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Chapter 380 the lament of the falling sky

 Chapter 380 the lament of the falling sky

The icy raindrops constantly dropping on two people's body and the dark lightning bolts, making many small splashes.

The eyes of the woman with veil appeared to have a flash of surprise, but it quickly disappeared. She gently reached out her left hand and lifted up the veil to reveal an old wrinkled face that Chu Yunsheng would never have expected.

'How on earth is she the vixen that has peerless beauty? She was like a dying old woman!' Chu Yunsheng was shocked.

"Shocked? This is the price of using the forbidden technique." She said softly. She didn't seem to be scared by the tip of the spear that was pointing against her throat.

Chu Yunsheng was indeed a little shocked. It was different from all versions of the rumor he had heard about this woman. But it was just a shock. He still did not forget why he pointed the spear at this woman.

"Who are you?" he asked coldly.

The woman smiled, she looked at Chu Yunsheng closely and said: "Since you can understand what I am singing, then, Is it really that important to know who I am? Actually, I think what you really want to know is who you really are. Am I right?"

Chu Yunsheng's heart suddenly skipped a beat:" bullshit! Tell me who you are or I will kill you." he said angrily.

However, the woman did not seem to be scared at all. Instead, she moved her throat even closer to the spear and sneered:" is that what you can do? Killing your own kind?"

Chu Yunsheng did not hesitate to pierce the tip of the spear into her skin and said: " who the fuck is your kind! If you don't want to say it, then, die!" he said coldly. The blood quickly began to appear at the tip of the spear.

The woman suddenly stepped back and left the spear tip. "Huh? You still don't know anything yet? But how can you understand it? Is it..." the woman frowned. However, she did not continue. Instead, she began to examine Chu Yunsheng more carefully, and it did not seem like she wanted to carry on the same topic.

Chu Yunsheng's face was extremely cold. He did not like to kill people. But he really had a heartfelt aversion to the aliens. So he pushed the spear forward again.

The woman with the veil did not move, but she suddenly said: "How about I tell you how the darkness appeared?"

The spear instantly stopped.

"Tell me!" Chu Yunsheng took back the spear and said coldly.

Since the earth was enveloped in the darkness, many strange phenomena began to appear. Slowly he began to learn that since The Sky Track was sealed, it must be done by "someone". and since it was done by "someone", it must have a purpose. Especially when he saw the underground graveyard of spaceships, and heard Yan Min said that the hate has lasted for millions of years, it made him felt like the whole thing was planned by "someone", even more.

As for how the darkness appeared, the senior practitioner has vaguely explained about it in the book. From what he understood, it had something to do with "The Seal of The Sky Track". The reason why the information he got from the book was vague was mainly that he still could not understand the most of the diagrams and descriptions in the book.

He understood that, in the beginning, when the senior practitioner arrived earth, he was heavily injured. So there was not enough time for him to find out who sealed the Sky Track, and he also did not seem to be interested in finding out who did it.

It was only until when the senior practitioner encountered the black stone stele, and when he "saw" the murals about a "legend" that was imprinted onto some remote and very old death stars did he began to change his plan.

The senior practitioner's original purpose in writing the book was very simple. He just wanted to thank those tribal people who took care of his last moment of life.

But it all changed after the stone stele. He hoped that the someone would be able to inherit the knowledge in the book and help him to find his people. He wanted the inheritor of the book to pass a message to his people, telling them to find the stone stele and warn them about the danger of the great devil.

As the inheritor of the book, Chu Yunsheng also wanted to follow the plan that was set up by the senior practitioner. However, there was one thing that the senior practitioner did not expect.

It was that Chu Yunsheng was a human, and he cared a lot about being a human. He did not know why that the more he learned about the book, the more he felt like the knowledge inside the book was not supposed to be learned by him.

It was until later on when he was turned into an insect, did the fear inside his mind reached a breaking point. Chu Yunsheng was scared that one day he would be proven that he was not a human, and he was one of those outsiders or aliens.

That was why the woman's singing agitated Chu Yunsheng's mind a lot.

"You don't need to be that nervous." seeing Chu Yunsheng's nervous face, the woman said calmly:" you have heard of the lament, but you still could not remember anything, it means that you are probably just an ordinary combatant.'"

"The lament?" Chu Yunsheng murmured.

"Yes, the lament, !" the woman nodded her head. Her face was dimmed with sadness when she said it.

"Have you heard of the Mobius strip? " she carried on.

Chu Yunsheng shook his head. He didn't know what she was talking about.

The woman with a veil smiled and folded the veil she had into a long strip in the rain, then rotated a section by 180° and then connected it to the other section, and then showed it to Chu Yunsheng. : "This is a Mobius strip. It has only one side. No matter where you start, you will eventually return to the beginning point, the route you took will always be on the same side, and it is completely sealed."

"What do you want to say?" Chu Yunsheng shook his head. He still did not know what she was doing.

The woman ignored him and continued: "You can use your imagination to look at this side as a vast two-dimensional space. Then you will find that just by a simple twist, it would be sealed."

Chu Yunsheng still did not understand what she was talking about, but this time he did not speak.

"The Mobius stripe is a geometric problem that humans discovered in the 19th century. The reason why I use it is that it will be easier for you to understand what is going on later on. even though this example may be too simple or even naive. This is the only way to make you understand." The woman said.

Chu Yunsheng knew that the implication of her words was saying that he had a low IQ, and he could only understand the superficial knowledge. But he did not care. because he never once felt that he was a smart person.

The woman raised her head and took a quick look at Chu Yunsheng. She seemed to be very satisfied with Chu Yunsheng's "modest" attitude.

: "If you think of time as an axis, not a dimension, and leave it aside first. We can also disregard that whether this axis will shorten or lengthen due to space motion, we will only simply discuss the spatial problem. As you have just seen, in three-dimensional space, we can take the advantage of an additional dimension to form an isolated and sealed two-dimensional world like a Mobius stripe. It may look very simple and easy for us, but actually, the methods and technologies are 10,000 times more complicated."

Chu Yunsheng was not too stupid. Soon he found a problem.: "But you are sealing a strip, not a flat plane."

The woman did not raise her head this time. she continued to make a slightly more complicated model. "Yes, but it's just because you are seeing it from the perspective of three-dimensional space. In fact, if you are a creature that lives in this sealed two-dimensional space you will never be able to know that this is a circle, you will only feel that this is the world you live in.

However, precisely because it exists in the three-dimensional space, and it is actually a sealed circle, after the creatures that live in this sealed two-dimensional space fully explored and understood their world, some clever creatures will have some ideas that even they themselves will not be able to understand.

For example, They will think that there should be at least one more dimension to support and ensure the existence and stability of their two-dimensional world.

This dimension is the third dimension, but they have never seen the third dimension before, and they don't know what the third dimension looks like. So they can only imagine it. "

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