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Chapter 396 Okay, I know what to do

 Chapter 396 Okay, I know what to do

Lead editor: Zeroth Deuce Twitter: @ZerothDeuce,

Other contributors: Nam Joo, Damnation,

"That girl?" Chu Yunsheng frowned.

Lu Ting nodded his head and gave him a signal to follow him. When they got into a car and locked the door, Lu Ting took out a black colored ID document and passed it to Chu Yunsheng. "This is the ID that gentleman San temporarily made for you in a rush."

"What do you mean?" Chu Yunsheng looked through the document repeatedly and asked.

"Let me briefly explain. This document proves that you're one of gentleman San's men, as it was he who ordered you to find the body. We were just there to help you move it. Got it?"

"Who is gentleman San?" Chu Yunsheng looked at him and asked.

"The son of the vice-president of the phantom union. Amongst the descendants of the other vice-presidents, he was ranked number three, so everyone calls him gentleman San."(1) Lu Ting glanced around and said quietly. Since the secret meeting with gentleman San last night, he had a bad feeling about this whole thing.

"What gentleman San meant was that although you are working for the union, you actually work for him secretly. It was just that no one knew about it. The entire mission of discovering the insect's body was led by him." Lu Ting carried on explaining.

Chu Yunsheng sneered, "So basically he wanted to claim all the credit."

Apart from this, Chu Yunsheng really couldn't think of any other reasons why this gentleman San would want to do this.

Lu Ting nodded his head, "Yes. So don't forget about what I've told you during the banquet tomorrow. I still need to take you to see gentleman San later. He still has other things he needs to tell you."

Chu Yunsheng shook his head, "Probably not that easy. Ripper Shen and the Niu Jia Yard village all know about my situation. So I don't think he could fool anybody."

"That's why he said that you're working secretly under him. If you made any mistake, not just you, everyone: me, you, my team, the whole of Niu Jia yard village will be killed. "Lu Ting gritted his teeth and replied sternly.

Chu Yunsheng's face instantly dropped, "Just to prove to that girl, who hasn't fully grown her pubic hair, that he is competent?!"

Chu Yunsheng's reply scared the hell out of Lu Ting. It was the first time he had heard anyone dare say something like this about the Dark studio's Princess. If any one of those Young masters had heard this, they would have been found dead tomorrow morning on the street.

He immediately stopped Chu Yunsheng, "Elder Sun please, don't say anything like that in the future again. People will die because of this and it isn't because he's just trying to attract that girl's attention. There are some other reasons as well."

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head, "Don't worry, I know what to do. You still haven't told me though why that girl wants to see me."

"It was Wang Yi, that bastard. Originally, gentleman San had other plans, and there was no us in those plans. However, after the young master Lin heard Wang Yi's report, he and the Young master Qi deliberately leaked information about how the body was really found to that girl. That's why she wants to see you." Lu Ting explained helplessly.

"Is it only she that wants to see me?" Chu Yunsheng contemptuously smiled. He didn't believe it was that simple. Lu Ting might be hiding something from him or maybe he might simply not know anything else about it.

"What do you mean?" Lu Ting replied. However, Chu Yunsheng couldn't tell if he really was confused or just pretending.

"Nothing, just asking. Take me to see gentleman San." Chu Yunsheng calmly took the ID and said.

"Okay, but don't make any mistakes. Otherwise..." Lu Ting reminded him again.

"Okay, I know what to do." Chu Yunsheng casually replied while thinking about if it was really worth helping that man cover up his fake story.

Since he was the first one that discovered the body, many people had definitely already begun to investigate his background behind the scenes. So, there was definitely more than one person who wanted to see him because he might have also seen the person that the military was looking for.

However, this was equally a great opportunity for him as well.

The person that carried the map had appeared in the area of the dark studio many times and they were also able to move freely in the heavily guarded places of all the major forces. It meant that that person was definitely someone important in the city. Therefore, they would definitely appear in the banquet tomorrow.

If everything went well, he might even get the map tomorrow.

"There is one more thing. don't tell Gen Zi anything about this. The fewer people who know about this, the safer we are." Lu Ting started the car and waved at Gen Zi and Elder Wei.


It was in the presidential suite of Zong Fu Hotel where Chu Yunsheng saw gentleman San that Lu Ting had talked about. To his surprise, the young man was very polite. His friendly and sunny face was always filled with a smile. He also opened a bottle of precious red wine to welcome them, it made Lu Ting feel very flattered.

