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Chapter 382 The Core Secret

 Chapter 382 The Core Secret

Chu Yunsheng did not expect her to be so resolute. Originally, he was still guessing whether she was lying or not. Because everyone was scared of dying. but the next moment he saw the woman turned around and walked back to the factory as if she was scared of Chu Yunsheng at all.

"What if I tell you where I heard that song?" Chu Yunsheng suddenly said.

Just like Mu Xijun said, this woman knew a lot of things he didn't know. If he did not take this opportunity to learn as many things as he could, he would need to explore and learn by himself for a very long time.

As he expected, the woman immediately stopped.

"I may be able to tell you some other things." the woman turned around and said.

Chu Yunsheng walked towards her and pointed at the ground:" it is under the ground, and it is very deep. However, I don't remember the specific location, because I have traveled very far. Apart from that song, I have also seen many spaceships and countless crystal skulls...."

In fact, Chu Yunsheng roughly knew where the place was. However, he did not want to help her. To him, all the aliens were bad.

However, he did not expect that with such little information, the woman suddenly widened her eyes. Chu Yunsheng could clearly see the luster of excitement flashed her eyes.: "You saw them? You saw them? Where are they? Please tell me!" she rushed towards Chu Yunsheng and held his shoulders and urged. She did not seem to have heard that Chu Yunsheng had already told her that he could not remember the location.

Chu Yunsheng moved her hands away and said:"I am sorry, I don't know the specific location, all I know is that it is deep under the ground, and the area seemed to be covered in a mysterious force, I was not able to get close to them."

The woman's hands were pushed away, and the raindrops that were dropping on her face also made her quickly realized that she had lost her composure. " it must be them, it must be them." she sighed, and what surprised Chu Yunsheng, even more, was that she began to weep.

: "Thank you for the information. You may or may not be one of us, but the possibility that you are one of us is very high. Otherwise, you will not be able to hear that song." the woman raised her head to looked at Chu Yunsheng sternly and then carried on.

"Anyway, I will let you know some other stuff. the information about the spatial problem which I just told you is not a big mystery. Even if I did not tell you that. Eventually, you will be able to find the answer to this mystery from the scientists in some of the surviving city. Even those Ice race and fire race also know about it. but The information I am going to tell you is different. it is just a small part of the core secret I know. Compare to it, the information I told you earlier is nothing.

But first, I will need you to ask you a question. Do you know which dimensional space you live in?"

Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a second. They seemed to have discussed this questions before. But why she was still asking this? So he did not think too much about it and answered straightaway:" used to live in the three-dimensional space, but now should be the four-dimensional space right?"

"What about her?" the woman pointed at Mu Xijun and asked.

"Probably she is also living in the four-dimensional space as well." Chu Yunsheng replied.

"What about them?" the woman pointed at the ordinary people and asked.

"Three... probably still living in the three-dimensional space ." Chu Yunsheng thought for a second then said. However, he was not quite sure.

"What about me?" the woman pointed at herself and said.

"I don't know." Chu Yunsheng shook his head.

"How about the creatures that live in the dimensional world in the examples that I gave earlier?" the woman asked again.

"Two-dimensional space?" Chu Yunsheng knitted his brows and responded. He did not understand what the woman was trying to say at all. She had already explained it. What was the point of asking him this question again?

Finally, the woman stopped asking him and smiled:" none of your answers were correct! They were all wrong."

"What do you mean?" Chu Yunsheng smiled unconcernedly.

"A long time ago, we were just like you, thinking that the higher dimensional space will have higher and powerful life forms and more advanced technologies. It can help us to conquer the endless universe, satisfy all kinds of desires and needs, so we were desperately looking for a way to reach the higher dimensional space. However, no one expected that when our civilization reached its peak, it brought a devastating disaster to ..." the woman suddenly stopped talking. It seemed like she realized that she had talked too much. She quickly adjusted her tone, and returned to the original topic.


"In fact, you, me, her and them, are all the same, including the life in the two-dimensional space. We are not living in the two-dimensional space or the three-dimensional space, or the four-dimensional space!

We, to be exact, all the consciousness of our lives are in another space - zero-dimensional space! "

"Zero-dimensional space? No dimension?" Chu Yunsheng found it hard to believe what he just said.

"You don't need to be surprised, this conclusion has cost our entire civilization. When we finally understood it, it also brought destruction." The woman sighed:

" In zero-dimensional space, there is no spatial concept such as size or distance. You can think of it as a point, or you can think of it as infinity. It exists in your mind and it also does not exist in your mind. it is your consciousness, your 'self'.

