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Chapter 404 Shattered dreams

 Chapter 404 Shattered dreams

Proofread by Nam Joo,

"Chu, it's nice to see you again."

It was just a simple sentence, but it instantly caused a huge commotion in the entire street.

And from her tone, it seemed like she knew Sun Sheng a long time ago.

Those who had good memories, all remembered that ice race used to search a human called Chu. For this reason, a detailed census was carried out in the entire city. After the census, the inspection of entering and exiting the city was even more strict, but they still didn't find that person. The Ice race also stopped mentioning this matter again.

'She smiled!' this was probably the most absurd thing that the three leaders have seen. Because they have never seen her smiled once before.

Many people used to guess that the aliens from the Ice race did not know how to smile. But today, they realized that it was not that they didn't know how to smile, it was actually that they didn't deserve their smiles!

However, the person in front of them didn't look like the photo provided by the ice race. 'Did he change his appearance.' those who still remembered the photo thought in their mind.

"You can leave now." Chu Yunsheng let go of Tang Yi and said.

Tang Yi still hasn't come back from the shock. "Are you really that man?" She instinctively wanted to reach her hands out to touch Chu Yunsheng's scarred face.

Chu Yunsheng pushed her away and activated the armor. "You already knew that I am here, right?"

"On this planet, there are no more than three people who are able to cause such a big mess in a city like this, just in a few days. Yes, I already knew when you got into the city. I just didn't expect that Yana Yan died in the yellow mountain battle, but you survived." said the White dressed woman.

Gentleman San was standing not far from her. When she said that no more than people on this planet, he instantly broke out into a cold sweat.

"So you didn't expose me and intentionally sent a representative to the banquet just to find out what I want?" Chu Yunsheng sneered. In fact, Chu Yunsheng didn't need to ask her this. He already had the answer. But he still wasn't sure that if the woman knew about the map or not.

"Knowing you for this long, but I still didn't know your name." Chu Yunsheng asked.

"Li, as in river Li." The woman said lightly.

Chu Yunsheng instantly fell into awkward silence. (1)

It was at that moment, a military officer quickly walked towards the leader of the military force and whispered into his ears. "General, Colonel Shao doesn't want to come here. He wants Sun Sheng to go see him alone."

Chu Yunsheng had an excellent hearing, and he was very close to them at the time. So when he heard what the officer said, he quickly realized that the Ice messenger probably still didn't know what he was looking for. Otherwise, she would probably already controlled that officer.

So in the next second, he summoned Dark.

Seeing a monster appeared out of nowhere, everyone instinctively stepped back and broken out into a cold sweat.

'Isn't this the human-shaped monster that Shao Feng mentioned?'

'No wonder why he was the first one who discovered the body. It was killed by him!' everyone was having the exact same thought.

"I know why you are looking for me. I'll leave it outside. You have flying machines, so I won't be able to run away. I need to talk to Shao Bing for some personal business." Looking at two flying machines slowly approaching them from the sky, Chu Yunsheng said calmly.

"In fact, You don't need to run away. You know that if you didn't run away back in Jin Ling city..." Li sighed.

But Chu Yunsheng immediately interrupted her. "I don't want to talk about the past. Once I'm done with Shao Bing, then we will discuss your business. If you don't agree, then I'll fight my way in."

Li slightly turned around and spoke to the military officer. "Let him in." Her white dress was emitting visible cold air as if she was an ice sculpture.

The military officer's lips were twitching. Although he was shocked to see that a human would dare to tell the Ice messenger what to do, he still didn't dare to defy her order.

At this moment, Tang Yi also returned to her a father. It was not the first time for her to see the ice messenger. However, it was the first time for her to know the ice messenger's name.

And it was all because the man who was currently silently walking toward the barrack alone. The man had a scarred face, a young and handsome face, and a face that used to be displayed in the 3D holograms. Which one was his true face? Would he want to join her and her teacher's side?

Tang Yi couldn't find an answer. But slowly another image began to appear in her mind. It was the image of Chu Yunsheng curled up in the corner of his bed shaking in fear and screaming like a madman.

Maybe that was a real him.

With the information provided by the military officer, Chu Yunsheng soon arrived at a building.

The building was the assembly point of the Young and Vigorous Party. But at the moment, there was only Shao Bing in that building.

"That was not a wise move." Said the man who didn't seem to be surprised by Chu Yunsheng's visit.

"You know that I am looking for you?" Chu Yunsheng asked.

"Yes, but you are very impatient! If you could wait for one more day, then I'll be able to confirm your identity and meet you secretly." Shao Bing sighed.

