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Chapter 398 Intimate Behaviour

 Chapter 398 Intimate Behaviour

Proofread by Nam Joo,

Both young master Lin and young master Qi's ideas were absolutely diabolical. If Chu Yunsheng met the girl in private, with her age, she probably wouldn't ask any tricky questions. But now, standing in front of all the smart people in Shu Du city? Chu Yunsheng didn't think he would be able to fool anyone.

However, emcee had already called him. He had no other choice.

Lu Ting was worried about his life, Gentleman San was concerned that it might affect his family. Chu Yunsheng, on the other hand, didn't have that much pressure. If it weren't for those aunties back in Niu Jia yard village, he would just simply leave.

Chu Yunsheng stood on the stage before everyone and cleared his throat. He glanced around noticing that Tang Yi was smiling at him.

"Hello everyone. First, I'd like to say that I'm extremely honored to be invited here tonight, and I'm very grateful to be called out to give a speech. Secondly, I'd like to change some of emcee's words. The task was given to me by Gentleman San, and the entire mission was led by Gentleman San personally.

It was because of his excellent leadership that we could discover the body earlier, and move it back to the city easily." Chu Yunsheng lied without even change his facial expression.

"We all have heard his side of the story. We want to hear your side of the story!" Immediately, someone said loudly.

"Yes, that's right. Just tell us your side of the story." Some people quickly agreed.

Chu Yunsheng sneered, those people were definitely not on good terms with the Gentleman San's family. He then looked at Gentleman San.

Seeing him nodded his head, Chu Yunsheng stopped for a second to organize his words and then said: "Since you all insisted, then I'll simply briefly my work.

At that time, based on the estimated incident location, Gentleman San selected a few key areas that were most likely to have the insect's body. The one I was sent to was...

So as Gentleman San expected. The body of the monster was indeed there."

Everyone was looking at Chu Yunsheng with disdain. Including that girl whose name was Tang Yi. She didn't like Chu Yunsheng this type of bootlicker at all.

"There are so many people, why only you discovered it?" Just when Chu Yunsheng stopped. Someone suddenly asked.

"Probably I was lucky. But if Gentleman San didn't order me to go there, my luck was useless."

"But I have heard people from the union saying that you are from outside." Some people continued asking.

It was at this moment, Chu Yunsheng was suddenly hit by a strange mind force from inside the mansion that was behind him. Luckily, the mind force was very weak. It didn't even get to alarm the ancient book before it was shattered by Chu Yunsheng consciousness.

Chu Yunsheng's face instantly dropped. He turned around and looked at his back, but he didn't find anything. So he turned back and carried on: "Because I need to keep my work as secret as possible. So, not many people know about me." He said while still frowning his brows.

"What exactly is your job? Why we have not heard of such a department before?"

Chu Yunsheng said sternly: "I am in no position to answer this question. If you are interested, you can consult the relevant department in the union."

"I heard that you can find energy appendages without relying on any instruments?"

Chu Yunsheng smiled and said: "Every energy manipulation master more or less is able to feel energy fluctuations. I just happen to be trained to specialize in such area. If you like I can show you how to do it later on."

"I have a question!" Suddenly the representative of the Ice messenger Miao Hui asked.


"Apart from the insect's body, did you notice anything else? For example, a black colored monster or a man that was wearing a rolled-up balaclava hat?"

Chu Yunsheng paused for a second to pretend that he was trying to think, and then said: "No, nothing unusual at that place."

Miao Hui nodded his head, she didn't carry on asking.

"I also have a question." Tang Yi said while having a strange smile on her face. Shen then pointed a man and asked: "Do you know who he is?"

Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a second. If he could do something to the girl, he would definitely kick her right now.

The question she asked was very tricky. If he didn't know the answer, then it meant that he was definitely not from the phantom union. Otherwise, how come he didn't know the name of that person.

Fortunately, before the banquet started, Chu Yunsheng tried to remember everyone's name. So he immediately remembered who the person was.

