around and head to the Qi family's energy bank.

However, as soon as he flew away, the other two flying machines immediately changed their flight path and began to chase him.

At the same time, they were constantly shooting out strange light beams at Dark and Chu Yunsheng.

"Huh!" Chu Yunsheng snorted coldly. He then suddenly took a 90-degree turn and headed straight towards the creep area outside the Shu Du city.

Two flying machines closely followed behind.

But when Chu Yunsheng entered the creep area, he immediately noticed something was amiss. Not only did all the insects not attack him nor the flying machines, but instead they all quickly ran away when they appeared.

Chu Yunsheng also noticed that at a location far away from them, there was a newly built Portal Tomb that was constantly sending out insects to the creep area.

He who used to be an insect immediately realized that the insect was gathering its force, and on a very large scale.

'Shang's force is also here?' Chu Yunsheng thought. But he didn't really care that much at that point. He just wanted to get rid of those two flying machines first.

Chu Yunsheng quickly dived down and went into a Star-rank three tomb.

"Control the Tomb!" He said to Dark.

Both flying machines couldn't get into the Tomb, but instead, they were rotating around the tomb while continuing to shoot at it.

Chu Yunsheng asked Dark to use the Tomb's space distortion ability to disrupt the flying machines as much as it could while he and Dark would both try to recover as much energy as possible.

"Feng! I didn't expect that you were still alive, and you are a human!" Suddenly a voice entered his mind through Dark.

"So what, sooner or later I'll find you and take your life! Don't you dare forget what you did to my brother!"

"We will see!" right after Shang's voice disappeared the ground began to shake violently. Through Dark's force, Chu Yunsheng could clearly 'see' that all the insects were spread out to block all of his possible escape routes on the ground and in the air.

"Huh!" Chu Yunsheng snorted. Clearly, Shang wanted to force him back to the city and use those aliens to kill him.

"Dark, send me up!" Chu Yunsheng suddenly shouted.

Just as he was sent flying out of the tomb by the many tubes he immediately unleashed another arrow at one of the flying machines that was trapped by the force of the space distortion.


The arrow hit the flying machine, its energy shield was instantly shattered.

At the same time, many huge long tubes shot out of the tomb. They grabbed the flying machine that was hit and slammed it onto the creep area.


The fly machine instantly exploded.

"Dark!" Chu Yunsheng shouted again.

In the next second, Dark flew out of the tomb, grabbed Chu Yunsheng and headed straight towards the last flying machine.

Lead editor: Zeroth Deuce Twitter: @ZerothDeuce,

Another contributor: Nam Joo,


Observe mourning for the death of a family member for 7 days was a cultural practice in China.