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Chapter 403 night, chaos!

 Chapter 403 night, chaos!

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Before the man could finish talking, Chu Yunsheng suddenly dashed forward, and before they realize what was going on, the priceless weapon they were holding became scraps after three rays of light.

No one saw what Chu Yunsheng did. In the next moment, those light rays cut into their body and destroyed their combat suits.


Blood instantly burst out. Two dead, one heavily injured.


The heavily injured man struggled and took out a flare gun from his combat suit. He tried his best to fire it using his shaking hands before he finally passed out.

It was an orange alert flare, it was only one level lower than the red flare which was used only during the insect's attack.

Tang Yi was gasped in shock. What she heard and what she saw in person was two completely different things. Only now did she finally understood the real meaning of 'unmeasurable' when her teacher mentioned it.

All the security patrols, whether they were nearby or far away, they all looked up into the sky. Within just a few minutes, all the communication channels of Shu Du city suddenly became unprecedentedly busy.

"Orange signal, 10th avenue, investigate, immediately! "


"The dark studio's Princess was kidnapped, her bodyguards were killed. Intention, unknown!"


"Warning! The target broke through the first blockade!"


"Warning! The target has entered the sixth avenue, the second blockade has failed!"


"Warning! The target speeded up again. The third interception has failed. Dark Studio has dispatched its elite force!"


"Warning! The target has killed the fourth most powerful energy manipulation master and broken through the first batch of energy manipulation master's interception!"


"Warning! The elite force has failed to stop the man! Request reinforcement immediately!"


Gen Zi gasped in shock while looking at the chaos outside the windows.

He couldn't believe that all of this was caused by the man who he was living with.

All the forces in the city seemed to be called out. Many troops were gathered on the streets. The air around the city suddenly became tense. Those who didn't know what was going on, all thought that it was insect's attack.

The situation has already progressed to such an extent that Gen Zi felt like he must let Lu Ting knew about this.

However, before he could get out of the hotel, he was pushed back into the hall of the hotel by a group of people.

"Mr.Lv(Gen Zi), I'm Tang Yi's father. Could you tell me what happened?" a man with glasses walked into the hotel and said to him after he was restrained onto a chair.

"Of course, of course. I'm sorry. I didn't know that she is your daughter. Otherwise... otherwise..." Gen Zi instinctively wanted to stand up from his chair, but he was instantly pressed down by two people next to him.

Tang Mingchen waved his hand and said. "Thank you, you can start now. I need all the details. It is very important."

Looking at the President of the union who was sitting on the left of Tang Mingchen and a high ranking military officer who was sitting on the right of Tang Mingchen, Gen Zi was swallowing very hard.

"I really didn't know she is your daughter... I... I... was being stupid, I had a sex with my woman.... But I didn't expect elder Sun would have such big reaction...

Then he dragged miss Tang away, I was trying to stop them. But he was too fast..."

"We know what happened next, but did he say anything before he ran out? Think about it carefully before you reply." Tang Mingchen nodded his head and said.

Gen Zi thought for a second and said. "I heard he kept shouting shut up.... Oh right, he also mentioned about the barrack..."

Just when he finished, the high ranking military officer instantly frowned his brows. According to all the reports, the target was indeed heading towards the barrack. But why? He wondered.

"Inform all the troops to set up defensive positions at the barrack immediately!" the high ranking military officer said to the staff officer behind him.

It was at this moment, a female officer walked towards them and said quietly to the three influential people. "Here is the record of the girl's answer. The doctor has also checked her body. There is indeed a sign of sexual intercourse."

Tang Mingchen quickly went through the record and then passed it to the other two people who were sitting next to him. "They are telling the truth. So president Yang, could you ask your Vice President Li about the background of this Sun Sheng..."


"Raise the warning level! Raise the warning level! Require reinforcement and fire assistant immediately, require...ah..."


"The second batch energy manipulation master interception has failed! The target is heading the barrack! The target is heading the barrack! Repeat, the target is heading to the barrack!"


"The most powerful energy manipulation master in Shu Du city has arrived at the barrack!"


"The Military alert level has been raised to the red warning. The first line of defense has been set up!"


"The negotiation expert has arrived. The city has deployed a level-one martial law. Anyone who dares to cause further trouble in the city will be killed on the spot!"