The content of their conversation was nothing more than expressing his appreciation of Chu Yunsheng's ability, and trying to understand his past. During the entire conversation, the man did not mention a single word about the fake story and how they were going to try and fool the girl. Of course, Chu Yunsheng did not say a single truthful word throughout the entire conversation. Otherwise, the man that sat nervously throughout the whole meeting would not be Lu Ting, it would be that young man.

About two hours later, when Chu Yunsheng felt that he had nothing more to say. Gentleman San finally decided to end the meeting and ask Lu Ting to send him back to the 10 dollar hotel.

Right before he left, gentleman San casually took out a sketch and asked Chu Yunsheng to have a look. The sketch was exactly like the one that the military was holding two days ago when he got down from the mountain.

On the way back, Lu Ting said that he was very happy about Chu Yunsheng's behavior during the meeting. Nevertheless, he still kept reminding Chu Yunsheng not to make any mistakes at tomorrow's banquet.

"Captain Lu, are you not scared that after this is over, they will kill us to cover up their secrets once and for all?" before Chu Yunsheng got into the hotel, he suddenly asked.

"As long as we have value, they will use us." Lu Ting smiled.



When Chu Yunsheng entered the door, he instantly smelled alcohol and someone's vomit.

"Fuck off....don't touch me..." Gen Zi pushed away the girl who was trying to help him and then vomited into the toilet bowl.

"He is drunk.... What are you doing?" Chu Yunsheng asked bewilderedly while looking at the girl who was trying to collect the vomit from the ground.

The timid girl was scared to answer his question. But Gen Zi seemed to have heard it. "El.... Elder... Sun was ....asking you... a question...!" he pushed the girl again and said.

"It... it still looks still edible, so... I want to give it to my mom..." the girl's voice was getting lower and lower until Chu Yunsheng could not hear it at all.

Gen Zi suddenly got up from the ground and began to beat the girl and cursed, "How many times... I have told... you... not... to mention... mom or dad.... "

"Enough!" Chu Yunsheng picked him up by his collar and threw him back into the room. He then turned around and gave the girl, who was using both of her hands to try and cover her head, an energy banknote, "Buy me a pack of cigarette and the rest is yours. Buy some good food for your mom and throw all that away."

The girl hesitated. She was still looking at Gen Zi who was inside the room and did not dare to move.

"Go, I will watch him." Chu Yunsheng pushed the money into her hand and said.

It was only until Gen Zi was about to shout again, that the girl quickly got up, bowed at Chu Yunsheng and then left the room with the box that had Gen Zi's vomit.

"Elder Sun, you bastard. How dare you? You hit me?" Gen Zi wanted to get up, but he was so drunk that he could not even get up from the ground.

"So what, I can't hit you?" Chu Yunsheng put aside the clothes that gentleman San prepared for him for the banquet tomorrow and said.

"Good, you should punch me harder! Come on!" Gen Zi was rolling around on the ground and said.

Chu Yunsheng did not want to waste time talking to a drunk man. He glanced outside the window. He just wanted to find a quiet place to modify the mask that he took from Zhi Wu forest in case he might need it tomorrow.

Gen Zi was constantly murmuring about something, but Chu Yunsheng did not catch any of it. Only when he was about to get outside did he finally hear that Gen Zi was actually crying on the ground: "Elder Sun, I'm in pain. I wanted to save my mom and dad. I wanted to save them....but I could not... I am not a good son... I am worse than an animal.... Kill me Elder Sun... kill me... please...."

Chu Yunsheng walked over, knocked him out and sighed. He then closed the door and left the hotel.

When he walked past a street next to the hotel, he saw an old woman with disheveled hair and dressed in ragged clothes engulfing something in a box in front of a girl, whom he seemed to be familiar, with under the dim streetlights.

Lead editor: Zeroth Deuce Twitter: @ZerothDeuce,

Other contributors: Nam Joo, Damnation,


Ben Chan: Fuck me, the most disgusting chapter I have translated so far.


Zeroth Deuce: It still paints a pretty good picture though of the kind of desperation that some people are experiencing. Although, I did almost throw up.

Damnation: Never cook eggs and cheese with spaghetti sauce.


Damnation: Fun fact for those who don't know Chinese characters. San means three. And he is the third offspring so gentlemen San is a nickname based on the order he was born in.