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Chapter 394 I will be a good pet

 Chapter 394 I will be a good pet

Zong Fu Hotel used to be a luxury five-star hotel, but now it had become the headquarters of the phantom union. Lu Ting's team had a room that was allocated just for them, and it was exclusively used for group meetings, receiving orders, requests etc...

In the age of light, Chu Yunsheng could never afford to live in such a hotel. Now, that he was an 'illegal' resident he was even more ineligible for living in such a hotel. He was instead temporarily arranged to stay at a '10 dollar hotel' that was 200 meters away.

Although the name of the hotel might not sound good, it was still clean and tidy. It was said that it was a two-star hotel. The employees in the hotel were also very conscientious. As ordinary people, it was very difficult for them to find a job in the dark age. So all the employees in the hotel treasured their job a lot.

The 10 dollar hotel actually belonged to the phantom union. It was part of the benefit that the union offered to their combat units. As long as the union members paid a nominal fee, they could stay there for quite a long time.

In fact, not all people who work in the hotel were ordinary. Since the employees and union's member were protected by the union, many members were doing side businesses inside the hotel as well.

Also, the 10 dollar hotel was not the only place where the union kept their members. Apparently, the membership of the phantom union was divided into several levels, with the members that lived in the '10 dollar hotel' at the lowest.

As for the accommodation for the top dignitaries, Chu Yunsheng did not know much about them. However the other high-level members, such as Shi Yi, would not only have a private luxury suite in Zong Fu hotel, it was said that in the center of the city, they would also have several houses provided by the unions for their family members. Even Lu Ting whose membership was lower than Shi Yi also had a three bedroom house in the center of the city.

Most of the members that had lower membership than Lu Ting but higher than the lowest of members, also had a house in the city. However, the location was slightly further away from the center. Despite that, it was still better than living in the 10 dollar hotel. There were also some members, like Niu Jiagui's nephew, who were originally from here that all owned houses that they had originally bought in the age of light.

Chu Yunsheng was temporarily arranged to stay with Gen Zi by Lu Ting. Gen Zi, like Chu Yunsheng, was not from the local area. His whole family had died on the way when they tried to seek safety in Shu Du city. Despite managing to get in, losing his whole family also made him lose his desire to pursue a better life. Thus he decided not to buy a house in the city. Instead, he would spend all the energy he earned on drinking, and after he squandered it all, he would then undertake as many jobs as possible, so he could likewise earn as much energy as possible, just to squander it all on drink again. This was Gen Zi's life, a simple cycle of repetition, and there was no future to be had in it.

"Elder Sun, make yourself at home." Gen Zi said while trying to find the key. However, after patting around his clothes, he could not seem to find it.

"Ha... ha... Sorry, sorry... " he let out an awkward laugh and began to knock on the door.

"Yo... brother Gen Zi, you are back. I just came back from the union, they told me that you made a big fortune this time. When you get your share, please do not forget about me." from the deep corridor, walked out a man who was wearing a pair of slippers, and holding a towel in his hands. His eyes instantly lit up when he saw Gen Zi.

"Are you on night shift? OK, no problem, just wait for the news, I will invite all of you to drink with me." Gen Zi said tiredly. He was extremely tired and needed some rest.

"Brother Gen Zi is indeed a generous man, I will wait for the news. I need to get the water now, motherfuckers, the water pipe in my room is blocked again!" the man wearing slippers took a quick glance at Chu Yunsheng, but did not say anything. He just quickly passed by.

At this time, a girl with a pure and pristine look poked her head out of the door, and quickly took out a pair of slippers from the shoe cabinet on the side and said quietly: "You are back."

Gen Zi kicked the slippers away unceremoniously and rushed straight into the room. Chu Yunsheng followed closely behind. Just when he was about to enter the room, he heard the door opposite Gen Zi's room slam open. He then saw a naked man being thrown out of the room. A muscular woman who was wearing a combat suit closely followed and pointed her finger at the man's nose and shouted: "Bastard, your mother, I, have been feeding you, keeping you alive. You are just a fucking a pet to me. But you dare to have an affair with that bitch next door? Gen Zi? Gen Zi! Gen Zi!"

"Sigh, sister Rong, stop shouting, I am very tired. Please, it is not that big of a deal, we will talk about this when I wake up. Okay?" Gen Zi was not interested in anything else after he saw his bed. Unlike Chu Yunsheng, his nerves were stretched to the limit the whole time last night after they found the body of a third form green shell insect. So he urgently needed a good sleep to relax his body.