"It is still the same now. Give me that thing, then I'll do one thing for you." Chu Yunsheng didn't want to beat around the bush. He just went straight to the point.

"Mr. Chu, I am not Tang Yi... Don't you want to know who I am?" Shao Bing turned around and poured himself a cup of water, and then carry on "Do you still remember the Chu Clan back in Hong Kong? Master Fan's clan is just a branch of real Chu Clan, and one month ago we have gotten in touch with them. Now I am representing the orthodox Chu Clan."

"No matter who you are representing, it is meaningless to me. I just want one thing." Chu Yunsheng said.

"Mr. Chu, we know that you have inherited the Chu clan's knowledge and know many Chu clan's techniques. That is why I need to talk to you.

Chu clan's knowledge and techniques should belong to Chu Clan. It was unfortunate that we lost them in the age of light. However, if you could return them back to us, the master said that we can promote you to the Vice-Master of Chu Clan." Shao Bing said to Chu Yunsheng.

"Yours? What if I don't want to?" Chu Yunsheng sneered.

"Mr. Chu, I know what you are thinking. You think that how shameless we have to be to claim that it belongs to us. However, it is the truth. That thing indeed belongs to us." Shao Bing slightly turned the green steel cup in his hand and continued. "No matter how powerful you can be, you are just one person, you can never defeat the ice race. But we can, you probably don't know how big our force is. After the great darkness, our force is thriving like never before. I can tell you that even if you are able to imagine, it is still bigger than what you think it is!

Nowadays the new world order has formed its embryonic form. Apart from insects and some other type of monsters, ice, fire, earth, wood and metal five forces have successfully formed their own alliances.

All the surviving cities are called 'Shi' and all the groups that formed by powerful people are called 'Ba', all Ba and Shi will need to choose one of those five forces and join them.

In this world, only Duo Neng race, Sky City and our Chu Clan are powerful enough to be independent and maintain a good relationship with five alliances.

The time for heroes has already past, now it is the time for the five alliances. Everyone on this planet, no matter who they are, they all need an ally. Even you are the same."

"Why do I have to choose you? I can choose other forces, for example, Sky city." Chu Yunsheng didn't expect that the world has changed so much since the beginning of the darkness.

It was not that he was being selfish, and he didn't want to teach other his cultivation method. He had already taught many people his cultivation method. However, he didn't know this man very well. Who knows that if this man was telling the truth or not.

"We know everything about you. We know that you hate aliens. So you won't choose other forces, in terms of Sky City... originally I don't want to tell you. But...." Shao Bing took a deep breath and carried on." Sky City is what originally disappeared Jin Ling city!"

"What! Are they really still alive?!" Chu Yunsheng instantly dashed towards Shao Bing and grabbed him by his collar.

How many days and nights, how many life and death situations he had been through. From a human to an insect, and from an insect back to a human, his brothers and friends left him one by one, and died one by one.

Eventually, he was left with just one belief, and it was this belief that supported him to survive to this day.

However, what Shao Bing said next shattered this belief completely.

"Mr. Chu, you are too naive. You did so many things for them in Jin Ling City, and even left Chu clan's technique to them, but do you know that, your aunt's family was forced to commit suicide?"

Chu Yunsheng felt sudden of dizziness. He dropped Shao Bing and staggered back. "What... what did you say..." His voice was shaking and his body was trembling.

"Several months ago, based on the information we gathered from Hong Kong, Jin Ling city suddenly appeared in the sky above New York City.

No one knew where they came from, all we know was that they have incredibly advanced technologies and powerful dark warriors.

Then the flying machines of the five alliances and Duo Neng race all flew towards New York, do you know how many of them? One hundred and twenty-seven of them!

They all thought that you died, so in order to get Chu clan's knowledge, they began to target your aunt's family! And when I say they, it includes the castellan of Sky City, your old subordinate Ding Yan!

So are you still going to choose them, chose those people who forced your family to commit suicide?

Only we are your true ally! Do you still not understand it? Chu Yunsheng!"

"You are lying! You are lying! Ding Yan is a smart man, he would not do it! I don't believe it...!" Chu Yunsheng shook his head and staggered further back, knocking down tables and chairs. However, there was a voice inside his head telling him it was real.

"You can ask the Ice messenger outside if this is real or not." Shao Bing said.

Chu Yunsheng's armor automatically deactivated. He was constantly murmuring something in his mouth and looking around.

"What are you looking for?" Shao Bing frowned. He sensed that something was wrong with Chu Yunsheng.

"No... you are lying, I just saw the little tiger, it was here, right here, I was petting it. You are lying, they are still alive, you must be lying, because I saw the little tiger." Chu Yunsheng was constantly moving the chairs and tables away in the room and murmured.

