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Chapter 395 someone wants to see you

 Chapter 395 someone wants to see you

Lead editor: Zeroth Deuce Twitter: @ZerothDeuce,

Other contributors: Nam Joo, Damnation,

"Elder Sun, can you believe it?" Gen Zi instantly stopped the girl. Although she was trying to prove her loyalty desperately, he didn't plan to let her do it at the moment.

Chu Yunsheng still couldn't make himself feel numb to the things that happened around him. The powerless ordinary girl reminded him of his cousin Jing Tian. How many days have passed since Jin Ling city disappeared? If the people and the order of Shu Du city have changed to such a point. Would Jin Ling city be the same if it still existed? Without him, would his aunt's family be bullied by other people?

Chu Yunsheng didn't dare to carry on thinking about it. He didn't know why that whenever he thought of his aunt's family, he would not be able to control himself to think of the worst.

So he just simply nodded his head to respond to Gen Zi's question, and decided that he must find the last two maps as soon as possible.

"Oh?" Gen Zi let go of the girl and laughed. "Okay, if you believe her, I'll believe her. Haha... god, why I am so happy today?"

"Thank you... thank you..." the girl was finally relieved, and she suddenly sat down on the ground weakly.

"Don't thank me, thank elder Sun, without him. I would definitely sell you." Gen Zi suddenly said viciously.

What Gen Zi meant was that she needed to thank Chu Yunsheng for helping him making a fortune on this trip. It was because of him that he was in a good mood, and it was because he was in a good mood, that he didn't punish her.

However, how would the girl know about this? Gen Zi's harsh words and stern face startled her once again. She immediately turned around and began to continually thank Chu Yunsheng.

"Don't just stay there. Take my badge and go to the canteen to get food for us. We haven't eaten yet!" Gen Zi took a sip of water and said loudly.

The girl quickly got up, took the badge and the food box and ran out of the room.

"What do you think? Elder Sun, This girl isn't bad, right? In fact, even if she had 10 times the amount of courage, she still would not dare to have affair with the toy boy next door. Sister Rong always likes to make a big fuss over nothing. I am not stupid like her." Gen Zi lit up a cigarette and passed one to Chu Yunsheng and jokingly continued: "But brother I don't have habits of sharing my woman with others. So... maybe you can ask the hotel employee Xiao Yang to help you find one for yourself."

"I am not planning to stay here for long." Chu Yunsheng picked up something that looked like a banknote from the table and replied.

"I've heard from the Captain that you have relatives in the city. You should stop looking for them. This place has already changed a lot. Don't mention that even if you could find them, even if you did find them, they may already be dead or have lost their mind. Similar things have happened way too often. You know why An Zi doesn't talk so much. He also came to the city to find his relatives, but all he found were bodies after bodies. From the very day that he found the last body, he has never talked since." Gen Zi shook his head and sighed.

"I have to find them, no matter what!" Chu Yunsheng said coldly. Gen Zi's words seemed to have touched something in Chu Yunsheng's mind.

Gen Zi was dazed for a second. An Zi said the exact words when he had first come to the city. "Sigh, elder Sun, just listen to me. You need to live for yourself. With your ability to find energy appendages without using any equipment, you can easily live better than most people. Why do you have to make yourself suffer?" Gen Zi sighed again.

The event that occurred earlier about Chu Yunsheng using a gun to defeat Wang Yi and just one kick to send a metal elemental energy manipulation master into the air, Gen Zi didn't know anything about. He was solely asked to move the body away before the fight began. Later on, probably because of doubts, Lu Ting didn't tell any other members anything about it. He also warned the other members who stayed behind not to say anything.

That was why Gen Zi only knew that Chu Yunsheng had one ability which was to find energy appendages without using any equipment.

If Lu Ting didn't tell Gen Zi, Chu Yunsheng also would not tell him. After the cigarette, the girl came back with the food.

There were three portions of meat congee, one bun, and one egg.

Chu Yunsheng was shocked, extremely shocked. Bun and eggs, he hadn't seen those two ingredients in ages, but Shu Du city still had them?

Seeing Chu Yunsheng's surprised face, Gen Zi explained. "When Captain sent you over last night, he asked the hotel canteen to prepare this especially for you. He paid using his own money. Bun and egg, this kind of thing, we can only eat once a week. Haha. But don't worry, these things are from the special breeding farms in the city. They are all fresh, not everyone can eat them."

"Paid using this?" Chu Yunsheng picked up the strange bank note again and said.

"Yes, the note was issued by Qi family's energy bank. Since the day the bank was established, they have been implementing the energy standard monetary system, and the energy is exchanged based on the number that is shown on the note. Their reputation is as strong as steel, never once had a problem."

"The energy you've all collected is all stored in this bank?" It was the first time Chu Yunsheng heard such information, so he was quite curious.