When the time axis exists in your zero-dimensional space, your life has meaning, in other words, you are alive. When the time axis disappears from your zero-dimensional space, your life is meaningless, so you are 'dead'."

Chu Yunsheng shook his head in confusion "But we are obviously living in the three-dimensional space, some of us are even in the four-dimensional space, I can see you, just like you can see me!"

The woman suddenly laughed lightly: "Yes, that is just your body live in the three-dimensional space. when you close your eyes, turned off the functions of all the sensory nerves, can you still feel the existence of this world? No, You can't. But the world did not disappear. It just that you can't feel it. it still exists in the eyes of others.

Do you understand it now?"

Chu Yunsheng still shook his head.

"Then, I'll make it easier for you to understand. you think that you are living in the three-dimensional space is because your eyes can see objects, your hands can touch that object, your nose can smell the taste ... ... and so on. The existence of these established many 'cognitive channels' between the three-dimensional world and your zero-dimensional consciousness. Only through the brain, neurons and so on will you then be able to understand that the world you are living in has the width, height, and depth.

If we removed all those 'cognitive channels' and replace it with the sensory system of the two-dimensional space. In that way, your 'self' doesn't change, but you will think that you are living in the two-dimensional space.

Similarly, just like now. Through the awakening cognitive channel which is another sensory system, you can feel the existence of the fourth dimension. So you think that you are living in the fourth-dimensional space and those ordinary people who can't feel the fourth dimension are still living the three-dimensional space."

"So it is like the difference between hardware and software of a computer?" Chu Yunsheng thought for a few seconds and asked.

The woman shook her head: "You still haven't figured it out, but this is hard to understand. The software is nothing but a combination of code in the three-dimensional space.

But the self-awareness and self-consciousness of your mind are unique and non-replicable. They do not exist in any dimensional spaces. They don't exist in the three-dimensional space or the four-dimensional space. They are two separate and independent worlds that connect and interact with dimensional worlds through humans, animals, and even plants."

"If it is independent, then I really don't understand. After a person dies, can that person's consciousness survive independently?" Chu Yunsheng asked.

: "This is the charm of life. When a person dies, the zero-dimensional space will also disappear with it. No one knows how it appeared when a new life was born. Similarly, no one knows how it disappeared with death. It is separated from the dimensional space, but it also needs the dimensional spaces. It is born inside your brain, but it doesn't belong to your brain. Strange, right?" the woman said while her face was filled with fascination.

"So, you can't explain it?" Chu Yunsheng asked.

The woman did not deny that: "Yes, I can't explain it, but I don't need to explain it. I just need to know how to apply the rules of the independence of zero-dimensional space that the consciousness exists, and understand that it is not restrained by any dimensions.

As long as there is a suitable 'sensory' or 'tool', it will be able to connect any dimensional spaces.

Our people could use this knowledge obtain and use the rules of the higher dimensional spaces, such as four-dimensional space, to become a more powerful life form or build a powerful civilization."

"Life forms and powerful civilizations? You mean that there are two types of advancement?" asked Chu Yunsheng. He always felt strange about this, because of the incompatibility of the ancient books and modern technology.

"By transforming organs through various methods, some creatures can create an entirely new sensory system to help them to establish the cognitive channels between the zero-dimensional space and the four-dimensional space. Through the bridge channel, they will be able to make themselves become stronger and powerful!

But some other creatures choose to develop tools to help them to create such channels. Just like human using guns and jets.

Those creatures would be able to obtain the advanced knowledge from the higher dimensional space through such channels to form a mass and advanced civilization." The woman responded.

Her response suddenly reminded Chu Yunsheng something, he could not help himself but ask:" do you know a race that calls himself the divine realm and some kind heaven's messenger? "

The woman suddenly sneered with contempt:" you are talking about Duo Neng Race? What a ridiculous name! Well, they are the example of the creatures that use external tools to achieve the use of four-dimensional space rules. ""

"Duo Neng Race?" it was the first time that he heard the divine realm's real name. So he was surprised.

"What about you?" Chu Yunsheng suddenly asked. Based on the graveyard of spaceships he saw under the ground, the woman and her race were most likely similar to Duo Neng Race.

" Us? Just like what I said earlier, that is my bottom line. Before I am a hundred percent sure about your identity, I will not tell you." the woman said lightly.

But just when Chu Yunsheng wanted to ask more from the woman, Elder Sun ran toward them from inside the factory and said:" the mute girl is dying...."


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