"Did you not see it? Where is it? Where did it go? " He continued.

"Mr. Chu, I know you are sad. But..." Shao Bing dragged up Chu Yunsheng and about to say something. But he was suddenly pushed away by Chu Yunsheng.

"I don't believe it, I'll find them. No matter where they are, I'll find them!" Chu Yunsheng ran out of the building and shouted.

"WAKE UP, they are already dead! " Shao Bing quickly followed.

"You, shut up! I'll kill you! Dark! Where are you!" Chu Yunsheng shouted.

The Ice messenger Li also appeared. "Chu, accept the reality. They Indeed committed suicide. When we got there and tried to save them, it was already too late. But don't believe everything Shao Bing said. Chu clan's disciples were also there that day. They were no better than any other forces."

Shao Bing instantly changed his expression and said. "Chu, we share the same ancestry, I won't lie to you! The Ice race is taking the advantage of..."

Li took out a broken necklace that was covered with blood and a broken tiger tooth from her pocket. She interrupted Shao Bing and said.

"This was the thing that the tiger you raised kept in its mouth. When it escaped from the encirclement, its mouth was shot by Duo Neng race's cannon. Despite it managed to run away, it dropped this. It was found by us in the debris later on. Everyone believed that you were dead, but that tiger still believed that you were alive."

Chu Yunsheng took over the necklace using his shaking hands. He recognized the necklace. It belonged to his aunt, and his aunty never took it off before. Looking at both bloody necklace and tiger tooth, Chu Yunsheng's body and soul couldn't stop shaking.

"You think I'll believe you just because of a necklace, a necklace..." He was trying to force himself to believe that they were not real, and everything was just a lie.

However, the more he said it, the more he could not stop himself to believe it.

'Chu Yunsheng! I'm begging you, do something! make yourself believe that they are lying. They are liars, none of them are good people. They are lying... They are lying...' He said to himself in his mind.

However, as if Li wanted to prove something, she gave another ice messenger a look and said. "if you still don't believe me, and don't want to face the reality, then I'll let you see a man. I believe that you will believe him."

Suddenly, the people in the crowd moved away. Then the other Ice messenger led a one-armed man toward them. Having seen Chu Yunsheng, the one-armed man suddenly ran towards him and knelt down. "Mr. Chu, I'm sorry...." He cried.

'Shanhe?' at that moment, Chu Yunsheng could not hold it anymore. He couldn't lie to himself anymore.

Suddenly, he felt that everything in front of him went black, and the foundation of his Rong Yuan body was like a building began to collapse quickly!

The storage talisman's special prevention mechanism suddenly failed, then a great resentment flooded out from the bow and began to rampage through his body.


All the Rong Yuan cells inside his body began to rupture rapidly, and he began to spit out blood.

But it didn't just stop there. Those remains of Rong Yuan cells began to reconstruct themselves in a completely opposite pattern in the great resentment.

The foundation of his Rong Yuan body began to appear like an upside-down skyscraper.

Then, a loud energy boom suddenly appeared in his mind.

Inverse Yuan Tian stage three completed.

Proofread by Nam Joo,


In chapter 378,

There was one sentence that Chu Yunsheng said in his dream. "Li I like you."

Both "Li" are exactly the same in spelling and in Chinese writing.

That's why Chu Yunsheng felt awkward.


Zhao Shanhe was the optimistic and cheerful young man who Chu Yunsheng met before he got into Jin Ling city. Remember the 7 warriors at the end of volume 2? he was the leader of those 7 warriors.


Please keep in mind that it is very easy to find out that Jin Ling city did not force Chu Yunsheng's aunty to commit suicide.

Shao Bing was obviously lying, so Chu Yunsheng could join them.


Nam Joo asked:

Didn't the alien races already attack the sky city? or he is just playing mind games with Chu Yunsheng? How come that the sky city is considered as a strong faction if they were defeated already?

Ben's answer:

Sky city is strong because it was able to deal with the attack from six alien races, plus Chu Clan combined. Also, not a single word in this chapter said sky city was defeated. But a few words implied that sky city suffered heavy losses. I don't want to spoil anything. But how Jin Ling city survived and why six alien races did not destroy Jin Ling city together will be explained in the later volumes. One more thing needed to take into consideration. "Ding Yan is a smart man." a very very smart man!


Please also keep in mind that my answer is not always correct. Because I am also a reader. LOL


Edit 1: I actually went to discuss this chapter with other Chinese readers because I have some questions. But holy shit, this chapter is more complicated than I thought.