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Chapter 392 The wages of avarice is death

 Chapter 392 The wages of avarice is death

As the old saying goes human beings die in pursuit of wealth, and birds die in pursuit of food. It is the fact of life that will never change.

As Lu Ting shouted, "Brothers, no man can get rich without taking risks. So I am asking you here today. Are we doing it or not!?"

"Do it! Why not! It is already in our hand. I won't let them take it!"

"Captain, you can decide. We will listen to you."

"Fuck it, let's do it. Even if I die, I will still die in a glorious way. "


Apart from the sharpshooter An Zi who had been silent from the beginning, other team members expressed their determination with excitement.

"Good!" They didn't have much time, so Lu Ting only spent a few minutes increasing the team's morale: "Retreat towards the direction of four o'clock. Gen Zi, you take 3 people to lead the way, and elder Niu, take 5 people to lift the body. The others, follow me and An Zi to stall them! Elder Niu, you leave with Sun Sheng, now!"

"I'll stay." Said Chu Yunsheng while he patted elder Niu's shoulder signalling him to leave immediately.

"Brother, it is very dangerous to stay here and I am not paying you, you know?" Lu Ting looked at Chu Yunsheng and said.

"I have to get into the city today, no matter what!" Chu Yunsheng replied.

"What kind of weapon do you use?". Although Lu Ting did not know why Chu Yunsheng was telling him this, there was not much time for him to find out, so he simply just inquired about the type of weapon.

"Gun." Chu Yunsheng sharply replied.

"Take this." Lu Ting threw his semi-automatic rifle to Chu Yunsheng, and took out some bullets from his clothes, "I don't know if your ability has reached the point where you don't need ammunition or not. But take these bullets anyway. There's not a lot, so use them sparingly. Also, here are ten specially made ones. They are specially designed to deal with powerful masters, so don't waste them."

"No problem." Chu Yunsheng took the rifle and began to secretly draw a Huo Bing Talisman on the back of the gun to increase it's fire elemental damage.

Lu Ting then took out a pair of gloves with a strange sign on them and put them on. He pointed at the sharpshooter An Zi and said: "An Zi, listen carefully this time! The bullets in your hand cost me a lot of money. I know you like to use them. But only use them on those powerful masters! We're all depending on you! Once everything is over, I will buy you a lot of this type of bullet, so you can fire as many shots as you like then. Do you understand!?? "

An Zi quietly nodded his head and held his gun to find a secret corner to hide.


As a noise suddenly appeared in the area, a black figure appeared on the edge of the cliff.

"Lu Ting, name the price! I will buy the body!" the man glanced around Lu Ting's group scornfully and said in an imposing manner. He did not attack Lu Ting's group straight away, clearly, he was trying to stall them and wait for the rest of his group.

"What body?" Lu Ting also did not attack. Similarly, he also wanted to stall them as well.

"Don't be stupid Lu Ting, you will not be able to move the insect's body just by yourself. Don't say that I did not remind you. Young Master Lin has already given the order. You need to think about this carefully." The man was wearing a full body combat suit, so Chu Yunsheng could not tell what he looked like. But he was clearly shorter than Lu Ting.

"Wang Yi, you don't need to threaten me using Young Master Lin's name. Young Master Lin has always been a reasonable man, I don't know what you are talking about. I have nothing here." Lu Ting denied. At the same time, his heart also sunk. 'There are other people who knew about this insect's body already?'

It seemed like he was involved in something that he was not supposed to be. However, he was not willing to give out the body just like that. This body was already in his hands.

"Since you have insisted, then..." as Wang Yi was talking, he suddenly charged forwards. The first person that Wang Yi attacked was Chu Yunsheng. Because he thought that Chu Yunsheng was Lu Ying's 'sniper'.

At the same time, Wang Yi's men also arrived. Looking at the blurry figures in the crowd, there were at least twenty people in their group. But Lu Ting's entire group only had around 16 people. If not including the ten people who have just left. There were only six people remaining. The power gap was simply too large!

