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Chapter 386 Air knight

 Chapter 386 Air knight

Shao Feng, the youngest pilot of the "newly-formed" first special combat wing, had an outstanding record of destroying the most second-formed green shell insects amongst the entire Shu Du air force.

He was also awarded the title of Rank One Insect Resistance Hero, receiving the benefit of having a special talent.

Today was his second flight in the day. The mission was very simple. He needed to investigate the latest distribution situation of the mucus area. Although it was simple, it was not an easy task. The first wing had already sent out two squadrons since this morning, and all of them came back with a different degree of casualties. There was one squadron almost completely lost its operation ability.

The defensive war room of Shu Du city urgently needed to know where the swarm would attack next, so they could take the defense measures in advance. This was directly related to the safety of the entire city. The first wing must get the correct information before the light completely disappeared because the swarm was very likely to launch an attack that night.

"I am descending!" Shao Feng used the newly developed short-range communication equipment to inform his fellow pilots before he began to descend rapidly with a modified version of black J20.

The effective range of this new type of transmitter was within 3-5 km. it was invented by a famous group called: Dark Studio.

Dark Studio was a private organization. The founder was only a small software engineer in the age of light. However, what shocked everyone was that after the earth plunged into the darkness, he began to invent many pieces of strange but useful equipment. The continuous genius-like inventions even made the government official scientific research institutions stunned.

No one in Dark Studio was famous in the scientific field in the age of light, they were not even close to any scientific studies in the age of light. They also had very little contributions to the new theoretical science. However, they were a group of the smartest inventors in Shu Du city.

The dark studio's famous work was to abandon the rigid thinking of those scientists who tried to reverse engineer the engines of a secret aircraft that uses pure dark energy, and came up with a completely new concept. Based on this new concept and already established knowledge of dark energy, they were able to improve and complete the project of Ion thruster that was abandoned by the scientists of Shu Du city after the great darkness.

They only made a small change, which was replacing the electromagnetic field accelerator in the ion thruster with their own invention - the fire energy emitter, but the result completely eliminated the ion thruster's low-thrusting power problem.

The invention had solved two imminent problems of Shu Du city. One was that due to the lack of fuel, a large number of fighter jets could not take off; the other problem was that the aircraft was not as agile as insects. Despite the speed of aircraft sometimes exceeded the speed of flying insects, it often still failed to defeat flying insects.

After the "thruster incident", some people in the government and the military had tried to recruit the people in Dark Studio by both persuasion and force. However, The result was not only unsuccessful, but it also caused various forces in the city to emerge, and eventually led to a series of personnel changes in both the government and the military.

Later on, people gradually learned that some "customers" of "Dark Studio" were some powerful energy manipulation masters, and some rumors even said that they had a secret relationship with some aliens.

Nevertheless, the founders of "Dark Studio" were also extremely clever. After the "thruster incident", they took the initiative to develop several key technologies such as the insect-detoxification equipment and the short-range communication equipment for the government and the military. With those products gradually put to use, they finally established a position that no one dared to challenge in the entire Shu Du city

Since then, the scientific institutions of Shu Du city have always maintained a tacit collusion with "Dark Studio". They mutually agreed to split tasks between each other, one was responsible for the theoretical research, development, and construction, and the other was responsible for the practical application of the existing theory.

However "Dark Studio" was just a small group of people, and it was said that the youngest member in the studio was merely 10 years old, and the oldest member was almost 70 years old. They were not "gods". and they also need time and inspirations.

There was once, which just happened a few months ago. The swarm almost broke through the defensive positions of Shu Du city, and the new type of combat armor that developed by "Dark Studio" had just planned to be massively produced. If it wasn't that the swarm gave up attacking the city and retreated all its forces all of sudden, Shu Du city would have fallen already.

In the following few months, countless institutions in Shu Du city allocated all their resources trying to analyze the motive of the swarm. They all hoped that they could find the weakness of the swarm and initiated a counter attack. However, they all failed. In the end, rumors began to spread that it was the god who finally had mercy on humanity.

Fortunately, this critical opportunity enabled a large number of new armor to be deployed in the front lines, and later on, in the numerous defensive battles, the role of new armor became increasingly important.

But to Shao Feng, in addition to the ion thruster that was installed on his J20 which was modified numerous times, what he interested the most was the new weapon that had just been deployed in the first wing - Leng Guang Qie(1.)

However, this technology was not from "dark studio", it was the technology provided by the Ice Race.

It was about a month ago, the higher-ups of Shu Du city had unilaterally announced that they had joined the alliance that led by the ice race to fight the insect.

Shao Feng was a very conceited person, and he did have an outstanding record to be proud of. However, his conceit has made him have higher expectation on everything. It was also the reason why that after he used the weapon that designed by the ice race, he never once looked back at the weapons that designed by Dark Studio. It was just like people prefer machinery that made in Germany rather than made in China in the age of light.

Although he was just an ordinary human being, and he did not have the magical power like those energy manipulation masters had, he did not mind. He liked to fly. He liked to pilot his beloved fighter in the sky and fight the flying insects.

Whenever the jet fighter was in the air. He would feel like he and his jet fighter have become one. He felt like it was not the jet was flying, it was he himself was flying.

In the sky, he was the king. No matter how powerful those energy manipulation masters were, none of them could fly into the sky, but he could.

This was his pride and his conceit.

