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Chapter 379 who the hell are you?

 Chapter 379 who the hell are you?

Having a shit like life was not the most unfortunate thing. The most unfortunate thing was that if you don't have anything like toilet paper to clean the shit up.

Chu Yunsheng didn't have it, elder Sun also didn't have it.

" I have..." said a woman who was not far from them. It instantly made Chu Yunsheng and Elder Sun fell in awkward silence.

Fortunately, it was very dark, and it was raining outside the factory. Besides, In this kind of world, naturally, no one cared that much.

But when the woman passed a thing over, Chu Yunsheng noticed that it was not a toilet paper. It was a piece of soft clothing and it was slightly wet.

Only until that moment did Chu Yunsheng realized that no one uses toilet paper in this place. Everyone was using a piece of cloth to clean themselves, and after using it, they would wash it and reuse it again.

Although Chu Yunsheng felt disgusting, he didn't have other choices. After he used it to clean himself, he then used the rain outside the factory to wash it and then passed it to elder Sun.

Maybe it was not the fruits, but the rain, it caused more and more people to have a stomach problem.

On the way returning to his spot, Chu Yunsheng suddenly remembered one thing. :" Elder Sun, do you know the background of the woman who is always wearing the vein on her face?" he asked.

Elder Sun shook his head and pointed at the golden armor woman who was not far behind them and said:" I don't know. You can ask Duling Mu."

Chu Yunsheng took a quick glance at the woman. That piece of cloth was given to him by that woman, and now she was following him. It was clear that she needed something from him.

"What's her name?" Chu Yunsheng asked.

"Mu Xijun" Elder Sun responded.


"You need something from me?" Chu Yunsheng walked towards a campfire and asked the woman who was following him.

" Can I talk to you privately for a second?" Mu Xijun looked at Elder Sun who was next to him and asked.

Under the firelight, Chu Yunsheng could clearly see that her face was much cleaner than others.

Chu Yunsheng nodded, turned around and walked towards the edge of the big factory building.

When Dark tried to attack them, there was a strange force went into his mind. It should have something to do with the woman who was wearing a veil. At the moment, they were staying together, so he needed to be cautious of her.

"You must have heard something about Tubi, right? Do you want to see what it is?" Mu Xijun said first when they got to the edge of the building. The rain outside the broken wall was constantly dripping down from the roof. The noise it made covered her voice, only Chu Yunsheng was able to hear it clearly.

"No." Chu Yunsheng reached his hands out to wash his hands and said unconcernedly.

Mu Xijun was dazed for a second, she suddenly did not know how to continue the conversation. The man standing in front of her did not seem to play by the rules.

Chu Yunsheng shook his hands and then using his cloth do dry them. : "I know you have something with you, and It is probably the Tubi you are talking about. But I am not interested in it. I don't want to get involved in your business."

After he forced Dark out of his body. The degree of sensitivity he had towards the heaven and earth Yuan Qi has restored back to normal. So on the way leaving the forest, he could clearly feel the earth elemental energy fluctuation near that woman.

Although Tubi might be able to help him to solve the problem of three forces inside his body, he was not completely sure about it.

And the more he heard about what that thing would do from other people, the more he felt like the thing must have been left on the earth by those galaxy overlords.

He already had three forces trying to mess with his mind. He didn't want to take the risk to get another one.

In short, he decided that if it didn't belong to him, he would not touch it.

But Mu Xijun misunderstood that Chu Yunsheng did not understand how powerful Tubi was, so she walked towards Chu Yunsheng and whispered into his ears:" if you kill the ruler of the eastern force, you will be able to get another half of Tubi, at that time... "

Chu Yunsheng laughed lightly and stopped her:" you really think that I am the most powerful man in the world? If I can kill that person easily, I would have already done it."

" Why can't you? You have that monster. I can still gather all my hidden troops! As long as we work together, they will be defeated!" Mu Xijun said with confidence.