There were many energy manipulation masters in the city that used guns. However, not many of them were that powerful. Therefore, Wang Yi thought that he could easily take down the stupid gunman that he could see hiding behind a big rock.

Chu Yunsheng had already aimed his gun at him, when he initially appeared. So when Wang YI charged toward him, he fired his gun instantly.

At such a short distance, of course, it was impossible to have time to tell the power of the bullet and dodge it. However Wang Yi did not care, he just simply made an ice shield in front him using his ice energy, thinking that it would be easy to block a specially-made bullet.


The gun was enchanted by Chu Yunsheng's talisman. Unlike the regular guns, it was far more powerful.

A soon as Wang Yi felt something was wrong, it was already too late. He was instantly knocked back with his ice shield, and if it weren't for the dark studio's combat suit he was wearing, he would have probably been injured.

He immediately realized that he had made a mistake. The man that was hiding behind the rock was obviously not just a 'sniper'. He was probably responsible for high damage output! He was definitely deliberately hiding behind the rock to lure him in! And he stupidly fell for it.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Whenever Chu Yunsheng attacked, he would not give opponents any chance to fight back. This was the habit he had developed over several years of living in the dark age, because once the opponent finds a chance to fight back, many unexpected things could happen. Thus, he was firing his gun non-stop.

"Good job, Brother." Lu Ting punched out a blazing fire blast to knock away an opponent that was trying to break his formation and shouted to Chu Yunsheng.

Wang Yi, on the other hand, was like a ping pong ball that was repeatedly blown up into the air and falling down. The violent fire energy even made him spit out blood. He was shocked, and desperately trying to use his energy to block each attack, at the same time, he shouted towards his ally.

"Big Bear, kill that guy!"

As he shouted, from the side of the cliff that was near Lu Ting, jumped out of a big muscular man. Based on his position, he was probably trying to ambush Lu Ting earlier on.

"Sneak attack?". Seeing that the man was covered with metal elemental energy, Chu Yunsheng immediately realized what he was doing.

Speaking of sneak attacks, Chu Yunsheng considered himself an expert in the field. Since the very beginning, he lived by "sneak-attacking" other creatures. When a muscular man jumped out from behind and charged towards him, he immediately swung his right leg to kick the man as if he had a pair of eyes on the back of his head!


The muscular man's eyes were wide open with shock, as he was kicked off the cliff and fell into the ravine like a broken kite.

Wang Yi also could not believe his eyes. Apart from a few powerful masters in Su Du city that were able to send Big Bear into the air just by one kick, he did not know of anybody else that could do it, not to mention in a small team like this.

'Is this their team's real power?' Wang Yi thought. The more he thought about it, the more he believed it.

Nowadays, in order to prevent any accidents, many captains usually hide part of their team's strength and only use them when they are in the most critical of situations.

Of course, there was another possibility, which was that the Phantom Union was involved in this. Where Lu Ting was just the man that they sent out.

But no matter which one, he would not be able to guess that Chu Yunsheng's kick was done by the 16 diagrams of combat techniques he had learned and modified from the divine realm!

Although the man fell off the cliff, Chu Yunsheng also temporarily lost his ability to move one of his legs, because of the numbness in his leg that was caused by the impact. Despite that, he still hooked his gun onto the big rock and began to fire shots at the crowd again.

If anyone was listening to the gunshots very carefully, they would definitely be able to notice that some of them sounded different than the others. These were the hidden shots that were fired by An Zi.

The shots fired by An Zi were extremely accurate and wily. He knew the weak points of the enemies' combat suits. So almost every shot hit the weakest part of their body.

Comparing to him, what Chu Yunsheng was doing was completely wasting of bullets.

"Let's go." Wang Yi bit his teeth and shouted. He suffered a huge loss in this mission. But it was due to the wrong information they had about Lu Ting's team, so his superior would not punish him for it.

"Don't chase!" Lu Ying stopped his team and spat out blood.

There were four groups of enemies around them, they had just defeated one, so there were still three left. They were not safe just yet. Moreover, Gen Zi and Elder Wei had just left not too long ago, so they need to stall for some more time.

