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Chapter 383 new path

 Chapter 383 new path

"What!?" Chu Yunsheng was still trying to think what questions he was going to ask the woman, the sudden interruption made him confused what elder Sun was trying to say.

:" The mute girl! She is dying." Elder Sun hurriedly replied again.

"Dying?" Chu Yunsheng dazed for a second. Although the mute girl was in a trance state all day, there was no sign that she was going to die any time soon. The little plant girl and the old man He also said that it was just the sequelae of her old injury recurred again, so he did not pay much attention to her.

Moreover, Chu Yunsheng did not plant to stay with them very long. He planned that when they were far away from the forest, he would just leave alone. Now his real identity has been exposed, it would be even more dangerous for those people to stay with him.

Chu Yunsheng didn't know the muted girl very well. Similar to Elder Sun, he also didn't want to get to know them very well. Despite that, he also didn't like to owe other people. That was the reason why that he tired to take Elder Sun and the other members of the 9th unit out of the forest. They were trying to save him when he passed out, if he had the ability to save them, he would do it to repay what their did for him.

It was his principles. No matter how the world was changing, his principles would not change.

The same thing goes with the mute girl. That girl was making the clean ice cubes for him every day. Although it was just a small thing. To him, a favor is a favor, it doesn't matter if it's big or small.

"She completely lost her consciousness. Sigh. I don't think she will make it..." elder Sun sighed.

Chu Yunsheng threw the spear back to Dark and went inside the factory.

The crowd that tried to get warm by the campfire spontaneously stood aside to give Chu Yunsheng a way. The little plant girl was glowing the dim fluorescent light next to the mute girl as if she was trying to protect her sister.

" Xiao Cao, let me have a look at your sister. " Chu Yunsheng crouched down and said.

"Uncle, please, save my sis! They all said that you are the most powerful man in the world, you definitely know to how cure my sis, right? Please uncle..." the little plant girl cried as if she saw a savior.

Chu Yunsheng did not answer her, he moved her aside, and examined the breath of the mute girl. The breath was very weak. Even although he was not a doctor, he also knew that her brain wouldn't be able to receive enough oxygen with this type of breath.

" I'll try, but I can't guarantee that I'll be able to cure her. Elder Sun, please move the Xiao Cao a little bit further." Chu Yunsheng waved his hands and said.

" Uncle, thank you!" The little plant girl sobbed.

Her voice immediately caused a commotion in the crowd. Not many people here knew that Chu Yunsheng was the most powerful man in the world. But all of them had heard about that legend.

However, the legend only described how powerful he was. No one knew that the most powerful man in the world also knew how to cure people.

Chu Yunsheng wiped off the water from his face and squeezed his wet sleeves to dry them. He glanced around, realized that in such a big open factory, there was not a single secret place for him to make talismans.

He thought for a second and decided to stop looking around. Those people including the awakening humans would not be able to understand the method of making the talisman, so he didn't need to worry about anything. In terms of that woman with a veil, he was not worried about her either. Because back in Hong Kong, when he just got back into his body, he was making talismans in front of thousands of people, so he was sure that this alien knew more secret about him than the rest of people.

A cold light that made of energy slowly followed Chu Yunsheng's index finger to form a strange dazzling light pattern in the air.

Everyone around Chu Yunsheng was gasped in shock. But no one knew what he was doing.

The woman with a veil was not interested in what he was doing at the beginning, but then she was also shocked. :" Who is he really?" She was confused.

The talisman that used to cure the earth elemental poison needs wood elemental energy as a trigger. However, this place was not the spore forest, he didn't find anyone that had wood elemental energy. That was the first problem. The second problem was that he only made the cure talisman for fire elemental poison and the wood elemental poison before, he had never made the talisman to cure earth elemental poison.

Unless he was able to break through Yuan Tian stage two to reach Yuan Tian stage three. Then he would be able to make a type of talisman that was able to cure all types of poison. It was also the type of talisman that does not require any other elements as a trigger.

But even if there was not any wood elemental energy he could use, it didn't mean that he could not make it. He decided to slightly modify the talisman of cure poison and use his Ben Ti Yuan Qi as the trigger. Since the last time he modified Xuan Bo energy shield, this type of modification seemed to have opened up a new path for him.

Every modification, even if it was only a small change, would allow Chu Yunsheng to understand more rules of making talismans.

Chu Yunsheng was not a smart man. That was why he was constantly forcing himself to learn as much and as fast as he could.

Just like now. Through the conversation he had with the woman with a veil, he faintly felt that he might be able to find a way to completely solve the problem between the book, the bow, and Dark.

According to the woman, the various talismans he made could be classified as the tools that use the laws or rules of the four-dimensional space. the connection and the interactions between such tools can only occur in a specific the fourth-dimensional channel. But in the three-dimensional space, they are independent.

The channel that the ancient book, the bow, and Dark used to fight each other was his body. So as long as he could figure out a way to cut off this channel he would be able to completely isolate them from each other.

'So the earth elemental energy has that kind of usage.' Chu Yunsheng thought.

Of course, understanding the principle does not mean that it would become a reality right away. There were still a lot of details needed Chu Yunsheng to scrutinize, research, and even innovate based on the knowledge in the ancient book.

At this time, Chu Yunsheng did not realize that from the beginning of modifying the nine diagram of body movements, he was gradually changing from an imitator to a learner, and from a learner to an Innovator.

While he was thinking, time quickly passed. The modification was not easy, and Chu Yunsheng also didn't have much energy left, so he was forced to stop and repeat it several times.

....Talisman complete!....

After several attempts, Chu Yunsheng was finally able to complete the talisman.

He then immediately cast the talisman on the mute girl's body and began to control the power of the talisman to go through all the areas of the mute girl's body.

However, Chu Yunsheng's forehead slowly began to sweat, and he began to sweat non-stop.

The poison was everywhere, in her body, her bones and even in her blood. She and the poison were already fused together. If Chu Yunsheng removed the poison from her body now, she would die instantly.

Chu Yunsheng took back the talisman and shook his head helplessly to the little girl. It was too late.

The little plant girl's eyes were filled with extreme sadness. She began to cry even louder.

Chu Yunsheng thought for a second and then cast an energy shield talisman onto the mute girl. The energy shield talisman was able to increase a person's overall physical strength, so it would be able to help the mute girl to survive for a few more days.

This was all he could do now.

" I can save her!" a voice suddenly appeared in the crowd just when Chu Yunsheng was about to give up.

It was the golden armor woman Mu Xijun.