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Chapter 384 You have no right

 Chapter 384 You have no right

"You?" Chu Yunsheng felt a little bit strange. But soon he realized what she was saying.

: "No, you just want to take advantage of her!" he refused.

" But she doesn't have a choice!" Mu Xijun walked closer and said sternly.

" She doesn't have a choice, but I do! She does not need to be involved in your vendetta." Chu Yunsheng also stood up and said.

He hated this feeling of being manipulated. He himself was a victim, so he inexplicably vented it out without having thought about it properly.

"Doesn't need to be involved? She is already involved! Otherwise, why do you think she is here? Why do you think they are here?" Mu Xijun glanced around and said.

" There are so many people, why do you need to choose her?" Chu Yunsheng said.

" Because of you. I have checked her background before. She is a good girl. If I save her, then she will owe me!" Mu Xijun didn't plan to hide her intention at all.

" Because she has a good heart, so you are going to manipulate her! What a fucking good idea!" Chu Yunsheng said coldly.

"But don't you forget that I can let both her and her sister live!" Mu Xijun stroked the head of little plant girl and argued.

Chu Yunsheng glared into her eyes and said: "You are not trying to save her. You want her to live in your hatred. How can she fight the ruler of the eastern forest that has been expanding their forces for so many years? She will die!"

:" How do you know that we can defeat them? Besides, do you have a better idea?" Mu Xijun didn't back down.

Chu Yunsheng didn't speak this time. He just stared at her.

:" If I don't save her, she will definitely die. If I save her, she will probably live!" Mu Xijun smiled.

"You have no right to make decisions for her." Chu Yunsheng did not want to carry on.

" So you think you have the right?" Mu Xijun pushed away Bao Zhenjiang who wanted to stop her from carrying on provoking this man.

"I admit that because of you, we were able to escape from the forest. you saved us. I am grateful to You, and they are also very grateful to you! Although I am only a woman, I still know that you can save them this time, but you can't protect them forever!

However, all of us including her, don't want this one-time protection. We want a way! A way to protect ourselves and our families, and what I am going to do to the mute girl, is to give her a way to save herself." Mu Xijun continued.

Chu Yunsheng kept silent. What Mu Xijun said was correct. He also didn't have the right to make a decision for the girl, and he would not able to protect them forever. He himself also believed that the only way to save a person in the dark age is the person himself.

Chu Yunsheng didn't speak, nor did all the people in the factory. Instantly, the place fell into an awkward silence. Everyone was scared that once the most powerful man in the world got angry, he would do something horrible.

:" Uncle, sister, what are you arguing about? I don't understand." said The little plant girl who looked at Chu Yunsheng and looked at Mu Xijun. She didn't know why everyone suddenly stopped talking.

" You are still young, you don't need to know." Chu Yunsheng stroked her head and said.

But the eyes of Mu Xijun suddenly flashed with a strange luster. She crouched down and gently held the little girl's leaves and said:" why don't we ask the next of kin?"

Originally, Chu Yunsheng wanted to say that what could a child possibly know. But when he was about to talk, he suddenly stopped. Maybe he shouldn't care about that much.

" Uncle?" The little plant girl seemed to trust Chu Yunsheng more. Her eyes were wide open with confusion. It seemed like she wanted to ask Chu Yunsheng what to do.

Mu Xijun lifted the chin of the little girl and smiled. "Xiao Cao, sister I have a way to save your sister immediately. Do you want me to save her?"

" Really? Are you not lying to me?" little plant girl hesitate.

:" Look, what is this?" Mu Xijun gritted his teeth and took out a half mask from inside her clothes.

"The ruler's Tubi mask!"

" The half mask...."


Instantly, it caused a commotion in the crowd.

Many people here had seen this mask before. The scene that both rulers were fighting insects together were still vivid in their mind. So many people were shocked to see the mask appear here.

That thing was too tempting to those powerless people. To them, the mask means power and wealth.

Many people including the members of the 9th unit all began to envy the mute girl. Only a few people, such as elder Sun were only surprised for a few seconds and then immediately looked at Chu Yunsheng.

Amongst all the people here. Only Chu Yunsheng had the ability to take it away, and no one would even dare to question it.

However, what surprised them, even more, was that Chu Yunsheng didn't show any interests at all.

" Sister, wearing it will make my sis become as powerful as the ruler?" Although Xiao Cao hasn't seen Tubi mask before. However, she had sharp ears. She heard everyone whispering at each other about how powerful that mask was.

Mu Xijun nodded her head. She was sure that the little girl wouldn't be able to resist this temptation.

" Then... then... will my sis be able to punish those plant people who used to bully us?" the little girl asked again.

:" Of course. Not only that, she can also...." Mu Xijun suddenly stopped. She decided not to carry on provoking Chu Yunsheng further. Since the answer was very obvious now.

:" Actually, as long as my sis could live. I don't mind..." little plant girl said.

Chu Yunsheng smiled. He still didn't talk. He just turned around and walked towards the campfire. He realized that he had imposed his own ideas on others again. If the mute girl was still awake, she would probably make the same choice as the little plant girl. Who does not want the power? Even he himself also want it.

" Uncle?" The little plant girl suddenly realized that Chu Yunsheng already left her in silence.

However, her attention was quickly attracted by Mu Xijun who was putting the mask on the mute girl's face.


" Still got some cigarette?" Chu Yunsheng said to the elder Sun.

Elder Sun shook his head.

" I... I have... please..." a voice suddenly appeared from his back. As Chu Yunsheng turned around, he noticed it was a skinny man.

" Thank you. " Said Chu Yunsheng. He took over the cigarette and lit it using the campfire.

" Elder Sun, Huang city is not from here. I think we will be able to get there tomorrow. It is time for me to leave now. " Chu Yunsheng said lightly.

The face of the man who just gave Chu Yunsheng a cigarette suddenly stopped smiling. The thing that they worried the most finally happened.

Mu Xijun was also stunned. It was not what she expected. To her, the more Chu Yunsheng argued with her, the more Chu Yunsheng cared about those two girls. After she cured the mute girl. She thought that Chu Yunsheng would stay because he owed her.

However, she didn't expect that Chu Yunsheng would plan to leave.

" Elder... Mr. Chu, you really....?" Elder sun sighed. Although Chu Yunsheng just joined his unit not long ago. But he noticed one thing. Whenever Chu Yunsheng was thinking for something, he would want to smoke...

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head.

" Uncle... please don't leave... is it because of me...." little plant girl said while her face was covered with tears. She faintly felt that it was because of her decision that made Chu Yunsheng decided to leave them.

..... translator's thought....

Have you guys ever wondered that why all the aliens in this book all look like humans?

The ice race aliens look like humans,

The fire race aliens look like humans,

even the woman with veil who does not belong to the ice race or the fire race also looks like a human.

The only aliens that we don't know what they look like are Duo Neng Race/ The Divine Realm, however, when they appeared, they appeared in a form of a human shadow. Also, why do they need a human body to complete the return of the heaven's messenger?

In fact, some answers to this question have already given in the released chapters.

But don't worry if you still haven't figured it out. The detailed explanation will appear in the later volume.