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Chapter 385 Will you come back?

 Chapter 385 Will you come back?

Originally Huang city had another name. However, because it has been a long time, its original name was gradually forgotten by many people. Because of its desolateness and its emptiness, it was once called the city of barren land in the history.

What originally the busy night streets that filled with the scenes of debauchery; feasting and revelry no longer existed. It was replaced by the rows of towering building remnants that were covered with thick ice and snow, leaving the traces of the existence of the modern civilization.

The roads that paved with cement were littered with boulders and pitted with holes, some of them were destroyed by insects, others were caused by artillery strikes. In the street that full of broken glass pieces, many "foot baths" and "massages" shop signs were fallen on the ground.

The human bodies could be seen everywhere, just like the abandoned cars on the roadside. No one knew how they died, nor did anyone knew that whether they were prominent officials or migrant workers. But all their treatments were the same. Lying dead on the street.

Because of the cold weather, most of the bodies were frozen into ice sculpture before they began to rot. Despite there was not much smell of carrion, the naked bodies of humans were frozen together would still be able to scare people easily.

Especially in the night after the disappearance of the hazy shimmer. When walking on the streets that filled with naked bodies, with a dim fire torch, the eyes of the frozen bodies of various shapes and expressions would reflect creepy lusters. People would not be able to control themselves but think that those bodies were staring at them coldly.

According to the survivors that fled from this city to the forest. Huang city was not actually a ghost city. In some dark corners and underground car parks, lived a group of cannibals.

They fed on live people. If they were desperate, they would break the ice and eat the bodies that were frozen. In short, they would never let go of everything that was alive and could be eaten.

Some people said that they were no longer human beings, they were undoubtedly animals. They had already lost their humanity, and in order to survive, and sometimes they ate bodies without cooking them.

Therefore, only a few people were willing to come here to look for food. There was nothing here, only those horrible beings that looked like humans but acted like animals.

Chu Yunsheng and his group were probably the only visitors of this city in the last few months, so when they entered the city, the light that made by the torches they held attracted many things in the city. However, none of those things seemed to dare to approach them at the moment. They were all hiding in the dark corner of tall buildings and quietly moving along with Chu Yunsheng's group. It seemed like they were waiting for an opportunity.

The broken map that elder Sun had seemed to be useless when walking in the dark Huang city. It was like a walking inside a strange dark forest, no one knew what they would discover in the next corner.

Based on the number of human corpses on the ground, there must have been a large number of human beings live here before. Otherwise, if there was really a group of cannibals living in the city, those bodies would have already gone. Moreover, like many other cities, this city was attacked by the swarm, and it seemed like not many people were able to escape from here.

The people that lived in Zhiwu forest were those who arrived Huang city later. When they arrived there. It was already a city of ruins.

It was buried in the history, forgotten by the darkness. Except for those who have died here, no one knew what happened here, how many bloody battles they fought. Just like many other cities, it was quietly disappearing in in a corner of this dark world.

After Chu Yunsheng's group chose a large bathing leisure center as a temporary destination. Elder Sun took some people around the bathing leisure center to set fires in the surrounding areas. After several years of humans and insects' battle, people gradually learned some knowledge of insects. They learned that fire had a little effect on them. But they could use fire to scare away some other beasts such as mice.

Standing firmly on the top of the bathing leisure center which was three-story high, Dark was like a steel statue of a human-shaped monster. its bloody red and sharp eyes were staring at the surrounding watching out for any potential dangers. Under the fire, its lightning spear was emitting the cold sheen, any creature who accidentally stepped into this place would be scared away by its look.

But to the people in the bathing leisure center, it was as reassuring as a god. With it out there, even a mouse also did not dare to approach a half step.

The reason why they chose Huang city as their destination was not only that the people from Zhiwu forest would rarely think anyone would come to this city, but also that the elder Sun's group was running low on their food. They did not have much food, to begin with, and they also lost some during the conflict. The food they had was only able to support them for two meals, and they still need to take a risk of having strange diarrhea.

A new source of food supply must be found. Otherwise, they would die before they even encountered any insects, and Chu Yunsheng was no exception. He also needed food.

Chu Yunsheng was not an expert in finding food in the dark. his experience in such activities was only limited to the early days of the apocalypse when he was in Shen Cheng city. So when elder Sun and other people were gathered together discussing how to find food in this city, he did not join them.

In the darkness, occasionally came strange monster's roars and insect's screeches from a distance. The noise was very piercing. it made Chu Yunsheng somewhat worried. It indicated that the swarm's activities were very close to this city, but there was also some relief as well. It meant that Zhiwu forest would need to think twice before sending people out.

He went to the second floor, and tried to avoid Mu Xijun and the woman with the veil, and brought the mute girl to a separate room.

"Brother Chu, Xiao Cao told me everything, I am sorry.... " said the mute girl. After wearing the mask, the mute girl's recovery speed was very fast, she was even able to talk now.

She did not dare to ask Chu Yunsheng to stay, because whether she wore the Tubi mask or not, she had a deep sense of inferiority when facing Chu Yunsheng.