"Of course, who doesn't know chief Wu's name." said Chu Yunsheng.

"I hope my answer satisfied your curiosity." Chu Yunsheng added.

"Huh!" Tang Yi snorted. It seemed like she was not happy at all.

However, Chu Yunsheng didn't have time to play with her, so he carried on said.

"Thank you, everyone, if you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to ask our Gentleman San, since he was the one that led the entire operation."

"Captain Lu, how was my answer?" After returning to his place, Chu Yunsheng asked Lu Ting.

Lu Ting raised his thumb and said: "You can even be the spokesperson of the union. Haha..."

Chu Yunsheng also smiled.

Seeing people clustered around Tang Yi and sang the happy birthday song for her, Chu Yunsheng suddenly remembered that he seemed to have lost the birthday present that Jing Tian gave to him.

After cutting the cake, it was time for the main food. Chu Yunsheng who had finished his task was asked to go to a corner table.

He didn't know whether he was sent to the corner table by someone on purpose or it was just a pure coincidence.

Wang Yi who was shot by him several times back when they were in the mountain was also on that table, and it seemed like he was injured.

Looking at Wang Yi glaring at him, Chu Yunsheng sat down unconcernedly. He didn't think that the man would dare to attack him here.

But what surprised Chu Yunsheng next was that, after the birthday girl thanked everyone who sat in the front. She walked straight towards him with a bottle of red wine.

Lu Ting immediately stood up while dragging Chu Yunsheng up as well.

The girl seemed to have forgotten about what happened before. She smiled at Chu Yunsheng, raised her wine glass and said: "I really like that combat armor, thank you for discovering that body."

"You should thank Gentleman San. Not me." Chu Yunsheng carried on his lie.

"Oh really?" she giggled. In the next second, she did one thing that shocked everyone around her.

The girl suddenly approached Chu Yunsheng, stood on her tiptoes and whispered into Chu Yunsheng's ear: "I know you are lying. You can not fool me."

Chu Yunsheng smiled. But he didn't say anything this time.

Seeing Chu Yunsheng didn't respond to her, the girl pinched Chu Yunsheng's nose playfully and whispered something into Chu Yunsheng's ear again. However, this time, there were no words coming out of her mouth.

But to other people, it looked like the princess of Dark Studio was having an intimate conversation with Chu Yunsheng.

Apart from her father, the girl was famously for being indifferent to any man in Shu Du city. So her action instantly attracted many people's attention.

In some tables that were at the front of the banquet, several young masters who were closely watching the actions of the princess of Dark Studio instantly stood up from their chairs.

Even the mother of Tang Yi was also surprised. The chopsticks she was holding also stopped in the mid-air.

Originally Chu Yunsheng could easily avoid everything. However, Lu Ting who seemed to worry about Chu Yunsheng might do something inappropriate, was standing in his back blocking his way.

Chu Yunsheng's first reaction was that the girl was flirting with him. But then he immediately realized that it was not that. Looking at some young masters were glaring at him, Chu Yunsheng knew that once he got out of this banquet, there would be endless troubles.

The girl slowly moved back, she gave Chu Yunsheng a last seemingly friendly smile and then left his table.

When the main meal was done, a middle-aged man with an imposing appearance stopped him.

"Can I help you?" Just now Chu Yunsheng saw a group of military officers came to the banquet very late. But when he was just about to approach them to see if he could find anything strange, he was stopped by the man.

"I have heard that Big Bear was heavily injured because of you. I admire your ability. So I don't know if you have time, I'd like to exchange some fighting experience with you. What do you say." the middle-aged man smiled and said.

Lu Ting immediately felt that something was not right. He whispered to Chu Yunsheng: "He is Feng Jian, amongst all the energy manipulation masters in Shu Du city, he ranked the fifth!"

Proofread by Nam Joo,



In most martial art/ Xianxia novels if someone wants to exchange fighting experience with someone. Most likely the person is asking for a duel.