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Chapter 390 raise the price

 Chapter 390 raise the price

Only until they got closer was Chu Yunsheng finally sure that they were dragging a small trailer that was fully loaded with red-colored meat.

Shen ripper seemed to be very familiar with this group of people. In less than a few minutes after he greeted with them, they began to laugh while talking to each other.

Shen ripper talked very loud, it seemed like he did it on purpose. From time to time, he would mention some seemingly powerful people's name repeatedly as if he wanted to warn Chu Yunsheng. It seemed like he was still concerned about Chu Yunsheng.

" Village Chief, I have heard that you won a lottery yesterday! " The leader of the combat unit was a sturdy man, and his voice was loud and strong.

He was about thirty years old, with a hair braided behind his head. He was carrying a semi-automatic rifle in his hand, dressed in an old but thick leather coat, wearing a pair of jeans and a pair of work boots. Probably because he came out of the city very early, his hairs were covered with dew.

The man who was called the village chief was the man who led a group of men to help the leader aunt yesterday. He was skinny and weak. When He stood with the big man and the ripper Shen, he looked like a small chicken.

Chu Yunsheng already met the village chief whose name was Niu Jiagui yesterday. Last night, the man was trying to use all kinds of method to make him stay in this "Niujia Yard" village.

"Captain Lu, it was all because of this young man's help." Niu Jiagui did not dare to hide anything from them.

When the leader of the combat unit greeted Shen ripper earlier, he had already noticed this young man. He noticed that the person was quiet and his face had a faint anxiousness. But he couldn't find anything that could help him to confirm the identity of this young man. "My name is Lu Ting, nice to meet you. " He walked over and said.

"Sun Sheng, nice to meet you too." This type of greeting made Chu Yunsheng felt like he was in a business meeting in the age of light.

However, this kind of atmosphere did not last long, a shrill screech of green shell insect suddenly appeared above them.

"Get down, don't move!" Niu Jiagui immediately shouted.

Instantly, Everyone got on the ground like they had already practiced hundreds of times. Chu Yunsheng also did the same thing.

But the green shell insect didn't want to let them go. After another screech, it began to dive down.

" Fuck! Anzi, kill it!" seeing they couldn't avoid the fight captain Lu Ting quickly turned around and ordered.

Immediately, a person that could not tell whether it was a male or female, with a night vision device, full body combat suit, lifted a strange gun and fired the shot without even aiming it.


Surprisingly, The roaring bullet hit the green shell insect that was diving down at high speed.

'Sharpshooter?' Chu Yunsheng took a quick glance and thought. He also met one in Jin Ling City. It was a very powerful woman who was following Zhu Lingdie. He envied that woman's skill a lot because his aim was very bad.

The bullet that person used seemed to have been specially made. When it was shot into the body of the green shell insect, it exploded immediately. It instantly made a big wound in its stomach area. However, it was not a fatal wound. Not only did it not kill it, it provoked it even more.

Seeing the angry green shell insect changed its direction and flew towards the attacker, the sharpshooter called Anzi did not panic. Anzi calmly reloaded the gun and fired another shot.


It was hit once again, this time the bullet directly hit the head of the green shell insect, blasting half of its head off. But still, no one knew if it was completely dead or not. the insect body was still flying towards the attacker because of the inertia.

When the "Sharpshooter" wanted to reload again. Lu Ting suddenly jumped out and grabbed Anzi's barrel. At the same time, he fly-kicked the body of the green shell insect. "don't waste my fucking bullet, you think it is cheap?!" He said angrily.

The person called Anzi just lowered the gun, didn't talk back.

Lu Ting then quickly ran over to the green shell insect to check if it was dead or not. After seeing two areas on the shell were shattered by bullet blasts, he seemed to be quite upset about it.

: "Elder Niu, the village chief, your village is responsible for the half of the cost of the bullets!" Lu Ting shouted at Niu Jiagui.

Niu Jiagui constantly nodded his head to agree with Lu Ting's request. It was a very reasonable request, and because of them, no one in the village was injured.

" Take it away! Anzi, fucking aim it next time! Don't just think my money is not money. You fucking had fun, but that broken shell can't be sold at a good price anymore!" Lu Ting constantly cursed.