Chu Yunsheng shook his head and said:" I know my own limit. You don't need to waste your time here. That's not possible. Besides, why do you want to kill that person, if that Tubi thing could solve everything, why do you want to give it to me. But not to that person?"

Mu Xijun's eyes were dimed with disappointment. :"since it has already come to this point, I am also not afraid to let you know. The ruler of the western force is my cousin, and it was the ruler of the eastern force that made my cousin committed a suicide. He even wanted to rape me. If it wasn't that woman.... Don't you think that that man deserves to die?" she gritted her teeth and said angrily.

Chu Yunsheng pointed at the woman who was sitting on the other side of the campfire and asked:" She saved you? Who is she?"

Mu Xijun suddenly calmed down. She looked at Chu Yunsheng strangely for a few seconds and said while having a mysterious smile on her face.:" you are interested in her?"

" You can think that way. But don't expect me to do anything for you. However, if you could tell me something about her, I can teach you some methods to increase your power. "

The woman with the veil was the first human he encountered that could interfere with his communication with Dark.

What he concerned the most was that the woman might be infested by a Min or Shang. if that was really the case, then he might need to kill that woman here tonight.

Mu Xijun shook her head and said:" I can only tell you the thing I know. But not all of them. I am also not interested in your method. First, you need to tell me that if you are really the most powerful man in the world that Bi Fangting mentioned?"

Chu Yunsheng was staring at her trying to figure out why she wanted to know that. After a while of silence, he said:" My name is Chu Yunsheng. But I am not the most powerful man in the world. "

Having heard Chu Yunsheng's response, Mu Xijun smiled:" hehe, you are able to make ice messengers constantly mentioning your name, so it doesn't matter that if you don't want to admit it."

She then paused for a few seconds to organize her thoughts and then said:" She used to be a celebrity in our Star Sand City. She returned to Star Sand city from the capital one week before the earth fell into the great darkness. Later on, all kinds of monster began to appear, and like many other people, she also went missing. A lot of people said that she was dead already. But one day, we found her outside the forest. However, we still don't know how she survived it.

You may have heard rumors about her. But the truth is that all the men who wanted to touch her all lost their mind.

She has some unique powers. Of course, comparing to you, her power is nothing. But she is a very knowledgeable person. I don't know why. But she seemed to know everything.

In the beginning, that man and my cousin tried to ask her to help them to fuse both half Tubi together. However, they all failed to persuade her....

Until later on, a man who called himself the messenger from the fire race wanted to take over the control of this forest. But that man also failed.

After having failed to defeat us, the so-called fire messenger then wanted to entice us to join them. He said that he could help us to fuse both Tubi together. However, according to my cousin, the method he said was extremely cruel. That was why that my cousin always argued with that man.

Soon after the fire messenger arrived the forest. The ice messenger also appeared. They all claimed that their race will gather all the Human's surviving forces and help us to defeat insects.

But her, the woman that everyone called vixen was very disappointed in us, she told my cousin that we have made a wrong decision...."

Chu Yunsheng found that the information she provided was extremely useless. He didn't want to know about what the ice race and fire race wanted to do. In his mind, none of those aliens could be trusted.

In the end, Chu Yunsheng went back to his spot without getting any useful information from that woman.

In the entire evening, Chu Yunsheng didn't sleep well. He didn't know why, he would have some weird dreams, and every time when he wanted to find out what the dreams were about, he would wake up.

Only until when it was almost the time for the hazy shimmer to appear in the sky, he suddenly heard a familiar song.

"...Mistakes were made, Tears were shed;...

... Our people were crying, mountains and rivers disappeared; ...

....Gods would not die, even after tens and thousands of years..."

Chu Yunsheng felt like he was struck like a lightning bolt. He instantly jumped up from the ground, ran out of the factory, grabbed the black lightning spear from Dark's hand, charged into the rain and pointed the spear against the throat of the woman whose face was covered by a veil.

"Who...the hell are you!?" Chu Yunsheng asked with his trembling voice.