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Chapter 399 Shut up

 Chapter 399 Shut up

Proofread by Nam Joo,

"Thank you. I am flattered. But I think he was mainly injured by falling off the cliff. I was just lucky. I am certainly no match for you." Chu Yunsheng answered perfunctorily and was about to leave. He was more concerned about the map at the moment.

"Brother, I am returning someone a favor. So it is not up to you to decide." Feng Jian once again stopped Chu Yunsheng, and then took a quick glance at those young masters that were not far from him.

He had checked the injury of 'Big Bear'. His bones and internal organs were broken by a powerful impact. It was very bad.

Although Big Bear was not a smart guy, his overall strength was ranked the 11th amongst all the energy manipulation masters in Shu Du City. So Feng Jian hoped that this Sun Sheng guy was telling the truth.

It wasn't that he was scared of this Sun Sheng person. It was that he didn't really want to lose control of the fight. Especially in the place that was controlled by Dark Studio.

Although he was doing young master Qi a favor, he didn't really want to offend Dark studio. Young master Qi also was not a stupid person, he must have explained to the girl and her father what was going to happen already.

Speaking of Dark Studio, it was a big mystery in Shu Du City. It has been troubling all other forces in Shu Du City since the day it was established. Many forces have done countless investigations in secret. However, they still couldn't figure out where they got the ideas and inspirations to invent so many types of magical equipment.

In the beginning, people thought that they were supported by the Ice Race. However, when the Ice messenger visited the city, they noticed that the Ice messenger treated Dark Studio the same as other forces inside the city.

After clearing the suspicion of the Ice Race's support. It made Dark Studio even more mysterious.

It wasn't that other forces hadn't tried to work together and taken control of Dark Studio by force. However, after the 'thruster incident' where the most powerful energy manipulation master was killed instantly on the spot when they tried to force entry the main building of Dark Studio, no one dared to touch them again since.

Actually, saying no one dared to touch was not correct. In order to solve the mystery, many secret operations were still ongoing to this day. There were even secret plans on going inside this birthday celebration party, and what Feng Jian was doing now was executing his plan.

Chu Yunsheng looked at Gentleman San hoping that he could come here to help him to solve this trouble. However, Gentleman San just looked aside.

'Huh! Bastard, I am helping you to gain reputation. You are doing this to me!' Chu Yunsheng snorted and thought.

"I want to go to the toilet." Chu Yunsheng refused.

"I'll wait." Feng Jian smiled.

"Then, you win!" Chu Yunsheng immediately said.

Feng Jian was dazed for a second, he didn't expect that Chu Yunsheng didn't even have the courage to fight him. But this was not what he wanted. He needed to defeat gentleman San's man, he needed to make gentleman San lose face. So the young master Qi would gain some reputation over this fight.

"Brother Feng, it's a birthday party. Please, can we pick another day and at other places" Lu Ting also gathered his courage and said.

"No, brother, we need to do it today." Feng Jian blocked Chu Yunsheng once again.

Chu Yunsheng suddenly frowned. The connection to the map suddenly resumed again, and it was pointing at the building which the group of offers just went in.

With the location of the map not far from him, Chu Yunsheng instantly lost his patience.

"I said, I do not have time!" Chu Yunsheng suddenly changed his tone and said coldly.

Feng Jian's pupils suddenly dilated. He was shocked to notice that the aura of that coward man suddenly changed as if he became a different person.

But it didn't intimidate him. He was the man who likes challenges. Otherwise, he wouldn't be called the most powerful sword master in Shu Du city.

"Fuck off!" Seeing Feng Jian still blocking his way, Chu Yunsheng cursed and reached his hands out wanting to push him away.

Time was limited, he didn't know when the connection would be cut off again. So he needed to leave immediately.

"No, Sun Sheng, please no..." Lu Ting immediately tried to stop him from behind.

"No gun? You..." Feng Jian's smiling face instantly froze and he also stopped talking.

Because he suddenly felt an incredible power surround Chu Yunsheng's hand. He felt that if he doesn't use energy to protect him now, he would end up like Big Bear.

'This man was lying! He didn't defeat big bear by luck!' Feng Jian thought.

At the same time, he quickly activated his fire energy ability and used a standard military close combat technique trying to catch Chu Yunsheng's hand.

Looking at the fight broke out all of sudden, the people around then all stood up and moved away. But the people far away from them all tried to squeeze towards them to see the fight. Some young masters even started to bet on how long Chu Yunsheng would be able to hold on.

Feng Jian's fire energy was indeed very powerful. In Chu Yunsheng's ranking system, Feng Jian's initial attack was as powerful as a Dark Warrior King's attack.

However, he still made a terrible mistake. He didn't use all his power because he was worried about causing any trouble in the party. But Chu Yunsheng was different.

Feng Jian's face change several times when he caught Chu Yunsheng's hand. The fire burst out from his hand instantly surrounded Chu Yunsheng. However, He still couldn't stop the hand pushing toward him.


After Chu Yunsheng's hand touched Feng Jian's chest, Feng Jian was instantly knocked backward and fell to the ground. Without the energy supply, the fire that surrounded Chu Yunsheng quickly disappeared.

Everyone was gasped in shock.

'What happened? Is this supposed to be a joke? How come the sword master who ranked the fifth powerful man in Shu Du City got defeated by a nobody.'

"I said, I need to go to the toilet!" Chu Yunsheng said coldly to Feng Jian who was laying on the ground.

At that moment, someone came out of the group and pointed at him. Just when the person was about to say something. Chu Yunsheng immediately stopped the person.

"Shut up!" Chu Yunsheng said coldly and quickly left the place.

He didn't have time to waste here. He needed to catch up with that group of offers.

Only after Chu Yunsheng left the place did not person finally dare to murmur quietly: "Your ass is on fire..."

Proofread by Nam Joo,