Many warning flares were fired into the sky constantly. The sky of Shu Du city was already filled with red smokes causing fear to all the civilian who didn't know what was going on.

On the cold street under dim street lights, three hundred elite soldiers who dressed in black combat suits were making the steady, regular marching step trying to narrow down the encirclement.

On the other end of the street, a group of phantom union's combat unit with high-tier combat armors also trying to chase up with Chu Yunsheng.

In the sky, helicopter's searchlight has already locked on Chu Yunsheng who was standing in the middle of the street.

In the windows of the buildings that were on both sides of the road, many guns were aimed at Chu Yunsheng and ready to fire.


Chu Yunsheng clenched his bloody spear tightly. He once again calmed down mysteriously.

"Sun Sheng wake up, it is not too late to go back!" Tang Yi urged.

"It is too late." He took a deep breath and the pointed the bloody spear at her neck and said. "Sorry, you need to be my hostage for a while. But don't worry, I'll definitely kill gentleman San later."

Seeing the troops were getting closer and closer to them, Tang Yi urged again. "Sun Sheng, listen to me! I don't want you to kill gentleman San. Stop acting like a madman. If you carry on like this, we will die!"

"What are you afraid of? They are coming to save you. Keep going!" Chu Yunsheng pushed her and slowly walked forward.

"Sun Sheng, you don't understand. This is no longer a kidnap for them. You are trying to break into the barrack. They will kill me as well! That's two completely different things!" Tang Yi said hurriedly.

"Tell me where Shao bing normally stays at in the barrack?" Chu Yunsheng raised his head, looked at the helicopter in the sky and said.

"Trust me, it is still not too late to go back, I know how to get away to with..."


"Sun Sheng, you are being surrounded! Drop your weapon and hand over the girl!" A man shouted at Chu Yunsheng using a megaphone.

"Sun Sheng, all the three major forces have sent out their most powerful troops, you can't win. Listen to them, please, drop your weapon, okay?" Tang Yi was trying to turn around to talk to Chu Yunsheng.

"Keep walking, it is not that easy as you think." Chu Yunsheng pushed her again and said.

"Then, can you tell me who you are?" Tang Yi's heart suddenly skipped a beat.

"It doesn't matter to you. People who need to know may already know it. People who shouldn't know, it will be better off not knowing it." Chu Yunsheng said.

"Elder Sun, please don't do anything stupid! Remember what I said at the beginning?" Lu Ting shouted hurriedly from Chu Yunsheng's back.

It was at this moment, an advanced electronic car drove into the street behind the 300 soldiers.

The officer who was in charge of the operation immediately ran towards the car and reported the situation to the three people who just got off the car.

"The situation is under the control, the target is holding a hostage, and refused to surrender. However, all the possible escape routes have been blocked by us. He won't be able to run away. He has just mentioned the negotiation request, he wants to see..."

Tang Mingchen took over the megaphone from his hand, and just when he wanted to walk towards the front, he saw gentleman San took over the megaphone from the negotiation expert's hand and said. "Sun Sheng, I am Li Heyun, I can guarantee your safety, and help you to set up a meeting with... but please let go of Miss Tang first..."

Chu Yunsheng shook his head and said coldly "you are not qualified to talk to me. I have already named my request, bring the man here!"

Li Heyun's face was livid. He felt like he was being slapped in the face in front of everyone.

Tang Mingchen walked toward Li Heyun and waved his hands at Li Heyun to signal him that it was okay. He then used his megaphone and said. "Mr. Sun, I have already sent someone to get Colonel Shao, he will be here in a moment. I am Tang Yi's father, I think I am qualified to talk to you."

"I will only talk to him. You have one minute. If he is not here in a minute, I will find him personally." Chu Yunsheng said again.

The high ranking military officer who was next Tang Mingchen said coldly. "Sun Sheng, don't be so arrogant. Who do you think you are? You really think you can break into the barrack?"

It was at this moment, a tranquil voice suddenly came from behind them. "You are indeed not qualified to talk to him."

"Ice messenger?"

"Lord Ice messenger, why are you..."


The leader of the three major forces immediately walked aside, and looked at the woman in shock.

"Chu, it is nice to see you again." said a woman who dressed in a snow-white dress and having an alluring smile on her face.

Instantly everyone was stunned.

Proofread by Nam Joo,