Kill one green shell with just two shots.

Chu Yunsheng frowned. Plus the strange jet he saw two days ago. He had a rough idea about the technological ability of Shu Du City.

However, he would rather believe what Qin Qiying(1) said which was that the technological advancement of Shu Du city was because of the discovery of strange flying machine under the ground, than believe that it was because of aliens' help.

If aliens really involved in the technological advancement of Shu Du city, then he would have a big trouble.

"Brothers, Xiao Shuzi has told me that you want to get into the city?" Lu Ting was busy moving the insect's body, but he did not forget the conversation he had with Chu Yunsheng.

" Yes, sorry to trouble you. " Chu Yunsheng nodded his head and said apologetically.

Lu Ting shook head and said: " don't say sorry first. Smuggling people into the city is a serious crime, there are many checkpoints and we have to bribe many people. If it was two days ago, what you have definitely can get you into the city. But now... even if all the stuff here are combined together, it is still not enough to get you into the city"

Chu Yunsheng's face instantly changed: "because of the meat price?"

Lu Ting laughed:" price rise certainly has some effect on this, but there are other reasons. Anyway, the energy you have is definitely not enough."

" So you are trying to extort more energy from me? " Chu Yunsheng sneered.

Lu Ting looked at him and snorted: "Brother, you can go around and ask people around here that if I am that type of person. I am a businessman. I would never break my own rules. If it weren't for Elder Niu, do you think that I would want to help you? Nowadays, everywhere is checking people that if they are infested-humans. No one even dares to smuggle people into the city."

After he said it, he just turned around and left. It seemed like he didn't really want to do Chu Yunsheng's business at all.

Chu Yunsheng wiped his nose and thought. ' I have to get into the city, and it must be today! '

" A high-level green shell insect." Chu Yunsheng suddenly said.

Lu Ting was dazed for a second. " High level? Which form? " Lu Ting asked suspiciously.

" Third!" Said Chu Yunsheng.

"Third!?" Lu Ting was shocked. He couldn't believe what he just heard. A third form green shell insect! It meant that if he could move it back into the city today, it would definitely cause a big sensation in the city.

The military, Dark studio, and the various forces in the city have all offered a very high price for a third form green shell insect. However, So far, apart from the special envoy of the ice race had provided the city a few third form green shell insects, everyone else in the city had not even seen it.

He carefully looked around to make sure that no one could hear their conversation and said: "Brother, third form, you are not playing with me. right?"

Chu Yunsheng patted the dust off his clothes and said: "If you don't believe me, I think I can talk to ripper Shen."

Of course, Lu Ting did not believe him. It was a third form green shell insect. It could easily make anyone become rich overnight in the city.

However, it was very tempting. even though he didn't believe it. He still had a glimmer of hope that it might be true. So he immediately stopped Chu Yunsheng and said.

"Wait... wait... okay, I will trust you this time. If you really have a third form green shell insect. Don't mention about get into the city, I can even get you a real ID."

" Okay, then, let's go." Chu Yunsheng adjusted his cloth and began to walk out of the village.

" Go?" Lu Ting was confused.

" Yes, to move it back. Don't tell me that you think I would keep that thing with me. I just discovered its body in a deep ravine. So you need to bright some tools. "

" Okay, brother, this thing has to be kept secretly. I will discuss with you in detail on the way, let me arrange the rest of things... " Lu Ting Look at ripper Shen with vigilance and said.

About half an hour later, Lu Ting thought a method to send ripper Shen away, and then asked his unit to fully arm themselves. He only took Chu Yunsheng and the village chief Niu Jiagui who was familiar with the terrain with them. The reason why he took the village chief as well was that he was worried that Chu Yunsheng might lose his direction; the second reason was that the village chief was a relative of one of the unit members, so he was considered to be one of their own.

Chu Yunsheng was walking at the front. Niu Jiagui was staying with his relative, and they both were constantly whispering something.

At the same time. In a mountain that was not very far from them, several powerful teams that had received the information from the military were busy searching for something while quickly moving toward the place they were heading...


Qin QIying is the female military major who left a small camp inside the spore forest with Chu Yunsheng and Edgar. she told Chu Yunsheng some military secrets about the alien technology they had discovered in the age of light.