"You don't need to feel sorry, same as Xiao Cao, I have my own reason to leave, it has nothing to do with the decision she made. You also know my real identity now. Xiao Chuan, I am not the most powerful man in the world, I am just a man who lost everything like many other people!" Chu Yunsheng let out a hollow laugh.

Looking at Chu Yunsheng's gloomy eyes, Xiao Chuan did not know why she would remember that night that Chu Yunsheng lay in a pile of blood and struggled desperately on the ground. She also did not know why that she would feel a sharp pain in her heart.

"I am an extremely dangerous man. You seem to be safe when staying with me. But, they will find me one day, and when they found me..." Chu Yunsheng said.

"You mean those aliens?" Xiao Chuan could not help but ask.

Chu Yunsheng nodded, but he did not continue this topic.: "Xiao Chuan, you need to remember every word carefully that I am about to say...." Chu Yunsheng suddenly said sternly.

Seeing Chu Yunsheng suddenly changed his expression, Xiao Chuan panicked. She was just an ordinary girl who suddenly had a strange power.

But Chu Yunsheng did not give her time to calm down. He began to say it slowly:" there are five main categories of energy. The energy you have now is what I called earth elemental Yuan Qi, it is the most stable energy amongst all other energy....

...The first step is to establish a communication channel. This step, the Tubi mask you are wearing has already helped you, the second step is using Yuan Qi energy to transform your body, there are three sub-steps for earth elemental energy to transform....

...and lastly...

In terms of how you can use your energy, I think the mask you are wearing might have some instructions hidden inside, I don't really know much about the mask, so you will need to rely on yourself. "

"Do you understand everything I just said?" seeing the confused expression all over her face, Chu Yunsheng asked again.

Xiao Chuan nodded her head but then shook her head again.

"I will repeat it again, remember with your heart..." Chu Yunsheng then repeated the earth elemental Yuan Qi cultivation method in the ancient book again.


"I remember it now." Xiao Chuan did not expect Chu Yunsheng would teach her a secret cultivation method, she heard that only aliens had such a precious thing, even the former ruler of forest also didn't have it.

" if you remember it, then that's good. Also, about the mask. if I am not wrong, after two half mask were fused together, there will be a bigger secret, and its power will not be weaker than those aliens. If you are the one that got that power, you have to remember my words. No matter how powerful the power is, you are still you, don't let it change you! " said Chu Yunsheng.

"I probably don't have that kind of ability." Xiao Chuan said quietly.

" Xiao Chuan, sometimes some things are destined. Even if you try to avoid it, it will still come to you. So for Xiao Cao and for yourself. You need to become stronger, you have to become stronger!" Chu Yunsheng said sternly.

"Also, I think you already know why Mu Xijun wanted to give you the mask. She is a woman who has many secret plans. When you are still fighting the western force, you can trust her, but if you manage to defeat the eastern force, you will need to beware of her. Also, she is not the most dangerous person you need to pay attention to. The most dangerous one is the woman with the veil on her face. She is also an alien, and I still can not figure out which side she belongs to. " Chu Yunsheng said coldly.

"Her? but I have heard that she used her body... " Xiao Chuan blushed and she did not carry on.

" Do not trust rumors. She knows more things than everyone else in this place. Also that elder Sun, you probably don't like that man. Thinking that that man is a bad person. But he is the only helper you can rely on. The special things about him and his unit are that they might treat other people badly, but they will treat their own people with hearts. When you return to the forest, you can promote him to be the Duling of masked men army. He will help you to restrain Mu Xijun and that woman with the veil."

Xiao Chuan nodded her head lightly. At the moment, she still had a lot of things she needed to learn.

"You may leave now. Ask Elder Sun to come here, I need to speak to him." Chu Yunsheng thought for a second and said. It was time for him to say goodbye to elder Sun as well.

There was a faint of disappointment flashed in Xiao Chuan's eyes when she turned around. She walked towards the door and suddenly stopped. "Will you come back?" she asked quietly.

"Maybe. Maybe not." Chu Yunsheng said.


When the shimmer appeared on the second day, Chu Yunsheng left silently while carrying a few mice that elder Sun caught. Elder Sun was very grateful to Chu Yunsheng for recommending him as a Duling of the masked men. As a small unit leader, he never once dared to imagine that one day he would become a Duling.

With the help of Dark, Chu Yunsheng was able to find out the orientation of east, south, west, and north. Based on this information, and if he was not wrong, the location of the fourth map was in the Heavenly province Shu Di province. It was a province that famous for its military strategic location, economic growth and cultural importance in China.

But what shocked Chu Yunsheng was not the location of the map, it was the speed that the map moved its position. In this kind of age, the map was still able to move a huge distance within a short amount of time!

There was only one possibility, which was that the map was on some kind of flying machine.

Chu Yunsheng did not know whether it was a human or an alien that had the fourth map. In order to prevent the map moving around again and in order to save time, he ordered Dark to spread its wings and carry him while flying into the dark sky.


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