"There are a total of three energy banks in Shu Du city. However Qi family is the one that controls more than half of the energy storage. Once the war broke out, even the military needed to borrow energy from them. So where else do you think we can store our energy?" Gen Zi laughed.

"If the energy is so important, why doesn't the military want to control it themselves?" Chu Yunsheng was confused. He clearly remembered that in Jin Ling city the military was the one that controlled all the supplies.

"They also want to control it. However, if you think about it, the energy doesn't come from the military. It comes from all the combat units, and energy manipulation masters. There are so many parties involved in this: the people from Dark Studio, phantom union, even the members of the military are also involved in this. So as long as it doesn't affect the war with the insects, no one dares to interfere with the system. Besides, ever since the chaos began, it's been proved, time and time again, that Shu Du city does indeed need this kind of system." Gen Zi explained.

Chu Yunsheng was listening to Gen Zi explain how the system works while eating his food. As he understood it, the city had formed a preliminary dark age system. For example, the Qi family needed Dark Studio to develop equipment for them to store the energy. While at the same time, the studio needed someone to store and manage a lot of energy for them. Even if they temporarily ran out of energy, they could loan it from the bank. So in this sense, both parties were closely tied together.

After the food, Chu Yunsheng told Gen Zi that he needed to look for his family members. He kindly declined Gen Zi's invitation to take him to see the city, but still borrowed some money from him.

After he got out of the hotel, he hired a cycle rickshaw that was waiting outside and headed toward the west city entrance.

The rickshaw's hiring fee was quite cheap, even if Chu Yunsheng gave the man the smallest note he had, the man was still not able to get him any change. So in the end, Chu Yunsheng hired him for the entire day. He could also use the time he had on the rickshaw to cultivate some energy.

The long-haired young man seemed to have already arrived at the west entrance for quite a long time. When he saw Chu Yunsheng, he quickly approached him and said respectfully.: "Brother, you look very refreshing today."

Chu Yunsheng took out both a 100 and a 50 Lun banknote and said, "Get on and tell me everything you know about the city."

In fact, Chu Yunsheng could have asked Lu Ting or Gen Zi to take him to see the city, and get more information about it from them. However, he didn't want to raise any more suspicions. Although Lu Ting didn't say anything, Chu Yunsheng wasn't stupid enough to think that he didn't notice anything.

He had the long-haired young man as a guide to tell him all about the streets, the buildings and the surroundings of some areas that they couldn't access Chu Yunsheng spent almost a full day to familiarise himself with the city. The young man even took him to see some big food companies like Lin family's food corporate. According to him, every food company spent a huge amount of energy to purify insect meat and maintain the systems on their farms.

The connection to the map went on and off all the time, and the person that must have had the map was also moving all the time. There was one time that the location of the map appeared inside the heavily guarded military barrack! When Chu Yunsheng got near the barrack, he even saw a strange flying machine take off vertically.

For the whole day, apart from cultivating energy on the rickshaw, he didn't find much useful information. The long-haired young man told him that he knew a man who worked part-time at Dark Studio, so if Chu Yunsheng needed anything from him, he might be able to help.

However, Chu Yunsheng didn't believe that the man would have the ability to help him get into the dark studio, so he decided to go back to the hotel.

When Chu Yunsheng got back to the hotel, Gen Zi and Elder Wei were waiting outside for him. They told him that they were going to a place that was full of energy manipulation masters, and asked if he wanted to go with them.

Thinking that it might help him get some useful information, Chu Yunsheng didn't refuse this time.


After three people sat down, Gen Zi, who was used to his extravagant lifestyle, ordered a bottle of very expensive alcohol. He instantly attracted many of the surrounding girls, who were dressed in revealing clothes. If it weren't the electric heating system, those girls would definitely already be frozen to death.

"Elder Wei, I don't see you very often nowadays. Don't tell me that you're staying home looking after your kid." Gen Zi pulled over a girl and mocked.

"I am too old now. I've got a whole family to feed. Gen Zi, you're also not young. It's time to find a girl to settle down with." Elder Wei took a sip of the alcohol and said.

"Settle down? Elder Wei, are you still sleeping? Haha..." Gen Zi laughed.

"Sigh... if your parents..." Elder Wei still wanted to persuade him.

However, Gen Zi's face instantly dropped. He pushed away the girl and shouted, "Elder Wei, Do. Not. Mention my parents ever again!"

Elder Wei sighed and shook his head.

"As I expected, you are really here!"

Suddenly, a familiar voice came from behind them. Chu Yunsheng turned around and saw Lu Ting hurriedly rush over and say to him, "Sun Sheng, take an early rest today, and prepare yourself. You're going to attend a banquet with me tomorrow. Someone wants to see you!"

"Who?" Chu Yunsheng was alerted.

"The birthday girl!" Lu Ting said sternly.

Lead editor: Zeroth Deuce Twitter: @ZerothDeuce,

Other contributors: Nam Joo, Damnation,