After three ion thrusters were installed in his fighter, the agility of his fighter was greatly increased in the air. Shao Feng could even control his jet to do some special and extremely difficult movements that no one else in the entire air force could do.

With simply just the agility improvement, his jet fighter was still not able to cope with the increasingly powerful insect problem. It was because of the Leng Guang Qie technology, he was finally able to restrain the flying insects. Although with the current model, after each energy recharge on the ground, he was only able to fire 10 times, each hit had the power enough to compete with a second-form flying insect.

Coupled with the conventional weapons of "Dark Studio" that were also installed on his fight, he was able to do anything in the air.

"Captain, Shao Feng's speed is too fast! He is showing off again!" Said a pilot on another jet fighter.

"Shao Feng, Shao Feng... do you copy......"

"Captain! Detecting a lot of green shell insects at three o'clock... No, no, no..... shit.... it is a massive insect's push, captain!"

"Ready to retreat, Shao Feng, Return immediately!" Captain Pang began to pull up his jet and ascend rapidly. At the same time, he was trying to call Shao Feng to return to his unit.

Although a variety of advanced technologies were put into use, due to the limited materials and pilots, the current air force was only limited to air reconnaissance, and if it was necessary, they would need to escort bombers to do some bombardments.

Shao Feng was indeed a conceited person, but his mind was clear. he was a soldier, and a soldier would obey its order, so he immediately replied: "Copy that, captain, please allow me to stall the insects for everyone, they are too fast, we need someone to attract their attention! "

"permission granted! Please take care. If it is necessary, you can eject!"

"Roger that!" Shao Feng instantly pulled up his jet fighter and flew towards the three o'clock direction.

Several second-form green shell insects immediately launched a round of fireballs at him.

Shao Feng easily controlled his beloved jet fighter to dodge the attack. For such attacks, he already used to it.

Slowly, under his agile provocation, the crowd deviated from the original flight path. Not only did he succeeded in gaining the time for his squadron to evacuate, but he also gained the valuable time for his comrades on the ground to prepare for the incoming fight.

Shao Feng would never waste a bullet and a missile on a meaningless fight, so he was only circling around in the air and did not attempt to counter-attack.

After a few minutes, when he estimated that he had stalled enough time, and wanted to get rid the rest of flying insects and return to the air base, a huge insect flew out from the crowd of flying insects that was chasing him!

The third-form flying insect.

Shao Feng immediately recognized the monster that flew out our of crowd. It was the devil that had destroyed many jet fighters in his wing!

It was impossible for him to kill the third form green shell insect alone. He still understood that, so he immediately changed his flight path and got ready to dodge the incoming fire attack form that third from green shell insect.

Puff... puff... puff...

Many blazing fireballs flew past his jet fighters almost touching his jet. He could almost feel the heat of the fireballs.


The third form green shell suddenly flew past Shao Feng's jet, followed by its close range attack. But he did not panic. He suddenly dived straight down to dodge the attack and then ascended straight up rapidly again.

The short-range commutation equipment was useless at the moment, he couldn't get any help from the ground. Now he had to rely on himself.

The third form green shell insect was closely chasing him from behind, he could no longer fly in a straight line, nor was he able to turn round and try to fly back. His flight path was no longer under his control because his main objective was to dodge the attack.

Despite that, he still managed to take the advantages of slow second-from green shell insects several times and used them to help him to both block the third-form green shell insect's fire attack and stall it from getting closer to him.

With his superb piloting skill, many second-form green shell insects were killed without him firing a single bullet.

If someone was able to capture this moment using a camera, Shao Feng believed that he would become a miracle maker and a legendary man!

However, what he saw next, completely shocked him, and he didn't think that he would be able to forget it!

Countless fireballs were shot towards him from the mucus area on the ground, it was like fireworks exploding everywhere in the air. He desperately tried to pull up his jet fighter wanting to fly higher and to dodge the fireballs that were shot out by the snake-like insects on the ground.

'Higher, higher!'

Shao Feng didn't know that whether it was because of the third-form green shell insect or the swarm was busy preparing the push, the crowd of the second-form green shell insects slowly retreated leaving only the third form green shell insect still chasing him.

Seeing the fuel indicator began to flash, Shao Feng gritted his teeth and decided to turn his jet around and attack the third form insect.

It was at that moment, from the dark cloud above him, suddenly appeared big human-shaped monster with a black colored body and a pair of iron like bat wings. It was descending so fast, its speed could only be described using the word:" terrifying."

It appeared in front of his jet just within a blink of eyes, and then it appeared in front of the third from green shell insect in the next second.

The monster didn't attack him! He was surprised.

What shocked him, even more, was that he saw the monster took out a strange black spear and suddenly lunged it forward.

With just one spear lunge! The third form green shell insect was killed!

Shao Feng swore that he was not hallucinating. However, what he saw next made him questioning his sanity again.

There was a man on the top of that monster!!!!

The man seemed to take a quick glance at him and then patted the monster below him.

A few seconds later, both of them disappeared from his sights!

"What the fuck is that? An airknight? " Shao Feng completely lost.

----------------Translator's note---------------

1. Leng Guang Qie. I don't really know what is it. I think it is more like a gun that shoots a cold laser beam. Because if I want to directly translate the meaning of each word it means, Leng (cold) Guang (light/laser) Qie (cut)

So it could mean,

Cold laser cut or

Cold light cut

Or cold laser beam.