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Chapter 391 It is perfect

 Chapter 391 It is perfect

"Er Wazi, how is your father and mother?" asked Niu Jiagui.

"They are all good." replied someone in the combat unit. "My mom is thinking about you, she hopes that you and cousin can enter the city as soon as possible, and that sister-in-law will give birth soon."

"We barely gathered enough units of energy to send your pregnant sister-in-law into the city. So we don't have much left now.... But tell your mom not to worry, both of us are strong men, we can take care of ourselves."

"Uncle, look at you and cousin, you've both lost a lot of weight, can you call this strong? I have already asked the captain. This time, we are definitely going to smuggle you both into the city. If you are not coming with us, my mom will definitely kill me! "

"Your mother always listened to me since we were young. Don't worry. Uncle was born in this village, and I am also the village chief, I can't abandon them and leave. Otherwise, who is going to take care of all of those orphans and widows left behind? If I leave this town, I will have no face left to see our ancestors after death."

"Uncle, don't be stupid, it is not your fault that the world became like this. "

"But it will be my fault if I leave them. Er Wazi, I know that you are thinking of me, but I have already made up my mind."

"If you don't want to come with us, then at least let cousin come with us. I have to get one of you into the city. Otherwise, I won't be able to explain myself to mom!"

"Er Wazi, you don't understand, your cousin and his wife were saved by the Huzi brothers who sacrificed their lives for them. Huzi and your cousin have been best friends since they were kids, do you really think he is going to abandon Huzi's family and go to the city with you? He owes them, this is his debt."

"UNCLE! Why are you and cousin so stubborn! The world has already changed, it is not the world we used to live in!"

"No matter how the world is changing, we can not forget where we came from, we can not forget our own principles! We need to set an example... "

"Oh my God, you are so stubborn, everyone will be dead, who is going to follow your example then!" Er Wazi murmured.

"Dead? You really think that no one can see what we are doing here?"

"Okay, okay uncle, I give up. But there is one thing you need to remember! "

"What is it? Don't tell me that something has happened in the city again?"

"If I tell you, you must not tell any other people from the village, it will get you killed."

"Okay, your uncle still wants to live. What is it?"

"You know why the captain is willing to exchange 500 grams of meat for just 130 Lun of energy, despite the fact that the price of meat in the city has already gone up to 150 Lun per 500 grams?"

"Isn't it because of you?"

"No. Uncle you need to remember this carefully, the price of meat is going to drop soon! At that time, don't even mention 100 Lun per 500 grams, they might even sell it for 70 Lun per 500 grams. "

"Drop? Why do they keep changing the market price? Is there no one in the government that wants to control this?"

"Uncle, this is why I said that you are being so stubborn. Higher-ups do not care about us at all. The meat we brought this time is enough to support your village for a while, so whatever energy you have left, do not sell it to other combat units. Wait until the price of meat drop again."

"Is it really going to drop again?"

"Why would I lie to you? Trust me. All the combat units that got this information, have already begun to store their energy appendages, and about the meat price rise this time.... It is not that simple... It is said that several young masters have monopolized the supply of the insect's meat on the market, they have created the illusion of a shortage in the insect's meat, which has caused the price of meat to go up."

"Why would they do that?"

"Uncle, you still don't understand?? Think about it. How long has it been since the last large war we have had with the insects? If we don't fight on a large enough scale, then we won't have a large enough supply of meat. The energy that can not be used will just keep piling up, and the price of meat will also then keep going up. So they purposely escalated the situation. They want to drain all the energy you and other people have. Think about it, if another war breaks out, what do you think will happen?"

"What do you mean?"

"Think about it, what will be consumed the most during a war?"


"Lives? There are so many people both inside and outside the city. It is not lives, it is the energy! Once cannons are fired, the energy will be drained rapidly, and once the war is over, and the energy drained. The meat will begin to pile up, since there are so many bodies on the battlefield.... "

"What the hell! Are those guy nuts!"

"Shush... Lower your voice, those are the people that you call smart, they make money through wars..."

"I don't believe it. If we were still in the age of light, then I would have come to expect this kind of thing, but this is different, humanity is on the brink of extinction, why the hell would they do that! "

"Huh, they have done a lot of things even worse than this. This is nothing.... "

"Sigh... just like the old saying goes, human will eventually end themselves...."


"Brother, are you sure this is the place?" Lu Ting glanced around and asked.

"Yes... ". Chu Yunsheng carefully climbed over a big rock and looked down the cliff.

"Okay, send a few people down to have a look. " Lu Ting looked at his mechanical watch and said. If the body was really down there, then they must move it back before the night is dark. It was a very precious body, no one dared to keep it at this place.

"Got any cigarettes?" Chu Yunsheng asked. He glanced around and found himself a big rock to sit on.

"I don't smoke, but I can find one for you. Gen Zi, you got any cigarettes?" Lu Ting waved his hand and said.

To him, Chu Yunsheng was a mysterious stranger. A man that could discover a large number of energy appendages without using any equipment, and if there really is a body below the cliff, then it would make this man even more suspicious. He did not believe that Chu Yunsheng was luckier than everyone in the entire Shu Du city. The man definitely hid something from him.

The member called Gen Zi took out half a box of crumpled cigarettes from his combat suit. At first glance, Chu Yunsheng knew that they were self-made cigarettes.

Chu Yunsheng lit up the cigarette and looked at the deep valley again. Suddenly, he frowned. There were still some living plants on the mountain, they probably survived the darkest period on earth. Under the hazy shimmer, the shadow they cast looked like something was hiding behind.

About twenty minutes later, a faint light flashed three times in the valley below. Lu Ting who always kept eyes on the situation suddenly became overjoyed. "Quick, they found it. drop more ropes, get ready to pull it up!"

After he shouted in excitement, he turned around and looked at Chu Yunsheng once again. He was even more sure that this man was not as simple as he looked.

Looking at the big black figure that was being slowly pulled up from below, Er Wazi shouted in excitement, "It is almost here... almost..."


"Holy shit, look at this thing!"

"I have seen one on the battlefield far away before, this one is exactly like that one."

"Check how hard its shell is!"

"Where is the wound? How did it die? Anyone found the wound?"

"Here, look here."

"Seems like it was pierced through by something!"

"Oh my God! just one wound. Just one strike!"

"No way! I have heard people who caught it before saying that they had to...."

"Captain! Captain! We are rich now! Just one wound! It is perfect! It does not look like it was killed by a man!"

"Who cares who killed it, it is in our hands now. Brothers, let's pack things up and move! " Lu Ting looked at his watch again and ordered his men to pack everything away.

Zhu Jiagui also got to see the monster that he has never seen before. He heard from his nephew that just by selling one piece of meat from this monster was enough to support his entire village to survive for one year.

"Captain Lu, someone is coming!" suddenly Chu Yunsheng said to Lu Ting.

"Huh?" Lu Ting was alarmed and immediately looked at the team members that he arranged to guard the area.

"Trust me. They are trying to surround us!" Chu Yunsheng could not feel energy fluctuations that were far away from him. So if he could feel it, that meant that people were already very close to them.

"Captain, two o'clock, six o'clock, ten o'clock,!"

"Motherfuckers, they were all waiting for this moment! Throw the body into the valley first, don't let them find out." Lu Ting immediately checked his gun and said.

"Wait, there are also people below the cliff! Don't throw it!" Chu Yunsheng immediately stopped them.


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