"Captain Lu, little sister, I, am impressed by your team. " Looking at Wang Yi's team leaving in dire straits, a red-dressed woman suddenly appeared on their left.

"I was just defending myself, his group attacked us for no reason. Even if I need to go to the court after I get back to the city, I am still not scared either." Lu Ting pretended. At the same time, he secretly took a quick glance at Chu Yunsheng while his brows were pressed even closer together.

"You don't need to pretend, Shen Liao has told me everything. Otherwise, why do you think we could find this place so quickly?" the woman giggled.

"That fucker!...." one of the team members could not help but curse. Instantly the eyes of the red-dressed woman were lit up with excitement.

'Fuck! ' Lu Ting also cursed in his mind. This woman had fooled them.

Ripper Shen might have sensed something, but he definitely did not know that there was a body of a third-form green shelled insect form green shelled insect. Apart from Wang Yi who might have seen the insect's body when they were moving it, the rest of the three teams were mostly attracted here by the noises or energy fluctuations.

"Captain Lu, just need to remind you that Young Master Qi's men are almost here. Feng Jian is also in that group! With your little group, do you think that you can defeat them?" the woman said sternly and quickly. There was a sense of urgency in her tone as well.

Lu Ting shivered slightly, Feng Jiàn means seal sword( ). Just like his name, he is the most powerful sword master in Su Du city to the point that other sword masters would seal their own swords and stop using it in front of him whenever they see him. An enemy like him was on a scale that Lu Ting couldn't even hope to fight in the slightest.

"Captain Lu, you also belong to the phantom union. So we are on the same side. I can tell Young Master Qi's men that you were sent here by the union, so they won't be able to do anything to you." Seeing Lu Ting hesitate. The woman tried to persuade him again.

"Shi Yi, your position in the union is indeed higher than me, but..." Lu Ting suddenly stopped. He was not sure that if the woman was telling him the truth or not, so he still wanted to wait and see.

"You are trying to stall for time, so your team members could move the body out. Right? Lu Ting, please stop dreaming. The military has already spread out at the bottom of this mountain. Without the union's documents, do you really think they can move it out?" The woman called Shi Yi immediately interrupted and stopped Lu Ting.

"Even the military?..." Lu Ting was shocked. This time he was sure that he was involved in something that he was definitely not supposed to be.

"Yes. Do make a quick decision. Feng Jian is almost here." Shi Yi urged.

"How much can we get?" Lu Ting gave up.

"Twenty percent at most, and the discovery is to be attributed to the union!" Shi Yi said quickly.

"Okay, I understand!" Lu Ting gritted his teeth and said. Although he didn't want to do it, he could not afford to be the enemy of all the forces inside the city.

Shi Yi smiled and called over a subordinate who looked like an office worker and asked the person to take two of the union's tokens to stop the remaining two groups that were coming towards them.

She took a quick glance at Chu Yunsheng and then looked at Lu Ting.

"A friend.... And also what do we do about the military at the bottom of the mountain..." Lu Ting said and quickly changed the topic. He didn't know who Chu Yunsheng was, so he didn't want to let the woman keep asking him any more questions about Chu Yunsheng.

Shi Yi didn't carry on asking him for more information about Chu Yunsheng so she just simply said, "Nothing, originally I shouldn't have told you this. But since you already got yourself involved. For the sake of the union, I'll let you know something. They are here for a man. Not the body."

"A man?" Lu Ting knitted his brows.

"Yes, that's all you need to know. Don't ask for more. It's not good for you." Shi Yi said casually.

She responded casually. But Chu Yunsheng's heart sunk. 'Shit, that pilot.' Chu Yunsheng cursed secretly.

It was at this time, a flying machine that looked like the Ice race's flying machine suddenly appeared in the sky, and then slowly descend to the bottom of the mountain.

Chu Yunsheng's heart sunk even deeper. The very thing that he didn't want to happen the most still happened.

He thought for a second, and then quickly ordered Dark to absorb some of his life force from him. A few minutes later, his appearance changed again.

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