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Chapter 387 thief

 Chapter 387 thief

On a barren mountainside, Chu Yunsheng was leaning against a large rock, and his legs were still trembling uncontrollably. It was not because of fear, but because Dark was flying too fast. He almost could not handle it.

The body of Dark was a final form of Min. it was also the body that had absorbed many abilities from other creatures such as the ghastly kid. Despite when it was attacked by Shang when it was just formed, it's overall strength was obviously more powerful than Yan Min's final form.

But when the strange black gas was absorbed by the bow, its overall strength was decreased rapidly. Based on Chu Yunsheng's current estimation, if it was still able to absorb abilities from other creatures, its power level should fall back to the level of regular Min's final form.

So on the way to the location of the next map, Chu Yunsheng ordered Dark to fly as high as possible to avoid encountering any green shell insects or some monsters like Ban Lan birds.

He thought that Dark had already flown high enough. But he didn't expect that he would still encounter an insect and a strange looking jet fighter.

Green shell, jet fighter, and Dark were all very fast, and both green shell insect and jet fighter were flying towards him from below. When Chu Yunsheng felt the place slightly below him at the front suddenly appeared some strange energy fluctuations and heard the noise, it was already too late. Within just a few seconds after the noise, they discovered each other.

He didn't have time to react, but Dark had. It instantly dived down at them, treating them as enemies that posed threats to Chu Yunsheng. If it wasn't that Chu Yunsheng restrained it at the last moment. The strange jet fighter that looked like J20 in the age of light would have already been pierced through by Dark's spear!

The jet fighter was lucky, but the third form green shell insect was not. After Dark flew past the jet fighter, it instantly crashed into the third form green shell insect, Dark also did not give it a chance to counter-attack, it just lunged the spear forward while crashing into it. It was instantly killed. After the attack, it also almost used up Dark's energy was not that much left.

Without energy, the combat power of Dark decreased rapidly like Chu Yunsheng when he ran out of Yuan Qi energy. It needed energy. However, Chu Yunsheng did not know the energy that Dark was using belong to which category. It was neither fire elemental energy nor the pure heaven and earth Yuan Qi.

So at the moment, Dark was just like a scary display. He must first find a place to completely eliminate the problem between the book, the bow, and Dark, and then put Dark back into the monster seal talisman again, so it could restore its energy. Although Chu Yunsheng did not know that if Dark could really restore its strange energy or not.

Looking at the blurry ghost-like outlines of mountains under the dark sky, Chu Yunsheng who only had high school geography knowledge felt headaches. If it weren't the connection of the fourth map, he probably already got lost.

However, since it was possible for him to encounter a jet fighter and a third form green shell insect here, Chu Yunsheng thought that it was not definitely not far from a large surviving city.

But the hazy shimmer was just about to disappear from the sky, it would replace with darkness again, so Chu Yunsheng did not dare to move at this time. If he went into a creep area or other monster's nest by accident, it would be even more difficult for him to retreat. It was better for him to find a place nearby to spend a night and then set out tomorrow.

So, under the command of Chu Yunsheng, Dark picked up the spear and began to dig a cave. Although it had no energy, its physical strength was not weak. So it did not take it long to dig a large cave.

Chu Yunsheng also asked it to moved over a big rock to block the entrance of the cave and he himself sat in the cave behind Dark.

Tearing the cooked mouse meat and putting into his mouth, Chu Yunsheng began to concentrate and think about how to solve the problem between three objects. He only had one night, if he could not do it by tomorrow, he would need to stay in the wild for one more day, because he could not get into the city with Dark around him. But, the location of the map was not far from him, he also wanted to get it as soon as possible before it began to move again.

Having thought about it back and forth several times, the only area that Chu Yunsheng could think of was the foot of the talisman which was also called the seal of talisman.

If it was a level one or level two talisman, Chu Yunsheng thought that he might be able to modify them. However, monster seal talisman was a level three talisman. To him, a level three talisman was a high-level talisman, the rules of its incantation were very difficult to understand, no to mention that he needed to modify them.

The main function of the foot of a talisman was that it could provide a 'channel' to a specific user so that user could use the incantation inside the talisman. Of course, it also had other functions such as prevent energy from leaking out etc.

