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Chapter 389 Phantom Combat Unit

 Chapter 389 Phantom Combat Unit

"Young man, are you joking right?" The leader aunty didn't believe what Chu Yunsheng said at all. She was looking at Chu Yunsheng from left to right. But she still did not find Chu Yunsheng have any detecting equipment.

Chu Yunsheng looked at the shimmering sky and said: "let me try it. Then you will know. "

He didn't know why he would often have an uncontrollable and unknown fear recently. Maybe it was caused by the map, or maybe it was something else.

"So, try it?" Said the aunty with the northern accent to her group members.


After a few hours, the villagers did not expect that this white-haired young man really did it!

Not only he was able to do it, but the number was very scary.

It was truly amazing. Without any equipment, even an energy manipulation master also could not find so many energy appendages.

In the rest of the day, they worked several times harder than they usually did. Because they didn't think that there would be a second chance like this.

Although they were exhausted at the end of the day, The amount they harvested in one day was more than the amount they harvested in ten days in the past!

Looking at the various energy appendages piled up in the warehouse, the leader aunty and the rest of the villagers couldn't stop smiling.


" Xiao Shuzi hasn't come back yet?" Chu Yunsheng sat in the entrance of the village waiting for the news. He looked very calm, but he was actually very anxious.

" Brother, don't worry. Xiao Shuzi has done it so many times. He will definitely be back by tomorrow morning with the Combat Unit that collecting those energy appendages." said a roughly 17 years old young man who was standing behind Chu Yunsheng.

"So, he will not come back tonight?" Asked Chu Yunsheng. He tore the last piece of rat meat and gave it to the young man.

" It's pitch black during the night time. No one dared to travel in the dark. This is the mountain areas. Although there are no insects, the cracks on the ground and cliffs are also very dangerous...." The young man said muffledly while chewing the meat.

" You accent... sounds like people from Jin Ling." Chu Yunsheng's eyelids suddenly twitched.

" Yes, I am from Jin Ling. Brother?...." The young man was confused.

Chu Yunsheng suddenly stood up, grabbed the young man by his shoulders and constantly shook him:" tell me, where is the city now? How did you get here? Are people in the city still alive? Tell me..."

The young man was scared by Chu Yunsheng's action, his body was shaken by Chu Yunsheng back and forth. there was still a piece of rat meat in his mouth, so he could not talk properly.

" Say it!" Chu Yunsheng urged.

" Train...I took a train... brother... calm down ... I don't even know what you are talking about..." the young man panicked.

Chu Yunsheng realized that he lost his composure again. He took a deep breath and let go of the young man and said:" sorry, could you tell me how you got here. "

The young man swallowed the mouse meat in his mouth and said. " brother, my mother is from Jin Ling. My dad is from this village. Before the disaster happened, I just happened to come back to visit my grandpa. To be honest I don't really know anything about Jin Ling after that. I also want to know the information about Jin Ling every day. my dad and my mom were there, and it has been so many years, I don't even know if they are dead or not. Grandpa also didn't close his eyes when he died..."

Hearing his answer, Chu Yunsheng was visibility upset. He wanted to smoke, but after searching every pocket he had, he still couldn't find any cigarette. In the end, he just sat on a rock near the entrance of the village again.

Only after he sat down, did the young man realized that why Chu Yunsheng reacted that way. " Brother, you have been to Jin Ling, right? Brother, something happened to the city right? Is everyone still alive? Brother...." The young man clenched Chu Yunsheng's arm and urged.

Chu Yunsheng didn't know what to tell him. After a moment of silence, he said quietly. :" Been there.... But I left.... They are definitely still alive ..."

"Recently I have been having nightmares all the time. In those nightmares, my mom was covered with the blood in a small black room, and she kept calling my name. brother, she is dead right?..." The young man suddenly remembered something and said.

Chu Yunsheng shook his head, he also had this kind of nightmares before, he just thought that it was caused by too many tragic death he saw in reality.

" You were probably still 13? 14? When the earth fall into complete darkness right?" Chu Yunsheng decided to change the topic and said.

The young man nodded his head dispiritedly and said:" yes, I don't quite remember what the world used to look like."

Chu Yunsheng sighed: "it is just like a blink of an eye, four years already? or five years already? I don't even remember it now. After another 10 years or so, and when all the people who have experienced the age of light die out. I am afraid that no one will know what the world used to look like. To the newborns, this is how the world should be."

"Brother, do you think that we will still able to see the sun in our lifetime?" The young man looked up at the dark sky and murmured.

'Will they see it?' Chu Yunsheng didn't know. The Sky Track would eventually unseal completely, but no one knows if they could live until that time.

The two men fell silent, but the quietness didn't last long. Soon, a few young girls came over and wanted to chat up. Similarly, no one also knows that if it was those girls' own ideas to come to chat with Chu Yunsheng, or it was their elders' ideas.

The girls in Shu Shu Di province were famous for their white and tender skin. (1) In the age that was lacking in sunlight, their skin tone was even paler, making them looked more delicate and touching.

However, Chu Yunsheng did not have that kind of mood, the fourth map was near him, and then there was still the fifth map. The more close he was about to finish gathering all the map, the more worried he was. He was scared that he would be facing a ruined city at the end.

Without knowing the result, there would still be a hope, and he could still fantasize about all the possibilities. But if he knew the result, then there would be no hope at all.

With the mixed feelings in his mind. Chu Yunsheng didn't sleep well that night. Probably because of the young man's words, he was constantly having nightmares that night. In those nightmares, he saw many bloody shadows. It made him even more anxious.

On the next day morning, Xiao Shuzi still hasn't come back, but the overseer whose name was Shen came to look for Chu Yunsheng. Presumably, he had heard what happened yesterday. So Chu Yunsheng knew why he wanted to talk to him.

Chu Yunsheng didn't want to have any kind of contact with this type of people. But he didn't expect that the man was waiting for him at the entrance of the village.

" Brother, would you mind to tell you where you from?" Shen Liao, nickname Ripper, was a muscular man who didn't look very smart. However, the work he was doing definitely was not for a dumb person. That was why when he asked Chu Yunsheng, he used a very respectful tone.

Although he had a powerful background, and he was not scared of regular energy manipulation master, he knew that sometimes, his power background would not scare everyone.

" I don't think you should know. " Chu Yunsheng said.

Ripper Shen stroked his chin:" from outside?" he guessed.

Chu Yunsheng neither denied it nor admitted it, he got straight to the point and said: "I know why you here, but you can rest assured that I will not break your rules, I just pass by."

" Thank you, brother. " Ripper Shen also didn't deny it.

" In fact, you shouldn't have come here!" Chu Yunsheng smiled.

Ripper Shen knew what he meant. It would put him in a bad situation when he wanted to discuss the price with those villagers later on.

But to him, if he was able to find out what plans Chu Yunsheng had, it was the sacrifice he was willing to make.

:" Phantom combat unit is here!"

Suddenly, someone ran back from the small trail outside the village and shouted.

Under the dim light, at the end of the small trail far away from them, more than a dozen blurry figures seemed to drag a trailer towards them.


.....Translator's Note.......

1. In China and many other Asian countries, people consider girls with white skin to be beautiful. I copied the Reason from online

" Actually, most Chinese, Japanese, and Korean people love *fine* skin:

It should be light colored (and thus called "white");

It should be as smooth as possible;

Sweat pores should be as small and invisible as possible;

Hair should be short, thin, and invisible;

It should be soft and tender."