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Chapter 405 use your lives to pay for it

 Chapter 405 use your lives to pay for it

Lead editor: Zeroth Deuce Twitter: @ZerothDeuce,

Another contributor: Nam Joo,


"Teacher, I went to see him today. He looked so pitiful and lonely. He just sat there motionlessly, like a dead person. There was only a monster next to him...

I brought the foods that he ate the most at the banquet, but other people told me that he hadn't eaten for a whole week." Tang Yi stood next to the window, looked at the dark world outside the window and said.

"You can't help him. No one can. The only person that can help him is himself." The old man who was sitting on the sofa shook his head and said.

"Teacher, there's just one thing that I don't understand." Tang Yi asked.

"What is it?"

"If he has already obtained the power that everyone else can only dream of, why is he still in pain? Why his life still so miserable? If having that kind of power still hasn't helped him to escape the torment of fate, then what exactly can you do to get rid of such torment?" Tang Yi raised her head. Her eyes were filled with bewilderment.

The old man sighed and said. "Come here, let me show you something."

After he finished, he slowly got up, took the paper and pen from the desk, and laid it on top of the coffee table. He waited until Tang Yi approached and then drew two circles on a piece of white paper, one big, one small.

"You see, the area enclosed by these circle represents the size and amount of knowledge and power that people have. The blank area outside the circle is the unknown space. The small circle is you and the big circle is Chu. At first glance, his circle is bigger than yours, so he is more powerful than you. But if you watch carefully, you will find that the bigger his circle is, the longer the circumference will be, and thus the bigger the area that touches the blank area will be.

He will find that there are more and more things in the world that he doesn't understand, and the more he doesn't understand, the more in pain he is; the more in pain he is, the more he will try to find out what is outside the circle. So the circle will continue to keep expanding. But the circumference that touches the blank area will also keep getting bigger.

This is an infinite loop, and it can't be reversed. That's one of the reasons why he is in more pain than you, despite the fact that he is far more powerful than you. Do you understand now?"

Tang Yi was staring at the circles while thinking about something. "A little bit. But teacher, if this circle is big enough to cover all the blank area. Doesn't it mean that it would end the loop, and also end the pain?" She said after a moment of silence.

The old man was dazed for a second and then let out a hollow laugh.

"Our ancestors used to think like you, and they also worked very hard for it. They desperately tried to expand this circle, with the desire to include everything in it. So the circle kept getting bigger and bigger, it was so big that eventually, they lost control of it. Do you know what happened to them next?"

"What happened?" Tang Yi asked.

The old man shook his head and said while pointing at the white paper. "The circle expanded outside the boundaries of the paper... but if you look at the paper again. What do you see?"

Tang Yi looked at the paper for a while, and then her face suddenly changed. "The circle... Disappeared..." She responded with a shivering voice.


From an inconspicuous building in the barrack, walked out two white figures.

"Sister Li, it has been seven days already, he still hasn't talked. What should we do?" A slightly younger white dressed girl knitted her brows and said.

The other white dressed woman turned around and looked at the building they just walked out of. "Snow, before you revived, your parents were still alive right?"

The ice messenger Snow nodded her head and said. "Yes, I allocated them to a safe location after I revived."

The ice messenger Li nodded her head and said quietly. "I saw my parents die in front of me when I just revived. They were burned into ashes before I had a chance to bury them."

The ice messenger Snow was dazed for a second. She didn't know what to say.

"He will talk, and he can hear us. He just doesn't want to talk right now." Li smiled and shook her head as if she wanted to forget something from the past.

"Do you think that he will listen to us? I always feel that that man has a some sort of mental problem. Back in the yellow mountain area, he..." the ice messenger Snow said.

"If he wants revenge, and he hasn't lost his mind, he will have to choose an ally. Otherwise, he will never be able to take revenge in his life." Li suddenly frowned and interrupted Snow.

"Do you think he will choose the Chu Clan? After all, they were indeed related in the past." The Ice messenger Snow asked with concern.

