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Chapter 378 when life requires paper

 Chapter 378 when life requires paper

"Kill them!"

" Kill all the people who are stopping me!"

" You lowly life deserve to die!"

" Rage! Who wants to harm me!?"

" The heaven is by my side, the earth is giving me energy, I am holding a god's weapon. Who wants to become my enemy?"

" Hate. I didn't want to kill you. But all of you want to kill me!"

" The world!"

" The war!!!!"

" Hate! hate! Hate"

" kill! Kill! Kill....."


Countless angry roars, battle cries, and desperate screams were like hooks of the death god constantly trying to tear his soul apart.

Chu Yunsheng's expression was constantly changing. Sometimes he looked greedy, sometimes he looked angry, sometimes he looked bloodthirsty.... One expression after another expression, it was changing so rapidly as if he had multiple personalities.

" Why don't you kill them? None of them are good people!" he said to himself.

" No matter how big the world is, as long as you have power, you are the king of the world!" he said to himself.

"They are useless to you. Why are you bother to save them? " He said to himself.

" They attacked you first! Why you can't kill them?" He said to himself.

" Kill them, take over their forces, you will be a king in no time." He said to himself.


The more he said to himself, the more he didn't understand himself, and as the desires grew stronger, he didn't even understand why he was still living in this world.

The bow was constantly vibrating, and Chu Yunsheng's eyes were filled with cruelty. He sneered and suddenly pulled the string of the bow to its limit.

As if the desires in Chu Yunsheng's mind was the source of the bow's energy! The arrow of light glowed even brighter as the desire in his mind grew stronger.

"Let it go.... loose the string.... Everything will be okay...." he said to himself.

Despite Chu Yunsheng was trying to resist the desires in his mind. The invisible force was still slowly changing a bit by bit.

It even went deeper into his precious memories trying to mess with those memories....

" Mother! Xiao Sheng's tuition is not covered by the government's policy. Let me see if I can sell that book tomorrow.... If I really can't sell it... I'll try to borrow some money from...." His father said to his mother.


" Oh, you back, are you hungry? your mom has prepared the soup for you already. Go wash your hand first." Said his father.


" Take this egg. Told you that you need to get up early. But you still...."


" Big Egg(MC's nickname), Xiao Yi, where did you two lose Tian Tian (Jing Tian)?"


" Today, We, Dorm Room 302 will be celebrating Elder Chu's birthday... I suggest... let's watch porn together...."


"......Li (a girl's name) I like you...."


Suddenly, Chu Yunsheng woke up, and as if he woke up from a nightmare, he roared hysterically:" I am who I am, no one can change me! All of you! Fuck off... Fuck off..."

At that moment, a powerful force suddenly burst out from deep inside his mind, and it shattered all the desires instantly.


At the moment before Chu Yunsheng let loose the string, he was finally able to move the bow away from Dark slightly.

The bright arrow flew past Dark, scratching the side of its head and went into the deep dense forest.


In the place far away from them, the light arrow exploded, it caused the ground to skate violently and the sky to light up.

Chu Yunsheng sat weakly on the ground. His armor slowly disappeared a bit by bit, because he didn't have enough energy to support it.

When he forced himself to put the bow back into the storage talisman, countless desires also slowly disappeared. He was not interested in what would happen to the bow after it absorbed the black gas. He just sat there and looked at Dark.

Dark stopped moving after the black gas disappeared. It was also looking at Chu Yunsheng quietly.

Seeing Dark no longer had any signs of wanting to attack anyone after a while, Chu Yunsheng slowly tried to get up. He needed to leave this place as soon as possible. Despite he didn't know what happened to Dark, he needed to take it away before he loses control of it again.

Suddenly, Dark raised its head and glared at something further away into the forest. Chu Yunsheng also looked at the direction where Dark was looking. It seemed like someone was watching them.

Looking at the monster and Chu Yunsheng both staring at the other side of the forest, a glimmer of hope arose from the golden armor woman's mind.

Although she still had a hard time to accept that the man who was standing in front of her was the most powerful man in the world, she still hoped that the man could help her to take revenge on the eastern forest and eliminate all the threats.

