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Chapter 388 how to get into the city?

 Chapter 388 how to get into the city?

Chu Yunsheng never thought that one day, he would be treated as a thief by a group of old ladies.

Hoes, sticks, pickaxes all kinds of tools... no rules, no special fighting techniques, it was just completely brutal but simple violence.

"Stop, stop, stop! Otherwise, I'll fight back!" Chu Yunsheng raised his arms and shouted.

'What is wrong with those people. is this their newly developed cultural behaviors? Beating up strangers?' Chu Yunsheng was speechless.

"Fight back?" One of the aunty's eyes were wide open with anger: "You white hair old bastard dare to fight back? You Lao Wang Ba Village's people are so fucking unreasonable. Don't you dare think that you can bully us."

:" Aunty San, this person doesn't look like he is from around here? His accent is also not right, I think we might have the wrong guy?" At this time, one of the women hesitated

"Maybe he is a refugee who just escaped here?" Another aunt said.

" Okay, okay, stop. Let's see it first. Watch out, don't let him run away." said The aunty who was leading the group.

" Oh! He really is not from Lao Wang Back village!" The aunty who was leading the group was embarrassed. Seeing Chu Yunsheng's White hair, and his scarred and unshaven on his face, the leader aunty thought Chu Yunsheng was an old man.

:" I'm sorry old man. Are you alright?" She said apologetically.

Looking at the group of woman who was wearing ragged cloth, Chu Yunsheng was about to say something. But he was interrupted by a group of men who just ran up the mountain. They were also holding all kinds of weapons and shouted: "what happened? What happened? Lao Wang Ba that fucker sending people here to steal from us again?"

An aunt who was standing at the end of the group constantly gesticulated at him and whispering: "it's a mistake... mistake..."

"Old man, where are you from?" A woman with a strong northern Chinese accent helped Chu Yunsheng to adjust his cloth and asked.

Chu Yunsheng suppressed his anger and asked: "Where am I?"

Although he was beaten up by a group of old ladies for no reason, he needed to get some information from them first.

It was only until this moment did everyone realized that he was a young man. It was just his scarred face made everyone wonder what kind of journey he had been through.

But no one would sympathize with him. In this kind of age, all kinds of things could happen. They had seen too many of them. Besides, they were not living a better life them this young man.

"This place is inside a mountain range near the mountain city. you see that mountain over there? The mountain city is just after that mountain. But the city is empty now. "The woman with the northern Chinese accent pointed at a place said.

Chu Yunsheng looked at the place where she pointed, but it was too dark. he could only see a blurry mountain shape.

" How about Shu Du City? Is it fallen?" The only thing Chu Yunsheng was sure of was that the location of the map was in the direction the woman was pointing. If the mountain city was already abandoned, then it could only be Shu Du City which was further west behind the mountain city.

A group of people suddenly burst out laughing. : "Of course not, if that city was fallen, we would be dead already!" Said the leader aunty.

: "Since the city is not fallen, why don't you go there? Is it not dangerous to stay here?" Chu Yunsheng was confused.

The leader aunty said helplessly: "Who doesn't want to go in? But there are so many people in this province, no matter how big Shu Du city is, it can't accommodate everyone. If you don't have any contacts or power, you couldn't even get through the entrance. "

"Aunty San, I still think this place is quite good. The swarm is busy dealing with Shu Du city. Those insects don't have time for us. Although it is not as safe as inside the city. We can still survive. " Said the aunty with a strong northern Chinese accent.

"That's true!' said the leader aunty.

" Do they still allow people to get into the city?" Chu Yunsheng immediately asked.

If the city was surrounded by the swarm, it would be very difficult for him to get in. He couldn't get into the city through the air. Otherwise, he would be exposed before he even found the map.

" Get in? Even if a mouse also couldn't get in. A group of people was expelled from the city just two days ago. It is said that they did something stupid. But who knows, a group of fools, probably something wrong with their heads..." The leader aunt snorted.

" Is there really no other way?" Chu Yunsheng asked with the last hope.

The leader aunt looked at Chu Yunsheng and asked in confusion: "unless You know anyone inside, or you are a... what do you call those people?"

" Energy manipulation master." Said a woman who was slightly younger than her.

" Yes, yes, are you this kind of master? If you are, as long as you pass their test, you will be able to live inside permanently. But I think, you should give up." said the leader woman who looked at Chu Yunsheng from top to bottom. She didn't think Chu Yunsheng was that kind of master.