"If it were me, I would not join them. Chu Clan is only able to protect themselves at the moment. They don't have any power to help him undertake his revenge." The ice messenger Li shook her head and said.

"It was all that Shao Bing's fault. If he didn't tell Chu Yunsheng about the death of his aunt's family, we might have been able to take advantage of all of this and obtain the talisman technology." The ice messenger snow complained.

Li frowned again and said. "Snow, you really need to get back to the headquarters to fix your revival. Everyone knows about the death of his family, we can't hide it. Shao Bing was just trying to get ahead of all the other forces. He wanted to create the illusion that he was his only ally."

The ice messenger Snow sighed. "No one expected that he would be still alive."

"From the images your flying machine took that day, it clearly showed that he died, there was no way he could have survived. However, no one had expected that he was able to store his life force in the fourth dimension, and reconstruct his three-dimensional body!" Li replied with amazement.

"This is the power of talisman technology. Captain Yana Yan said that if we were to obtain it, we will be able to rebuild our civilization!" Snow said.

"Everyone knows he is here now. Soon, the other four alliances and Duo Neng race will arrive here. Especially the Duo Neng race, Chu clan's disciples couldn't do anything to us, so they will most likely work with them. If he still won't talk tomorrow, get ready to bring him back to the headquarters using force, at all cost!" Li nodded her head and looked at the dark sky.

...10 dollar hotel....

Everyone was talking about what Sun Sheng had done in the corridor, in the reception, and outside the hotel. But there was only one room that was closed.

Gen Zi got up from the bed and silently smoked cigarettes, one after another.

After a while, until all the noises quieted down. Gen Zi finally talked.

"I went to see elder Sun today." He said.

The girl in the bed didn't talk as if she had already fallen asleep.

"He refused to talk now, just like Anzi. He just stared at his aunt's necklace and the photos that were taken by the ice messenger, not moving. It has been seven days already. He still sits silently." he said quietly.

The girl still didn't talk.

"I want to talk to him. But he ignored me. I know the pain in his heart. Such a powerful man, and he still couldn't protect anyone. He is in far more pain than me. Compared to him..."

The girl still didn't talk, there was only the sound of her breath.

Gen Zi didn't carry on, instead, he fell silent, but there were now tears running down his face. "Let's get married. Bring your mother here tomorrow. Let's live together as a family." He wiped the tears from his face and said.

The body of the girl suddenly shook a bit. Then she bit on the corner of the quilt and began to weep...

Looking at the city outside the window, Gen Zi murmured. "Mom, Dad, I'm getting married now, I'll take care of myself from now on..."


On the eighth day, the military barrack was crowded with a large number of people, flying machines were floating above the barrack, the street on the ground was heavily armed, all of them were on standby.

Outside the city, a stealthy 'human' who had been lurking in the dark for a long time finally noticed an opportunity, and it quickly ran back to the mucus area to transmit the information back to a Min, and when the Min received the information, it immediately relayed the information to the Shang's commanding nest.

Originally, Shang had asked all Mins to store their energy for it, so it could speed up its recovery. But this time when it got the information, it immediately sent new orders out!

The aliens from the ice race and Chu clan's disciples appeared in the building that Chu Yunsheng was in at the same time.

However, no matter what they said to Chu Yunsheng, he still sat there silently.

Two hours later, when they wanted to give up, Chu Yunsheng finally moved.

His eyes were still looking at the photos in his hands, but his dried lips, that were already cracked up, began to move. Then, a cold, dead voice that seemingly came from a secluded deep abyss appeared in the room.

"You have ruined my Life! I'll use the rest of my life to ruin all of yours!"

He then raised his head and used his bloodshot eyes to glare at everyone in the room.

"This is the thing you all are looking for! Want it? Then use your lives to pay for it." He took out the book and slammed onto the table and said coldly.

Lead editor: Zeroth Deuce Twitter: @ZerothDeuce,

Another contributor: Nam Joo,


Pay attention to the words that the old man said.

Who is this old man?

Do you guys feel that the words that the old man said is very similar to the words that said by the old woman with veils back in Zhiwu forest?