In another word, the foot of a talisman was the fourth-dimensional cognitive channel.

As long as he was able to cut it off, he would then be able to control the messy situation inside his body.

It was just like putting two people that want to fight each other in two separate rooms, the doors of those rooms were the foot or the seal, and the corridor that accesses to those two rooms was Chu Yunsheng's body.

The problem Chu Yunsheng encountered at the moment was that the 'corridor' which was his body could not be changed. But he could lock two doors. However, in this way, he would have another problem. If both doors were locked, Chu Yunsheng also couldn't get in, and he was not able to feed Dark with heaven and earth Yuan Qi.

After thinking for solutions for a very long time. Chu Yunsheng suddenly had an Idea. in the age of light, there was a type of door that only works one way. He thought that he could apply the mechanism of that type of door to the seal of talismans.

But if he modified the foot of monster seal talisman that way, then the book and bow could still get into the monster seal talisman.

" I must lock up the bow and the book as well." Chu Yunsheng told himself and quickly took out the book from his body.

Modifying the foot of a storage talisman which was a level two talisman was relatively easy. But it still took him almost an hour to modify it.

It was a challenge for Chu Yunsheng to modify a level three talisman. So before he actually modified the monster seal talisman that Dark was in, he made a copy of monster seal talisman and modified the copied talisman.

Chu Yunsheng didn't know how many time he had tested, however, none of the modification seemed to work. He was tired and sleepy. His body leaned forward suddenly because of tiredness, and he bumped into the sharp spikes on the back of dark. It instantly woke him up.

It was at that moment, an idea suddenly came to his mind. Despite Dark had tried to defy his order before, it was instinctively scared of the rules inside the talisman. It was like a High voltage line to Dark. Not only it would never touch it, it would also try to keep itself away from it.

So if he used those rules to make a fake "door", it might just solve the problem.

After spending another hour modifying the talisman, Chu Yunsheng carefully took the ancient book and bow out of the body, and then put Dark into the new monster seal talisman and kept testing if it would cross that "high voltage line" or not.

Only when he was sure that everything worked fine did he finally let out a sigh of relief. "Finally!"

Since he left Hong Kong, he was tortured by those three objects inside his body non-stop, it almost killed him when he just arrived Zhiwu forest.

Having failed to control them every time also made Chu Yunsheng felt so helpless.

Chu Yunsheng once again felt the urgency of understanding the basic principles of ancient books. otherwise, there might not be another "woman with a veil" to tell himself so many things next time.

Because of tiredness, Chu Yunsheng fell asleep right after the problem was solved. He didn't even have time to heal the wound on his face which was caused by the sharp spikes on the back of Dark.

On the next day, Chu Yunsheng was awakened by a cluster of human noises. Because of Chu Yunsheng's order, Dark didn't leave him. However, he could clearly feel that Dark was shaking with anger.

In order to avoid unnecessary trouble. Chu Yunsheng quickly put Dark back to his talisman, and then leaned close to the rock to listen to the noise outside.

"Last night, I heard that the price of meat in the city has gone up again?" it was a woman's voice.

" yes, I have also heard of that. Those young people, all they know about is to increase the price...."

"In the past, 1 kg of insect's meat only needed 100 Lun(1) of energy, but Now, it has gone up to 150!"

" Life is getting tougher!"

" You two, lower your voice! Don't let overseer heard it."

"Huh? Where is he? " the last person said with a strong Tang Shang(2.) accent.


Chu Yunsheng was waiting for those women to pass his cave, so he could come out. But he didn't expect that the woman suddenly shouted: "Where did this stone come from? There was no stone here yesterday? Ahh... it must be the people of Lao Wang Ba Village. They must have come here yesterday to steal from us. Everyone! Everyone!... Come here quick!...."

A little girl was moving nimbly around the rock trying to find a gap so she could have a look inside. "Aunty! Aunty! There is a man inside!" Said the little girl after she discovered Chu Yunsheng through a gap at the top of the rock.

" a man! A MAN! Everyone! EVERYONE! COME HERE! QUICK! Today, I am going to beat the shit out of Lao Wang Ba's man!"

.........Translator's note......

1.Lun. A strange energy measurement unit. Probably came from alien.

2. Tang Shang A city in China, near the capital.