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Chapter 381 It will put us in danger

 Chapter 381 It will put us in danger

The woman said in such detail that Chu Yunsheng immediately understood what she was trying to say: "You mean that the world we used to live in is an enclosed space and the only difference is that our world is a three-dimensional space?"

"You can think it that way." The woman nodded and showed Chu Yunsheng her newly-made model. "It's a bit of a hassle to make a Klein bottle model with a veil. Although it's not quite like it, you will still be able to get the idea of it. It is just like two Mobius strips that are glued to each other. It has no internal and external. It has no boundary.

In fact, it can't be used as an example to describe a sealed three-dimensional space, because it is too simple. The model that can be used to perfectly represent a real sealed three-dimensional space can only be created in a four-dimensional space. Just like the Mobius strips can only be created in a three-dimensional space."

Chu Yunsheng was confused: "Since this bottle can't describe a sealed three-dimensional space, what do you want to use to explain it?"

: "The fourth dimension. I need to use it to make you understand that a sealed three-dimensional space can only be done in the fourth-dimensional space. just like the real Klein bottle model must also be built in the fourth-dimensional space. So what I want to tell you is that in order for a dimensional space to be sealed, there must be one additional dimension. " the woman made a number four hand gesture and said.

Chu Yunsheng thought for a second and said: "I don't understand. Although I don't know much about science, I have heard people saying that time is the fourth dimension. If it is like that. It means that the space we are living in is not sealed. Because at least we can still feel the existence of time."

The woman smiled and shook her head: "I just said at the beginning, time is not a dimension, it is just an axis, only when the time axis and a dimensional space are combined together, a meaningful world will exist.

For example, you can't say that there is no time in the two-dimensional space. Think of this way, If two-dimensional creatures treat "time" as a dimension, they will think that they are living in a three-dimensional world. Don't you think that idea is a bit funny? The fact is that a real three-dimensional space is a space that consists of length, width, and height. It is not a space consisting of length, width, and time.

And time, as an axis, it exists in all the dimensional space. It exists in the one-dimensional space, two-dimensional space, three-dimensional space. Even four-dimensional space also has time. The understanding of time is different in each dimensional space due to the different understanding of the world. The law of a two-dimensional space cannot explain all phenomena in the three-dimensional space. This theory also applies to a three-dimensional space. The law of a three-dimensional space and all the theories that have been proven correct during the age of light cannot explain all the phenomena in a four-dimensional space."

Chu Yunsheng couldn't fully understand what she was saying, but there was one thing he knew. The first thing he must do before he could practice the method in the ancient book was to break the three-dimensional space barrier and establish an energy communication channel through another dimension, and this dimension channel may be the fourth dimension that the woman said.

He thought carefully about it for a few seconds and said: "According to your statement, in the age of light, we were isolated from a four-dimensional space, right? Then, what should the real fourth dimension be?"

The woman untied the veil, then, pointed at Mu Xijun who was near the campfire and slowly said: "actually, you have already felt it. You don't need to ask me. Your power and her power are all derived from the laws of four-dimensional space. If you still can't understand, I can give you another example.

In a two-dimensional space, we can draw a circle and then put a thing inside the circle. For the creatures that live in the two-dimensional space, there is no way for them to take this thing out of the circle because of the circle line is blocking them.

But when we use the extra dimension which is the third dimension to take this thing away from above, the creatures in the two-dimensional space will find that the thing inside the circle suddenly disappeared, and it will be impossible for them to understand what happened. Maybe their scientists will come up with the conjecture of the existence of a higher dimensional space, and maybe many myths and legends, even religions will be created based on that phenomenon.

Similarly, in a three-dimensional space, we can't take out the egg whites and egg yolks from the eggshells without breaking it, but you can do it in a fourth-dimensional space. "

"I think I can feel the fourth dimension you mentioned, but I can't take egg white and egg yolk from the eggshell!" Chu Yunsheng said sternly.

The woman was dazed for a second. She seemed to be shocked by Chu Yunsheng's answer: "Do not try to understand it like this, you need to be more open-minded. otherwise, you will not be able to understand anything. You can think about how you get your power.

Let's look at this way. Let's say your body is an eggshell and those energies are the egg yolk and the egg white. If there is no fourth dimension, would you be able to "put" those energies into your body?

It is very obvious that you will have no way to absorb those energies into the body! But with the fourth dimension, you can do it very easily. Simply put, it is the example of eggshell and egg white I just mentioned, although the process is reversed. "

Chu Yunsheng was shocked. The theory that this woman was talking about was very similar to the cultivation process that he learned from the ancient book. If there was no fourth-dimensional communication channel to break the three-dimensional space barrier, he could not cultivate Heaven and Earth at all, let alone transform it to Ben Ti Yuan Qi.

But soon there was another new problem. He could feel the fourth-dimensional channel was because of the ancient book, and that awakening humans could use those energies was because they could "awaken", then what about the remaining people? Why couldn't they feel the fourth dimension?

Chu Yunsheng thought and asked: "So, are we now in an unsealed three-dimensional space or a four-dimensional space? "

"It was already unsealed several years ago, but--" The woman paused a few seconds to look at the faint light slowly raised from the horizon and said. "Whether it is a sealed space or a space that is unsealed, the process is far more complicated than the example I just gave. It requires a sophisticated process, and it may even need to repeat over and over again. This is why we still can not see the sun now, and why there are so many monsters in this world. This is can be a little bit difficult to explain, but I will try it. However, whether you can understand it or not that is your own problem.

I am still using the two-dimensional space as an example. Imagine it as a flat white paper. If we fold it or roll it up, or do anything you like to it, as long as you can make it become a three-dimensional object. You can think of this process as transforming a 2D world a 3D world.

Then, many places that do not intersect on this white paper will overlap in the three-dimensional space. With this overlapping phenomenon, we can continue to reason about the process of transforming from a sealed three-dimensional space into a four-dimensional space might have some similar characteristics. The overlapping points which are the tunnels that those monsters used to get into this world can be looked at as the intersecting points of the transforming process.

But this is what the world originally looked like. These overlapping points were already there before the three-dimensional space was sealed. Now it is just returned to the original status.

Similarly, the concept also applies to those energies. They overlap and interfere with each other. During the process, some light from the sun will be radiated to another place. But the energy is different from the space, they move very fast. After space is completely unsealed, the sunlight will be restored very soon."

"Based on your statement, once this process is finished, We will enter the four-dimensional space completely. Then, will all human beings be able to "awaken" just like her?" Chu Yunsheng pointed at Mu Xijun and asked.

The woman did not answer him this question, she put on veil on her face again and said. " This is all I can tell you. The question you are asking now is a classified information! Before I figure out your true identity, even if you kill me now, I won't say anything more. because this question will put us in danger. Moreover, even I myself also don't know much about the classified information, my mission is not that.

However, there is one thing I can tell you, and I have also told other people in Zhiwu forest already. It is that the awakening you said may not be a good thing, and not awakening may not be a bad thing. In this world, whether it's a three-dimensional space or a four-dimensional space, there is no such thing is absolutely good or bad. "

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