The ruler of the eastern force and Bi Fangting's hearts were beating rapidly when they noticed that Chu Yunsheng and the monster were looking at them. Bi Fangting quickly slid down from the rattans of the tall tree hoping that he could negotiate with Chu Yunsheng.

However, what confused everyone was that Chu Yunsheng just patted his clothes to remove the dust and dirt from his cloth, moved aside the old man He's body, carried the mute girl who was slowly losing her consciousness on his back and picked up the little plant girl.

"Elder Sun, take everyone and leave!" he said weakly to the people in the 9th unit.

Chu Yunsheng was exhausted, he just wanted to leave this place as soon as possible. Although aliens had stopped hunting him, he was exposed now. Sooner or later, he believed that aliens would receive his information and came to this place.

Moreover, since he woke up, he felt that the location of the fourth map suddenly began to move.

The sudden movement of the fourth map made him very concerned. So it made him, even more, wanted to leave this place as fast as he could.

Fortunately, although Dark was very quiet, it seemed like it could still follow his command. So he asked it to scout the front for the group, and he himself quickly started his cultivation practice which he had stopped a long time ago.

Bi Fangting stayed on the edge of the Zhiwu forest for a very long time until he could no longer see Chu Yunsheng's group. He had prepared all kinds of excuses for the negotiations. However, he didn't get to use any of them. Standing in the cold wind, he murmured: "Sigh, just like what they said, no one really knows what he wants."

The sky gradually became dim, and the last glimmer of light slowly disappeared into the dark sky, the vast land was once again enveloped by the darkness.

Soon after Chu Yunsheng left the forest, it began to rain. Chu Yunsheng and other people were forced to find an abandoned factory as a temporary shelter because all their fire torches were extinguished by the rain.

Some people who had some meteorological knowledge were whispering at each other. Chu Yunsheng faintly heard them saying that the temperature in the air is slowly picking up. But when he got close to them, wanting to hear their conversation clearly, those people immediately stopped talking and became very nervous and scared. They did not even dare to look at Chu Yunsheng.

He didn't know when people started to act like this, even the people in the 9th unit were also scared to talk to him.

Chu Yunsheng arranged Dark to guard the main entrance of the abandoned factory. Keeping it in the factory would only make everyone even more scared. He also couldn't keep it in his monster seal talisman again. Otherwise, everything he did before would be in vain.

When he returned inside the factory again, he noticed that the members of the 9th unit were gathered together in the circle, and there were some people crying.

He couldn't help but went closer to see what was going on.

"I...I... don't think, I can make it. Boss... brothers... of... my... family..." elder six said weakly. His face was pale, and his clothes were covered with blood.

"Don't worry elder six... but why don't you tell us earlier... who stabbed you?" Elder Sun was holding elder six and said sadly.

"It's my retribution...." Elder six let out a weak and hollow laugh.

In the next second, his hands suddenly clenched on elder Sun's arms and his eyes were wide open. :" I'll be...a ... better... lif...." his hand dropped on the ground before he could finish the sentence.

"Elder six! Elder six!"

" No..."


In the late evening, Chu Yunsheng didn't know whether it was the fruits that they brought out of the forest had problems or something else. His stomach was growling in pain. He quietly got up and went to the side of the wall that was broken, took off trousers and squatted down....

" Elder six..." Chu Yunsheng wanted to say something to the elder Sun who was also squatting on the broken wall. However, he didn't know what to say.

" Elder six, elder nine, elder thirteen.... All died, and also half of their families were killed...." Elder Sun said dispiritedly after a moment of silence.

" You hate them?" Chu Yunsheng asked.

" Hate?.... Maybe... in this kind of world, who knows...." Elder Sun took out a half cigarette and lit up.

" At least, you are alive. " Chu Yunsheng said.

" Hehe... I am still alive... but for how long?" Elder Sun took a long drag and let out a hollow laugh.

" You are very pessimistic." Said Chu Yunsheng after he passed a pile of stinky substances out of his body.

"It is reality...." Said Elder Sun.

Chu Yunsheng also let out a hollow laugh. Then, Both of them fell silent.



" You got any toilet paper with you?" Chu Yunsheng suddenly asked after he took a dump.