Chu Yunsheng glanced at the young man who curled up in front of the door and felt confused. The reaction of Gen Zi made him even more baffled. It was like the bitch the muscular woman talked about was not in Gen Zi's room.

The muscular woman took a quick glance at Chu Yunsheng, and as if she suddenly remembered something, she squeezed through the door and said to Gen Zi:" Elder Yu came by yesterday, got a side job, I can't do it alone...."

"We'll talk about it tomorrow, tomorrow" Gen Zi took a sip of water and said.

Right after he said that, he laid down on the white bed sheet and stopped moving. He did not even bother to change his cloth or take off his shoes.

The muscular woman cursed silently and squeezed out of the door again. She then began to take out her anger on the naked man. She kicked him twice and then slammed the door close in front of him. But the naked man still crawled to her door and begged desperately for her forgiveness.

Chu Yunsheng was completely baffled from the beginning. When he turned around and decided to get into the room, he saw the panicked face of the girl who was with Gen Zi.

It was at this moment, Gen Zi half opened his eyes and said vaguely "Elder Sun you can sleep there. After we wake up, I'll take you around the city to help you familiarise yourself with this place"

"Where can I take a shower, do you have any spare clothes that I can use?" Chu Yunsheng was covered with dirt. He stayed in a cave before he met Gen Zi, and later on, he was running around inside the mountain. So he definitely wanted to take a quick shower.

"Ask her..." Gen Zi's said quietly.

The girl was startled. She immediately said: "Let me get it for you. Let me get it..."

After he took the clothes from the girl, he followed her to the bathroom. Chu Yunsheng was surprised when he turned on the tap. They even had running hot water.

This was probably the first shower he had since the yellow mountain area. The amount of dirt that washed off his body even scared Chu Yunsheng himself.

It always felt refreshing after taking a shower. Chu Yunsheng threw away the clothes that he took from the dead bodies and put on the ones that the girl gave to him.

The girl was hugging her knees and sitting in the corner of the room alone quietly when he exited the bathroom. He was not familiar with her, he was not even familiar with Gen Zi, so he decided not to talk to her. He instead just went to the other corner of the room and laid down to sleep.


"Look like he is dead..."

"Then fucking move him out. Otherwise, why do we need you here?"

"Sorry, sorry, we will do it right now..."

The noise outside the door instantly woke Chu Yunsheng up. He quickly got up and approached near the door.

Through the peephole, he saw a few yellow dressed hotel staff moving a dead body, which was the naked man he saw before.

The muscular woman opposite was still cursing and commanding the hotel staff to move it away from her door.

Chu Yunsheng's heart sunk. 'This place is also the same.'

The girl in the corner was shivering uncontrollably. Her eyes were filled with fear and panic. Her lips were pressed together tightly, and she kept looking at Gen Zi who was still sleeping anxiously.

The girl had a beautiful face, delicate and tender skin, black long hair that draped over her shoulders, and a great body shape that could even be seen in the overtly large clothes she was wearing. In the age of light, this was the type of girl that could only exist in Chu Yunsheng's dreams.

Suddenly Gen Zi moved. It looked like he was also woken up by the noise. The girl was startled and she immediately crawled over and begged.:"I didn't have affair with anyone. Please believe me. Please..."

Gen Zi was completely woken up by her. He stroked the girl's hair and said sarcastically: "No affair? Then why are you so nervous? "

The girl hurriedly shook her head: "No... No... Please believe me... I really didn't have any relations with that man. It was just that sister Rong let him starve for three days. He begged me to give him something to eat. I... I only...."

"Okay, that's enough.... You really think I give a fuck about you? Like that man, you are just a pet!" Gen Zi kicked away the girl and said.

The girl was extremely scared. Based on the habits of "the masters" that live in this building, if they lose interests in their "pets" the nice ones would just kick them out of the building and abandon them, but the worse ones would resell them into the black market.

So the girl was desperately trying to prove that she was innocent, and she still had value to Gen Zi.

"I'll be a good pet... I'll serve you well, I'll do anything you ask. please believe me....."

She quickly crawled back to Gen Zi and began to unzip his trousers, even despite the fact that there was another man in the room.