" Young man, why do you want to get into the city?" Said the woman with the northern Chinese accent.

" My relatives used to live in there. I am looking for them. But they were just ordinary people..." Chu Yunsheng randomly made an excuse.

The aunty with the northern accent thought for a second and said:" the swarm has already surrounded three sides of the city. Only the west side of the city was not surrounded at the moment. Because It was the side that mostly covered by mountains. Every couple of weeks, some 'combat units' will take small mountain paths to leave the city and use insect's meat to buy some energy appendages from us. If you can afford enough energy, they may be able to help you to sneak into the city for a couple of days. "

"Combat unit?" Chu Yunsheng was a bit confused, and it seemed like that there was a stable and unique new social structure inside Shu Du City, there was even a new labor system.

" Yes, some of them are energy manipulation masters, some are ordinary people, but they all have weapons. They also sell weapons. But the most people just want food at the moment. Not many people want to buy weapons. People inside Shu Du City always want energy appendages, the more the better. Those 'combat units' just like those merchants that goes everywhere to sell and buy stuff..." the leader aunty said.

'it's great that if I could sneak into the city. But what is the energy appendages?' Chu Yunsheng was confused.

Suddenly, there was a commotion behind the crowd.

: " The overseer Shen is here! Quick! Give the way, and get ready to start work!" a voice appeared at the back of the group.

Before the voice disappeared, a tall and muscular man with a height of nearly 1.9 meters walked towards Chu Yunsheng and a group of aunty with a big strange green machine at his back. : "You all already know that the price of meat in the city has gone up, so the cost of hiring me also need to be raised as well. I won't charge you guys a lot, just raise10%!"

" Brother Shen, We will have nothing left if you raise another 10%." said the man who was leading the male group.

" But overseer also needs to eat." the muscular man touched his belly and said. :" I am already very kind. The price of meat has risen by 50%, but I only raise by 10%. "

"But, you have already taken 70%. if there is another 10% rise. the remaining 20% won't be able to feed our family." the leader of the male group begged.

" That's not my problem. Besides, that 70% is not just for me. If you don't like it. You can try to find the energy appendages by yourself. " The muscular man said resolutely.

This time, the group of aunts also didn't know what to do. They all gathered together and whispered at each other hoping they could come up with some solutions.

The overseer was sent here by the people from the top. They couldn't afford to offend him at all.

" I don't want to waste my time here. Lao Wang Ba is still waiting for me. If you don't want to pay me the additional 10%, I'm leaving now. " The man said loudly.

" How.... How about 5%? Please, we really need to...." The leader of the male group gritted his teeth and said.

"5%? What?! You think I am a beggar? " the muscular man's face suddenly dropped. He immediately turned around and pretended that he wanted to leave.

" Brother... brother Shen... please, don't get angry. I think we can still negotiate...." The leader of the male group immediately smiled apologetically.

" No negotiation. 80%, take it or leave it, And don't try to stop me ever again. My time is money!" The muscular said angrily.

" Brother Shen... how about.... About...." The man's forehead began to sweat a lot.

" No! 80% is 80%. Let me know if you change your mind. You can find me at Lao Wang Ba's place! " The muscular man said and then left.

Seeing the man left without any hesitation, everyone at the place felt utterly dispirited.


" I think... we just accept it. It is better than having nothing. " Said the leader aunty.

" Mothefucker....." a young man cursed.

" Sigh... we don't have any other choice." Said the leader of the male group. Other people in his group also didn't seem to object to this decision.

"Young man, what are you doing?" the aunty with the northern Chinese accent said with concern when she noticed that Chu Yunsheng was checking the rocks in a man's basket in her group.

In this mountain, there were too many people robbing and stealing energy appendages from each other.

Chu Yunsheng picked up a rock, and after a few seconds of close examination, he said:" I think I might be able to help. I just need to take the amount that is enough for the trip to the city. The rest is all yours. "

This type of rocks is like the floating rocks in the yellow mountain area. It contained to a lot of chaotic Yuan Qi energies.

Since he learned the knowledge from the ancient book. He was extremely sensitive to Yuan Qi energy. So He was able to feel this type of energy appendages from far away. It didn't matter if it was a rock or a tree or even deeper under the ground. He thought that he would be able to find them easily.